7 ways to make Doggi-Stayl better

7 ways to make Doggi-Stayl better.

, 7 ways to make Doggi-Stayl better

In bed, Doggi Stayle is popular, although it is not as glamorous and exclusive as some others. But its popularity can be understood and explained.

Firstly, in this position you can achieve the most deep penetration and stimulation of point g. For a more detailed study of this topic, you can read Article 7 of poses to stimulate the G and Cliter Point

Secondly, according to some sex-therapists, a woman is easier to achieve orgasm when the partner’s gaze is not directed on her face. In this case, there is much less embarrassment, there are no thoughts about the control of facial expressions, and nothing prevents you from relaxing and enjoying.

First, consider the classic style of this pose, to know where to start. A woman on all fours, and a man stands behind the knees. What is the interpretation of this style for? First of all, for convenience and comfort, but also about the need for some variety should not be forgotten.

, 7 ways to make Doggi-Stayl better

There is no discomfort and pain in the knees!

It happens that when having sex in a classic dog style, knees get tired and the action no longer brings proper pleasure. The sensations are not so bright when discomfort begins to feel. But there is a solution to this problem. Just set up and lean, for example, to the wall.

, 7 ways to make Doggi-Stayl better

Even more convenience

Stand on all fours, as it should be in a classic style, then put a hard pillow under your stomach. Having done this, holding the hips raised, put the upper body on the bed, putting your hands and head on it. The center of gravity is shifted and the stress in the legs is reduced. This position guarantees greater convenience and relaxation, which is undoubtedly very important.

, 7 ways to make Doggi-Stayl better

Do not forget about the chest

Your partner can easily reach your chest. This option is suitable for those who like breast stimulation. You can take your partner’s hands and put on your chest, holding them a little on it – He will understand everything at once. Less words – More business! You can also use chest stimulants

You can read even more about breast caresses here

View from the outside

There are times when partners catch themselves on their thoughts that they want to see themselves from the side. If this happens, you can’t do without a mirror. And, even if the embarrassment was, it will pass, and you will participate in a certain show, posing and watching both yourself and the partner.

We spread our hands

Do not forget about additional stimulation. Use your fingers, caressing the partner in the intimate area, or use the clitoris stimulator

The man has complete access to all erogenous zones. This is considered one of the best ways to increase the chances of getting orgasm. Clital stimulation can be carried out in other poses, which can be read in another article

Not there. Or there?

Do not forget that Doggi Stayle can be used not only for vaginal, but also for anal pleasure. It all depends on your preferences and, of course, your partner. This pose is considered one of the main for anal penetration. About other poses suitable for anal sex, you can read here

Remember that the main thing in sex – discard all embarrasses and doubts. Experiment, enjoy and enjoy!

, 7 ways to make Doggi-Stayl better

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