All you need to know about soft tampons

All you need to know about soft tampons.

– They are hypoallergenic?

Manufacturers claim that the tampons are made of completely hypoallergenic material, which allows them to use everything.

– How different from ordinary?

Soft tampons do not increase in size when moisture is absorbed and do not pressure the bladder, as it can be with a bowl or an ordinary swab. Inserted without the help of an applicator, do not have a string to extract. Have unique reliability, thanks to which you can continue to lead an active lifestyle. They are not felt inside and adapt to body shape. They can be used to have sex during menstruation.

– Do they really leave traces?

Yes, really when using a soft swab, traces of menstruation do not remain even after sex.

– Use a small or large tampon?

The choice of tampon size depends on the quantity and abundance of discharge.

– How to pull out if you get stuck?

If the swab is stuck, don’t panic. To pull it out, you need to relax, sit down and put out.

– Wet or dry?

Wet tampons are more convenient if there is no lubricant at hand. But dry are cheaper.

– Ecological whether? How to dispose?

Like ordinary, soft tampons are not biodegradable and do not dissolve in the soil. It is necessary to dispose of such tampons in the same way as you dispose of other personal hygiene products. And you “spongy” The material of this type of product is environmentally friendly and non -toxic, does not contain any chemicals.

Of course, soft tampons are not cheap pleasure, but this is a guarantee of convenience and comfort, as well as providing the choice of purchased products.

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