Does growth affect the size of male dignity?

Does growth affect the size of male dignity?.

Thinking someday about whether growth affects the size of male dignity? After all, the human body is proportional to and with rare exceptions of a tall person, for example. There are certainly exceptions, but in the bulk of cases, a large person is a big whole.

The genital organ is part of the body, therefore it is simply obliged to comply with the rest of the body. How true this statement is, let’s try to find out right now.

The dependence of the growth of the penis on the growth of the whole organism

Until a certain age, there really is a dependence. It is proved that a man grows up to 25 years, while the penis does it up to 22.

That is, in this sense, an increase in the size of the whole body and an increase in the size of the penis go evenly and at the same time.

But there is another opinion. So several studies have proved that after 17 years the member not only stops growing, but also decreases a little. At the same time, the growth of the body opposite is accelerated.

As you know, girls in the teenage period grow much faster than boys, and they catch up with them already at 17-20 years old. Just at the moment when the member stopped increasing and even slightly decreased.

From all this it should be concluded that growth, if it affects the size of male dignity, then only until a certain age, namely until 17 years. According to research together, they grow only before this period.

Does growth affect the size of male dignity in adulthood?

Everyone knows jokes about a huge closet and a small key. This happens quite often for various reasons.

The first, as mentioned above, is due to the difference in height up to 17 years and after. As long as both the member and the person himself grew up, it was meaning to evaluate his dignity in the length of the body. Then the meaning disappeared.

But women usually talk about adult men and thus can fall into a trap of beliefs.

Male dignity grew to 14 cm, and the man himself, after 17, continued to stretch seriously and reached 190 cm of height.

The second reason lies in the visual effect. Among representatives of the stronger sex, it is customary to seek a visual increase in their body.

Frankly low men choose high -sole shoes, try to walk straight, and they will stoop much less often than very high.

Campaigns to the gym increase the width of the shoulders and volume of the pectoral muscles, which in conjunction gives the size of the whole body and such a man seems slightly higher than it is actually.

Very large pitching or overweight people always look more massive. But this does not affect the size of the penis.

On the contrary, very thin men do not look huge even with significant growth. If they still stoop, then visually seem quite medium.

Their own member against the background of the body looks large, which leads to a deception of vision. The genital organ of thin men gives an impression on the opposite floor.

Summarizing all of the above and answering the question “whether growth on the size of male dignity” can be said so.

Affects only to a certain age, but only as one of the factors. There is no direct correlation. The visual effect plays a large role. If a girl dreams of a large sexual organ of her man, then choosing in growth is quite unreasonable. You can easily be disappointed.

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