Daily gaskets. What are needed for

Daily gaskets. What are needed for.

Daily gaskets – a subject of personal hygiene designed for fixation on female underwear. They can be used for abundant discharge between menstruation or during menstruation, if the amount of blood is slight.

The invention in urinary incontinence is considered useful. But for this we need special gaskets that can quickly absorb moisture and prevent the spread of an unpleasant odor. Today we will discuss why you need daily gaskets and whether they are so pneeled.

Daily gaskets: Features

As objects of personal hygiene, the presented products take a leading position. They have many advantages, which include:

  • a small thickness that makes the item invisible even under tight clothing;
  • a variety of forms for panties of different types;
  • soft structure that eliminates discomfort during active movements;
  • rapid absorption of a relatively small volume of discharge;
  • ability to block the spread of smell.

When daily gaskets appeared

Why do you need daily gaskets for girls we have found out. Now I propose to find out when and under what circumstances they appeared.

Due to the peculiarities of the body’s work, women from ancient times had to use additional funds both during menstruation and other days of the cycle.

Initially, pieces of fabric, cotton, gauze and other improvised means were used as gaskets.

The problem worsened in the first half of the 20s after the revolution in the fashion industry. Instead of lush dresses and long skirts, the fair sex began to wear tight -fitting things, including underwear.

Hygienic improvised means have ceased to satisfy women’s needs, as they were significantly stood out under the wardrobe items.

Around this period, the first gaskets appeared. These were small products fixed on clothes with pins and rubber straps.

After half a century, prototypes of modern hygiene products were developed. They have an absorbing layer and a self -adhesive surface.

Varieties of modern daily gaskets

Gaskets designed for every day appeared much later than ordinary. Their main differences became:

  • lack of wings;
  • reduced dimensions and thickness;
  • Less porous surface.

Their modern classification involves the presence of different types of products according to the types of underwear.

In stores you can find means for thongs, shorts, ordinary panties. There are universal gaskets that have a special design compatible with any option of panties.

The gaskets according to the degree of absorption are classified. It is determined by the number of drops varying from 1 to 4.

This parameter has a direct effect on the thickness and size of the products. Special daily daily linen is produced, but the most common are bright products.

In addition to classic ones, there are gaskets for special needs – for absorption of urine, preventing diseases, testing the fact of the leakage of amniotic fluid.

What are daily gaskets for?

Layers for daily use in the life of a modern woman perform several functions:

  • provide daily comfort, supporting the purity of the genitals;
  • Save from the unpleasant odor and traces of secretions on tight and light clothing;
  • prevent unpleasant situations with a sudden occurrence of menstruation;
  • provide additional protection when wearing tampons;
  • absorb minor discharge after surgery;
  • hide traces of drugs.

The rules for wearing daily gaskets practically do not differ from the use of ordinary hygiene products. It is necessary to replace them at least once a day or as it is contaminated. It is important to choose the right products, stop their use in allergic manifestations.

The harm of daily gaskets

Despite the fact that daily gaskets greatly facilitate the life of a woman and give visible comfort, it is still not necessary to say that this is a panacea.

There is a place to be and it is quite tangible. For example, difficult breathing of the skin in the intimate area. Through the skin, every millimeter, we remove toxins and toxins.

The use of the haunting limits this function and does it in the place that would better breathe.

Everything will be much worse if the girl uses synthetic underwear, synthetic tights, while leading a sedentary lifestyle. As you can see, the harm of daily gaskets is not so insignificant. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them on an ongoing basis.

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