At what age do men begin problems with potency

At what age do men begin problems with potency.

Many are interested in the question at what age men begin problems with potency. After all, the human body passes through many stages of its development and on each both growing processes and the wilting of some functions are found. Until a certain point, each of us increases in size, mental and intellectual capabilities improve, we go to a kind of peak.

For some time, due to experience, it is possible to compete with young people, but then you have to admit-years take their. The process of aging the body does not occur on one day, it is a long history of inconspicuous events, each of which leads to the inevitable. Once the potency in men disappears and. But at what age it happens?

At what age do men begin problems with potency and what affects it?

To find out at what age men begin with potency problems, you need to find out what is needed for erekuia and what changes in the body can make this process impossible. And so, excitement begins in the head.

For a woman to evoke a desire, it is necessary for the so -called libido, which is controlled by testosterone. In general, the performance of the entire sexual system of a man is highly dependent on this hormone. When it decreases, the desire disappears.

But one desire is not enough and after the occurrence of attraction is an erection, that is, the filling of the penis with blood.

To do this, we need the whole cordial vascular system to work well, the heart quickly drives blood, and the vessels did not create obstacles, were clean. With the slightest violations, the erection is disturbed or disappears at all.

But this is not enough. The blood flow does not yet guarantee anything, because the prostate gland takes a direct part in the process.

With its disease, scars are formed by damaging receptors. In addition to the impossibility of committing sexual intercourse, a man can disturb the pain during urination, the disappearance of sperm, since the prostate produces a secret for the formation of an ejaculate, and in fact the absence of an erection.

Thus, we conclude that for good potency, a man needs good health state in general, especially the psyche, the cardiovascular system, hormonal background and the functioning of the prostate gland.

The latter can be excluded by regular visits to a doctor and diagnostics. High -quality sexual life and active lifestyle greatly reduce risks and such men can maintain an erection for many years up to an old age.

Also, for the normal functioning of the prostate gland, prostate massage is prescribed for prevention. The essence lies in direct exposure, blood flow, improving tissue elasticity, activation of functions, ejaculation. You can perform massage in a clinic or buy a prostate massager for independent use at home.

Which of the above depends on aging? Nothing. Therefore, we conclude – potency is directly related to the state of health and almost in any way with age.

At what age do men begin problems with potency according to statistics

The health of men is extremely rare. For example, the first cause of the mortality of men in the world is cardiovascular disease.

Smoking, alcohol, stress, malnutrition, infectious diseases, refusal to see a doctor in case of discomfort and other forms of indifference lead to sad consequences. At the age of 30 to 50 years, more than 40% of men have difficulties in sexual life.

After 50 years, no more than 15% of representatives of the strong half of humanity can commit sexual intercourse.

However, it is worth making a discount on research methods. Polls conducted specialists and among specialists, that is, for sure that the numbers are not true.

But maybe they are even worse. Everyone knows cases when a man does not admit in his problems, and a woman has been living without orgasm for many years.

Instead of the result

If you return to the topic of publication, then you can summarize – potency does not depend on age, it can remain up to 90 years, or may disappear in 25.

Statistically, problems in men begin after 30 years, in a third of cases, chronic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, heart disease, infectious prostatitis, are to blame. The rest could have enjoy the proximity to women for many years, but preferred to smoke and overeat.

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