Clamps for labia: what are clamps for the labia and how to use them?

Clamps for labia: what are clamps for the labia and how to use them?.

Clamps for labia are classified as intimate jewelry. Unlike piercing, such jewelry does not require body punctures. As a rule, the main part of the jewelry is made of metal. To date, a wide range of clamps is presented – with stones, beads and other elements.

Some clamps carry for the most part a decorative function, while others can contribute to the receipt of orgasm. For example, there are clamps that are attached on the labia in such a way that during sex stimulate the clitoris. They cause a powerful blood flow, increasing the sensitivity of the clitoris and small labia.

And there are others – pendants that will serve as a beautiful addition to linen or naked body. They are attached to the labia with the help of clip, and first of all serve for initial excitement and aesthetic pleasure. Such clips can be worn not only on the labia, but also on other intimate zones of your body – for example, nipples or clitoris.

The tightness of compression of most of the clamps can be adjusted. And this is the main advantage of this accessory, since everyone perceives the pain in different ways.

Having decided to use clamps, we must not forget about the basic rules for their application

1. Clamps, like clothespins, cause constant pain, even if you forgot about them. It is always worth remembering that the stronger a person is sexually excited, the more pain he can endure. As soon as the excitement subsides, the body closed with clothespins begins to hurt, which will cause unpleasant pain and discomfort.

2. Clamps stop or limit blood circulation in the area they clamped. Since the blood flow is limited, it is impossible to leave clothespins on the body for a long time.

3. The smaller the skin of the skin on which the clamp is wearing, the less you can leave it on yourself.

4. The more the accessory is fixed on the body, the less time it should be on it.

How to put on clamps on the labia:

To put on this accessory is very easy. You need to take a clamp and open your fingers. With the other hand, take the fold of the skin on which you need to put on the jewelry. Then it is necessary to gradually increase the pressure of your fingers on the fold, until it is equal to the pressure that will create a clamp. After that, with a sliding movement, you can put on a clothespin on the skin. The main thing is to release the clip slowly, not a jerk.

How to remove clamps:

Removal of clothing hurts, especially on the nipples, and you can’t get anywhere from this, even if you act very carefully. The cause of pain is hidden in the resumption of impaired blood circulation. Therefore, it is very important to remove the clamp on time, during sexual arousal, and not later. Be sure to ensure that the hands when removing the clip are dry, because wet fingers can jump off and deliver a lot of discomfort. So, to remove the clamp, you need to clamp the skin folding with your fingers. In no case should you pull the clothespin or sharply tear off. Carefully unclench the ends of the clamp until the skin is completely freed, and raise the clothespin up.

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