Dictionary of perversions. Thorrafilia

Dictionary of perversions. Thorrafilia.

, Dictionary of perversions. Thorrafilia

Let’s talk about one interesting form of sexual deviation today – Vorarafilia. Perhaps you are already familiar with this term or heard somewhere. A person receives sexual pleasure from fantasies to be eaten or become food for another. But do not be alarmed, people with the athletics do not go beyond fantasies, and this is clearly not called cannibalism. The thiefs find a place for the release of their fantasies – either on the Internet or in role -playing games. The roles are usually standard and quite simple – a predator and production. You can even choose a certain animal that the fetishist likes best. Some prefer the presence of a third party – an observer, in the eyes of which everything will happen. The thief, namely, the role of a predator, can even be compared with dominance and subordination, because there are also their restrictions, rules, and someone is sure to be stronger. This type of fetish has several directions.


Fantasies about different sizes are considered an element of macrophilia “predator” And “prey”. A well -developed fantasy is important here, so that you can be a thief can imagine all the alleged sensations from such a difference – the methods of interaction and the impression of such a huge difference in size.


The predator should be always stronger than prey, and has power over it. For example, he decides to make a nice victim or harm. He can let go, pardon, he is the main one and he decides the fate of his prey.

New opportunities

The main thing here, again, is fantasy! How two creatures can interact? One can lick the other, and the warm sensations from such fantasies or role -playing games will spread throughout the body of the Vorefil. You can experience a desire “to taste” some of his friends, or just past a passing person.


Fantasies about the too different size of a predator and prey reach the absorption of one partner by another (of course, all the same, in fantasies). Fantasy and representation of sensations with this is important here. The absorption should occur without chewing, and in the future the victim should be lively and active in the body of a predator. A more complex stage of fantasy is the presentation of the victim’s passage on the esophagus after its absorption. It is important that the victim can be absorbed not only in a standard way (orally), but also by other holes. For example, women with percentage often dream of completely absorbing their partner with a vagina.

Since we still consider the sexual type of fetish, absorption is supposed not only oral, but also anal, vaginal, urethral. But most importantly – do not associate this concept with the pleasure of real eating a partner! The main pride of the thiefs are their fantasy.

, Dictionary of perversions. Thorrafilia

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