Can a virgin get pregnant and how

Can a virgin get pregnant without sex?.

Medical theory, answering the question, whether the virgin can become pregnant, firmly assures that this is a myth. But if you formulate the expression differently: how the girl has conception while preserving the virgin rod, the categoricality of gynecologists will instantly change the polarity.

, Can a virgin get pregnant and how

Is conception really without sex real?

Is a virgin able to become a pregnant woman without penetrating her a member, worrying most teenagers who prefer sex intimate games. Petering really replaces traditional sexual intercourse, although it can also cause negative consequences. And let it get pregnant with such entertainment is quite difficult, the probability of being “in a position” cannot be excluded.

It all depends on terminology. Sexual intercourse is customary to call a vaginal act. But for fertilization there are only a few spermatozoa, so the situation is quite real when, with sexual caresses, a member of a man throws out sperm. When this happens near the genitals of a young girl, a certain number of spermatozoa are quite capable of penetrating the vagina. And so it turns out to get pregnant without sex. Although the probability of such an “immaculate” conception is extremely low, it is completely incorrect. That is why gynecologists confirm the facts of visiting pregnant virgins of their consultations.

, Can a virgin get pregnant and how

Sometimes in girls a feather is able to stretch so much that it freely passes through its hole the guy’s penis. This is especially often happening with strong excitement. If a young man acts carefully, such a stretch is enough to penetrate the penis during the first sex.

Further, everything happens according to the familiar scheme, worked out for centuries – the virgin playing after intercourse remained a whole, but sperm appeared inside the vagina. Therefore, if after some time a girl-girl feels the onset of pregnancy, then there is nothing supernatural in this. The virgin is often preserved to the very birth, although the woman continues to lead regular sex life.

But if the spit creates certain interference with coatus, it is usually removed, performing surgical defloration. Doctors sometimes share memories when they took birth in women, in amazement, finding their physical virginity.

Is it possible to conceive with anal sex?

The next type of “immaculate” conception is cases that occur in the practice of anal sex in order to maintain virginity until the marriage. The male penis penetrates the girlish anus, makes frictions in it and releases a portion of sperm. Part of the fluid flows out, falling directly into the vagina.

, Can a virgin get pregnant and how

Especially often this situation occurs when a guy does not use a condom in sexual contact, and the girl takes a knee-Lake position or is located on her stomach. The most active sperm, trying to achieve a goal (uterus) natural for them, getting to the surface of the mucosa in minimal proximity to the vagina, move in the direction given by nature. There is a conception of a virgin.

Risks for masturbation

Conception is impossible without a male representative. In this process, a partner is needed, because the wind is guaranteed not to inflate the pregnancy by the wind. Fertilization with manual caresses will occur only when fresh sperm will remain on the female fingers.

, Can a virgin get pregnant and how

Vaginal caresses performed in such a situation is the reason for the emergence of a new life. Although the movement of the fingers containing the seed fluid on the surface of the mucosa and does not guarantee fertilization, but some risk remains. The girl’s fingers is practically not able to break the virgin Pleve, since she is extremely elastic. This explains why ladies use tampons for menstruation, remaining innocent.

Methods of protection against such undesirable penetration inside sperm are extremely simple:

  • immediately after the ejaculation to stop attempts to manual stimulation;
  • Before the continuation of intimate caresses, certainly wash your hands with soap;
  • If sperm stained vaginal toys, they must also be washed.

Blowjob and conception

, Can a virgin get pregnant and how

We will answer right away specifically: to get pregnant orally, under a blowjob, it is impossible. Such sex, which implies stimulation of a dick with an mouth, does not bear the risk of spermatozoa penetration into the uterus. Swallowed seed fluid falls only into the stomach, which has no intersections with the uterus. But if a man ended on his hand, he is obliged to wash it before starting the affection of girlish genitals.

Is the conception of male lubrication really?

Male lubricant – slightly viscous and completely transparent liquid. When the guy is excited, his urethra is distinguished when the guy is excited. This lubricant helps the phallus penetration into the vagina, subsequently reducing friction during sex. It often contains sperm, although few. But with severe excitement, the number of “bait” grows, therefore, the risk of pregnancy increases, if such a composition falls on the genitals of a girlfriend who retains virginity during petting.

, Can a virgin get pregnant and how

Therefore, it is quite likely to get pregnant from the lubrication of a man, if you perform the friction of the penis along the girlish external genitals, not even trying to penetrate them into the vagina. The chance of conception increases when the guy has shortly before that finished from the blowjob. A small amount of spermatozoa falls on already quite wet mucous membranes, then move deep into the uterus. In this way, a friend may well become pregnant, remaining technically a virgin, from the usual lubrication of her partner for sex

The presence of a vagina of virgin rings at the entrance does not exclude the risk of the onset of an unforeseen conception. Remember also that an undisturbed film is not able to protect against dangerous sexual infections.

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