6 ways to help extend an erection

6 ways to help extend an erection.

, 6 ways to help extend an erection

The feeling of approaching discharge during proximity sometimes does not give a man a feeling of ecstasy and bliss. Often it is considered a source of complexes, which can not be able to cope with.

The duration of sexual intercourse depends on many factors:

  • Stressful situations, problems in relations;
  • Urogenital diseases;
  • Rare sex;
  • Abuse of alcoholic beverages;
  • Passive lifestyle.

Interesting fact – incorrectly selected pose during intimacy, is also of great importance for the duration of erection and the quality of sex.

How to increase the duration of sex and erection, how «postpone» discharge? Almost all men ask themselves such a question. There are several options for resolving this task. We will talk about the most effective of them below.

, 6 ways to help extend an erection

Application of a condom

It may seem banal, but if you use a condom (especially ultra -resistant) during intimacy, this helps to lower the sensitivity of the penis head. The ejaculation does not occur so quickly, so the partner can receive complete satisfaction from sex. You can also use prolonging condoms. A certain amount of cooling lubrication is applied to the inner surface of the condom, which «Frozen» Nervous endings on the penis, thereby increasing the duration of sex.

Control breathing

The speed of ejaculation largely depends on breathing. The fact that the discharge is already closely prevents the rapid breathing. If you control it and breathe slowly and deeply at the appropriate moment, then a longer sexual intercourse is practically guaranteed to you.

, 6 ways to help extend an erection

Using sex toys

Each year, manufacturers of intimate goods release many devices that help extend sexual intercourse. In great demand among customers are a variety of penis for a penis, as well as rings to increase the duration of sexual proximity. A long erection is ensured due to the fact that they prevent the outflow of blood and reduce the sensitivity of the penis. A woman gets more vivid sensations, as the size of the penis increases. And if the toy has vibration, then both partners experience additional stimulation of erogenous zones.

Masturbation classes

Prolonged and systematic masturbation helps to achieve the greatest control over ejaculation, which provides prolonged and high -quality sex with a real woman in the future. To do this, you can use special male Masturbators, which are created for the development of endurance, and their special internal relief allows you to make the process of self -satisfaction very bright. Statistics say that ten minutes of using any masturbator before sex are 20 (!) minutes of continuous rude sexual intercourse with your partner without the risk of premature discharge!

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