Cuckold – Who is it? Part 2

Cuckold – Who is it? Part 2.

, Cuckold – Who is it? Part 2

It happens that the woman herself initiates such a relationship, wanting to take revenge and do not even necessarily for her partner, but in the person to take revenge on him to all men. Therefore, a belt of fidelity is used, and when the poll wears such a belt, the woman feels her superiority and dominance. The role of the wife in this case is active-aggressive, she enjoys the fact that the partner is humiliated and helpless, using a lover for this. Often the reason for this behavior may be the inability of a woman to openly declare her desires, show the initiative, and shifts all responsibility to a partner. And this is due to the fact that in a pair two people cannot build harmonious relationships and sexuality in a pair is immature. The mature sexuality of a man is perceived by a woman with difficulty – she is afraid that he will leave her, become interested in another woman or will simply become dangerous. In this case, a man feels more attachment to the partner as a mother, and not as a full partner.

Some sexopathologists argue that dolling is not a deviation, that such practices bring variety into relationships and prevent a couple of decaying. But, if you think about it, dolling can greatly affect sexual relations, leaving a fingerprint on them, distorting the human sexuality itself. In this case, this practice will not only not help, but will aggravate the situation.

There are situations when Kukoldom understands that he cannot cope with jealousy, but still suffers what is happening, continue to feel sexual excitement, but now nervous tension. He cannot find the strength to stop everything that is happening. In order to simply do not turn into something more between her and her lover, the chukdodes try to keep their relationships within a certain framework – they introduce prohibitions on joint sleep, long conversations, etc.P.

If a person is only at a stage of fantasy about dolling, you can fix everything much easier and faster than returning it to ordinary sexual life after he is for it "Sminted". Therapy of any deviation is considered a time -consuming and prolonged occupation, but nothing is impossible.

, Cuckold – Who is it? Part 2

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