Dikpik: Why do men send a photo of their member to girls?

Dikpik: Why do men send a photo of their member to girls?.

Dikpik is a message on social networks or messengers containing a photo of a penis. Often sent without demand and permission to unfamiliar or unfamiliar girls. At the same time, women admit that the image of male dignity causes negatively painted emotions, sometimes disgust, although men themselves put an exceptionally positive message into their action. So why do they do it?

The difference in perception

Men and women are different about intimate photographs in principle. Representatives of the stronger sex regard such steps as flirting, seduction and emotional rapprochement. Frank pictures of the interlocutor cause delight, joy and excitement.

When a man sends a photo of his member, he expects that the kopecks will have the same positive emotions and communication will switch to a new, more confidential level.

However, representatives of the tender sex see the situation in completely different colors and a banal discrepancy in views leads to embarrassment.

Trying to make sure of interest

When communication began, but the rapprochement as such is not felt, the photo of the penis becomes a way to feel the distance. The man perfectly understands that the lack of interest in his person will result in a negative reaction, but if the girl is, in principle, ready for further acquaintance, then the dikpik will be loyal.

Sometimes an incident occurs because the man hastened heavily. . Such guys are not trying to interest a specific girl, they act on the principle of transferring quantity into quality.

Therefore, immediately after the “Hello” follows a dikpik. If the girl answered and did not make a black list, there is a chance to meet. As a rule, after this, specific sentences follow, but there are exceptions.

A man can stop talking about vulgar and continue dialogue in a more adequate way. All because the member acted in attracting attention and checking the girl for willingness to communicate.

Dikpik as a result of low self -esteem

Low self -esteem is characterized by dependence on someone else’s opinion. A person is unable to understand what he really is, is not able to rely on his own sensations and seeks confirmation of his significance in the assessments of other people.

A member for a man is a dignity, because it was he who throughout all stages of evolution was an instrument for continuing the genus and attracting a female.

When communicating in social networks, it is difficult to demonstrate your devotion, reliability and other positive qualities. And get approval is necessary to maintain self -esteem.

Thus, Dikpik acts as a tool for obtaining this assessment. A man wants the girl to appreciate, she said that he is beautiful/large/attractive and so on. Approval becomes the goal of all this action.

Trying to build trusting relationships

Boys, as a rule from childhood, are deprived of an important detail of any relationship – understanding. Their behavior is rigidly adjusted by society, everyone knows that men should not cry, complain, show weakness, be afraid, and so on.

Emotions are suppressed and a person experiences a feeling of unnecessary. Communication in social networks is very different from live communication and here a feeling of permissiveness arises, because you can afford to be slightly disgraced, but nothing will follow.

Men go to risk and try to get the very understanding, ask him without fear and fear. The maximum will be made on the blacklist or insult, but this is just the Internet, you will not have to blush and think about how now to leave here.

Dikpik in this case is aimed at building a trusting relationship. If the interlocutor reacts to his action with understanding, adequately perceive the desire to share his dignity and will not scold a little hooliganism for this, then he will finally receive the very feeling of intimacy when his feelings and emotions are taken into account normally by someone.

Recognition of fullness

In a situation when a man is not interested in rapprochement and sends a photo of a member to all girls in a row, it may have other explanations. According to polls, only 40% of girls generally think about the size of the penis, but among men over 90% are puzzled by their dimensions.

Hence the complex arises and the guy cannot understand whether he had a normal one, is he worthy, meets the requirements of GOST? The girl’s reaction is needed as a way of obtaining feedback.

Dikpik is a type of exhibitionism

In general, a photo of a member often complements the communication of a man and a woman and a tender sex do not against the exchange of pictures. Give a man a sense of his importance and show the interest of a gentle sex also does not mind. But this requires time and the presence of at least some kind of trust.

In fact, Dikpik is a leading action. Hurry, hurried, did it too early. Indeed, in the process of communication, at a certain stage, a partner would not mind not only to see a member, but also to join him, have sex.

But for some reason the man hurried. Missed all stages of dating and rapprochement. There are several reasons here. Past experience does not allow him to think that it will reach sex at all.

He perceives himself as unworthy and uninteresting at the level of subconscious, this is low self -esteem, self -doubt.

Exhibitionism, that is, the desire to demonstrate their genitals unfamiliar or not at all familiar to people, is a way of compensating complexes and often flows into a mental deviation in destructive sexual behavior.

A man does not know how to communicate, does not know how to build communication, is not able to show sympathy adequately. Instead of “Hello, I liked you, let’s go on a date”, he just sends a member in the hope of getting approval, understanding and positive reaction of the girl. After that he expects to continue communication and further rapprochement.

Is Dikpik an unequivocal deviation?

Of course not. The context of the situation and the purpose of a particular man matters. We have listed the most popular, but we do not know what a separate guy wanted to achieve. The fact that the man sent a photo of the penis does not characterize him in any way.

Undressed self -esteem and lack of understanding these days the real trouble of society. Not many of us get it even being in a relationship.

Most men in childhood could not even hope for the fact that mother in response to his actions would say “I understand you”. Therefore, the goal is logical, only the tool is not chosen too well.

If a man enjoys demonstrating his member to strangers, then here you can already suspect the advanced form of exhibitionism. Perhaps once, being a teenager, he was caught by masturbation, he experienced a range of emotions from shame, fear and simultaneous excitement, therefore now he is looking for ways to repeat that situation.

When masturbation or sexual actions violate the sexual integrity of other people and at the same time replace affiliate sex, you can suspect a violation of sexual behavior. It is also important to remember that the Criminal Code provides for a punishment for such actions.  Therefore, strangers without their consent photo of a member are certainly better not to send.

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