A terrible member – a selection

8 worst male members.

It happens that the matter has already reached the first sex, and it would seem that nothing can prevent the inevitable. But, unfortunately, there are incidents from which girls disappears the desire to get closer to a partner and meet him in the future. Including this can be too unusual form, size or other deviations from the norm of the penis. Not all options from the presented below need medical intervention, but if you suspect a unique case or a particularly terrible member of your pants, then this article will help you figure it out if this is really so.


, A terrible member – a selection

By nature, we are conceived by asymmetric, so the small curvatures of the penis are quite common and are not considered a terrible pathology. Yes, it does not look as beautiful as we would like, but women are not such cruel aesthetes, and most of them will first check the device in the case. In fact, the penis is not considered such if it is properly applied in practice and does not cause inconvenience.

Signs of a pathologically twisted member are pain during intercourse and urination, or such severe deformation that it is impossible to have sex or to help.
Holders of asymmetric penis are important to find “your” pose for making love, then their peculiarity can easily be an advantage.


, A terrible member – a selection

Cutting men in our culture is not a very common practice, but in vain. Indeed, bacteria gather in the folds of the foreskin that provoke various infections in the female genital tract. Especially if the skin is an overpressure and the head of the penis cannot really open, which gives the partner discomfort during sex. And yes, for some women hidden in folds, like Sharpeya, a member of the ugly.


, A terrible member – a selection

Poorly smelling penis is indirectly connected with the previous case. If a man does not support the proper level of hygiene, the remnants of urine and other secretions are collected and dried up and dried up on his dignity. Such a “surprise” will scare away anyone. But an unpleasant odor can also talk about sexual infections, for example, candidiasis. In the transitional age, the soul often appears from the head, which passes as soon as the hormonal background is restored.

In order not to make a biological weapon out of your member, observe men’s hygiene, wear high -quality linen and consult a doctor at the first problems in the intimate field.


, A terrible member – a selection

Contrary to the common opinion that women are exclusively worried, the diameter is also very important. The lady’s large thick penis is much more happy, but there are exceptions in the form of too impressive sizes. Not everyone can suit everyone purely physiologically, causing pain and discomfort. But as soon as you meet a partner with a suitable vagina, all doubts in their fullness will be dispelled. So if nature has endowed you with a thick member, you can well make a large number of girls with your suitable parameters.

Robinson Crusoe

, A terrible member – a selection

The Russian survey of three years ago was attended by female representatives from 18 to 45 years old, that is, the most sexually active part of the population. The question was whether women like hair in the male bikini zone. The results were quite curious. Girls from 18 to 25 years old in the majority said the categorical “no” vegetation on the pubis. Women 25-32 years old prefer the average version of the neatly trimmed “lawn”, in which the genitals are not shaved to shine, like a baby. And 5% of respondents were absolutely against any intervention in male vegetation. At the same time, only 1% of the ladies expressed complete rejection of the hair in this zone.

So to answer unequivocally whether your girlfriend will be scared away is difficult. But keeping their gardens in order, regularly cutting down, did not bother anyone else.


, A terrible member – a selection

Two camps – too big head and too small. The “mushroom -shaped” penis, thin at the base and expanding upward, has poor contact with the walls of the vagina. But they can perfectly stimulate the point g. At the same time, the “arrow -shaped” organ, too fat at the root and tapering to the end, does not stimulate the vagina too deep, but may like the girls who love the feeling of “fullness” at the entrance.

Sad boy

, A terrible member – a selection

By nature, too short a bridle seems to pull the head down, preventing her from cheerfully pervasion and creating a “sad” impression of the type of penis. But do not become a sad boy yourself, you need to rather transfer the ailment into a feat. With such a member shape, any position with the penetration of the back becomes even better, since the head stimulates the front wall, and with it the zone g. In general, a “sad boy” with a stretch can be called an ugly member.


, A terrible member – a selection

The effect of “pencil in a glass” does not have many fans. Thin and long, beating right in the cervix – so -so pleasure. Therefore, remember the walls of the vagina, where the main centers of female pleasures are concentrated. Circular pelvis and shallow friction movements will delight your girlfriend (especially if she has a small vagina) much more.

In conclusion, I want to say: just open the site of any online store of intimate goods, evaluate the wealth and variety of forms of vibrators and other toys popular among women, and become more confident in yourself. But if the aesthetic component is still too important for you, then a few recommendations:

  • With overgrown or poorly smelling genitals, you can fully understand at home, simply observing hygiene;
  • In the case of an exceptionally thin penis, pumps from sex shops will help, they can even fix a light curvature;
  • Read about the jelking technique – a special massage causing a surge of blood and the growth of the cavernous bodies of the penis (increased thickness – as a bonus);
  • The “arrow -shaped” patient will come to the rescue of special nozzles on the head;
  • The “sad” member and “paratrooper” are corrected by a simple operation by the doctor.

Remember that the main thing is not the form, but the content 😉

And as a bonus: watch a video in which porn actresses share memories of the most ugly penis that they had to meet on the set.

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