Why the girl cannot finish: common reasons

Why can a girl get an orgasm?.

Many women perceive orgasm – as something mystical, which only elected. Statistics say that difficulties with achieving orgasm are observed in more than 25% of the female population of the world. Hence the logical question arises why a girl cannot finish if she is not frigid? All reasons and ways to solve such problems will be described later.

, Why the girl cannot finish: common reasons

Let’s figure out why the girl ends?

Female orgasm is more complicated than male not only from the physiological, but also the psychological side. Excitement and discharge each time proceed differently under the influence of third-party and internal factors. To understand what the female orgasm actually consists of, it is worthwhile to separately consider physiological and psychological factors.

Physiological components include:

  • Hormonal background (ratio of female hormones and testosterone);
  • Anatomical structure of the genitals (namely the distance between the vagina and the clitoris);
  • Taking drugs (antidepressants and similar remedies negatively affect orgasm);
  • menstrual zinc and menopause.

In addition, the physiological components include the inconsistency of temperament between partners, ignorance of a man, how to handle a female body or premature ejaculation in him.

Psychological factors affecting female orgasm include:

  • Woman’s attitude to her body (dissatisfaction and complexes);
  • attitude to sex, as a immoral and shameful act (incorrect sexual education in childhood, religious views);
  • Depression, stress, a depressed sense of anger (not a background of cruelty in childhood, low self -esteem, child psychological injuries);
  • Fear of vulnerability and difficulties with trust in men;
  • fears due to unsuccessful experience in the past;
  • household difficulties and the inability of the woman to disconnect from thoughts;
  • unfavorable climate in relations with a partner.

Most psychological problems affecting the quality of sexual activity stretch from the deepest childhood. Practice shows that most often a modern girl does not receive an orgasm due to psychological factors.

The most common causes of the absence of orgasm in women

, Why the girl cannot finish: common reasonsCauses of the absence of orgasm in women

If a woman does not manage to get an orgasm, this is a big problem for both herself and her partner. And knowing what factors can negatively or positively affect the excitability of a woman and the possibility of achieving orgasm, you can find optimal ways to solve the problem.

Not enough preliminary caresses

Not all men know the complex physiology of female orgasm and the fact that a huge number of factors affect the chances of obtaining orgasm all the time. The most banal answer is why the woman did not finish – The man did not warm up her and prepared for sex, that is, there was either no preludes at all, or she was a short -term.

So that a man reaches an erection and is ready for sex, it is enough for him to massage a member or look at something exciting. A woman will have to excite a long time, because The success of the outcome of sex depends on the prelude to 90%. If a man is immediately pounced and in a hurry strive to satisfy his needs, there can be no talk of any orgasm.


If a woman feels a rush of a man and a desire to start the main action more likely, this will finally drive the mood. The prelude on average should last about 10-30 minutes, It all depends on her mood and circumstances. What are preliminary caresses:

  • kisses on the lips;
  • embrace;
  • touch and stroking;
  • whispering affectionate and vulgar words in the ear;
  • stimulation of the chest and nipples;
  • Oral affection.

Before sexual intercourse, you can stimulate erogenous points responsible for an orgasm, so that during intercourse do not stretch the duration of frictions and mutually finish.

If a man will follow such a scenario of the development of events, he will be able to excite a woman as much as possible and prepare for orgasm.

Stress and extra thoughts

Another typical The problem of modern women – These are stresses, which is exposed to about 80% of the world’s population. Stress situations can touch on different areas of life, but most often the absence of an orgasm in a girl can be provoked by the following factors:

  • emotional overwork against the background of intensive professional activity;
  • conflict situations with colleagues at work, relatives or partner;
  • insufficient degree of trust and openness with a partner;
  • fears and panic attacks caused by unsuccessful experience or injuries from childhood;
  • depressing thoughts and third -party problems;
  • insomnia and depressive states.

All this reduces a woman’s libido or trifles prevents her from tuning in sex. Situations when a woman during sex is preoccupied with third -party thoughts, is familiar to every modern girl.


It is difficult to solve the problem, but every woman can do. If there are difficulties at work, upon arrival home, everything must be left behind the front door, or maybe you should find another more calm and comfortable job. If stresses inhibiting the body, it is worth taking sedatives.

Both parties should solve problems in relations with a partner, the most important way of solving conflicts and quarrels – Frank dialogue. If independent efforts are not effective, you should contact a psychotherapist or family psychologist. Only having achieved harmony and mutual understanding, partners can again enjoy sex.

The partner ends too quickly

Premature ejaculation – Modern scourge of the male population. It is for this reason that many girls do not manage to get an orgasm, they do not have enough time for this. Statistics say that About 35% of the male population cannot continue sex longer than 3-5 minutes, what is not enough for their partners.

Many men refuse to recognize the presence of sexual disorder – premature ejaculation, showing selfishness regarding the quality of sex. The fact that the partner does not have time to get an orgasm is left unattended or perceived by a purely female problem, which is why sooner or later, relations are spoiled and families are destroyed.


A urologist or andrologist who will reveal the causes of dysfunction and methods of its treatment can solve the problem of premature ejaculation. Most often, the purpose of correcting the situation is to prolong sexual intercourse. Special products can help in this – creams, sprays, ointments with anesthetic.

It is important to use such funds according to the instructions, so as not to accidentally reduce the sensitivity of the genital organs of the partner. In addition, an acceleration of the onset of orgasm in a woman can be long and high -quality prelude, oral affection and stimulation of erogenous points of the vagina with fingers.

, Why the girl cannot finish: common reasonsWhat to do if you finish quickly

Problems in sexual intercourse itself

Often difficulties in obtaining orgasm in a woman are directly related to the quality of sexual intercourse. The idea of ideal sex for all people is different due to the features of temperament and fantasies, so it is important to talk directly about preferences and desires. The most typical causes of an anorgazmia of a woman are considered:

  • Incorrectly selected pose – There are such positions in sex that are pleasant to the partner, but are uncomfortable and ineffective for her (do not come into contact with erogenous points);
  • Distracting factors — Friendly sounds can interfere with sex, too bright light or darkness in the room, uncomfortable conditions or the presence of other people in the premises;
  • the presence and discrepancy of sexual fantasies – For example, a woman wants to devote more time to cunnilingus, and a man opposes oral sex or prefers hard and quick sex;
  • Dry for the genitals – Lubrication is extremely important during sex, since the delicacy of friction of the genitals depends on it, and with a lack of lubrication, a woman can even experience pain.


Before bowing a partner to sexual intercourse, a man needs to think through all the details and create favorable conditions for that. The room should have warm, muffled lighting, the absence of strangers and sounds, as well as the disposal of the situation. Before surprising a woman with her knowledge in sex, it is worth talking about her tastes and preferences.

Insufficient trust and emancipation of partners can be an obstacle to obtaining an orgasm. Therefore, sex should be diverse, consisting of different forms and types of preliminary caresses, games and scenarios. If a woman does not have enough secret to moisturize the vagina, partners should resort to the help of lubricants. And about all fantasies and hidden desires you still need to talk directly.

How to determine the cause?

As mentioned earlier, a man first needs to understand the nature of the problem, due to which there is no way to achieve an orgasm – Psychology is physiology? To better understand the partner, it is worth talking about her condition, whether she has fears, doubts, banal fatigue, lack of sleep or insufficient attraction.

A medical specialist and statistics can also help in determining the reasons. If a man resorted to all the above solutions to the problems associated with anorgasmia, and the result was not achieved, perhaps the problem lies in the physiological features and sexual dysfunctions. Only after diagnosis in the clinic, the exact factors of influence will be clarified, as well as the treatment paths.

Determining the causes and treatment of the absence of orgasm in a woman is primarily performed by a psychotherapist, in the second – gynecologist.

A little statistics

To understand the global of problems with the achievement of female orgasm, it is enough to get acquainted with statistical data. An important indicator of the frequency of orgasms is the age of a woman. The older a woman and more experienced, the higher the percentage of orgasms.

The frequency of female orgasms The number of women
Up to 30 years After 30 years
Never 40% 28%
1-2 times in life 5% 5%
Very rarely 5% 5%
Rarely 10% 5%
Sometimes 10% 5%
Often 5% 10%
Almost always 5% 10%
Always 20% 32%

Also compare the percentage of women who cannot achieve an orgasm, taking into account the nature of the influencing factors.

Influence factors The number of women
Psychological factors 65%
Physiological factors 35%

Serious and more rare problems

The most difficult cases when a woman cannot achieve orgasm – these are pathologies of a sexual nature, namely anorgasmia or frigidity. Only a medical specialist can establish such diagnoses. It is important not to confuse these two concepts among themselves, since there is a significant difference between them.


At the household level, the term frigidity is used quite often and mainly for no existing reasons. From a medical point of view, frigidity is called the absolute sexual coldness of a woman, lack of attraction and libido, sexual needs and passion, and sometimes even aversion to sex.

Frigibility can be imaginary or true, in the latter version it occurs only in 7% of women.

The reasons can be as follows:

  • abuse of bad habits;
  • rape and gross defloration that provoked mental injuries;
  • painful sensations from sex;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • panic fears of unwanted pregnancy;
  • physical aversion to a man;
  • asthenization of different etiologies (weakness and powerlessness);
  • depression, depressed state, mental pathology.

Frigibility can be detected by the absence of orgasm, hostility to sexual joys and stimulation, unpleasant or painful sensations during intercourse. Treatment is based on psychological correction, establishing trusting relationships with a partner. Sometimes, drugs, physiotherapy for the activation of erogenous points, as well as phytolia are prescribed in parallel with this.


By this term, you need to understand a sexual violation, as a result of which a woman cannot achieve an orgasm with a man at all. At the same time, she experiences excitement and sexual desire, has sexual needs, and her erogenous points are active and respond to stimulation.

The reasons for the anorgasmia lie in the following points:

  • Personal disorders – shyness, excessive bashfulness, stiffness and imagination of the girl, inability to be distracted from problems and relax;
  • Violations of psychosexual development — Violation of sexual models of behavior, distortion of psychosexual orientation, incorrect sexual identification, etc.;
  • Other psychogenic factors – Psychological injuries against the backdrop of rape, rough defloration, incestoose relations in childhood, etc.;
  • psyche disorders – Violations of the emotional and intellectual sphere, thinking, depressive states, panic and anxiety disorders, as well as various phobias and diseases with psychotic symptoms.

From the point of view of physiology to anorgasmia, I can lead to causes such as defects in the development of the organs of the reproductive system, complications after childbirth, disease and injuries of the genital organs, gynecological disease, brain and spinal cord disease. You can determine anorgasmia by a rare onset of orgasm or its complete absence.

Treatment of anorgasmia is based on three stages:

  1. Drug treatment – tranquilizers, antidepressants, sedatives, biogenic stimulants, vitamins and bio -sales can be used. Less commonly practiced hormone therapy for endocrine disorders.
  2. Physiotherapy – To activate erogenous points, massage, electrical stimulation, vibration and hydrostimulation, electrons and reflexology are practiced.
  3. Psychotherapy – Individual and family consultations are held with the aim of studying psycho -traumatic situations, eliminating conflicts and establishing harmony in relations, as well as to correct neurotic disorders.

The easiest way to achieve orgasm to a girl — Find this point

, Why the girl cannot finish: common reasons

Erogenic points in a woman

For the woman’s orgasm, the point G in the vagina is primarily responsible. But not every man knows about its existence and how it can be found. If the partner does not end during sex, the easiest way to bring it to orgasm will be the simulation of point G.

This small seal of 1 x 3 cm is located on the front of the vagina, if you enter a finger 3-5 cm inside under the pubic bone. Doctors call this point a female prostate, the stimulation of which leads to powerful orgasmic sensations. Cunnilingus is considered the best technique with clitoris stimulation and parallel to the point of a finger of the hand.

You can also bring a partner to a stormy orgasm immediately after sex, if a man has already finished and wishes his girlfriend. To do this, the woman lies on her back, spreads her legs and bends them in her knees, and the man with the finger of one hand massages the point G, and the clitoris slightly caresses the second hand with the finger of the second hand.

In addition to the point g for female orgasm, other erogenous points are responsible. These are primarily breast nipples that can reduce uterine muscles and cause an orgasm. It is also a point U, which is located at the external opening of the urethra and leads to squirt, point A – The trigger of the uterine orgasm, a couple of centimeters further from the point G, as well as the point K on the posterior wall of the vagina, responsible for the anal orgasm.

About where the point is «G» and how to stimulate it for better orgasm — can be learned from our previous article.


When asked why the girl fails to finish during intercourse, a number of psychological and physiological reasons are given. If a man can determine them, he will surely find ways to solve the problem. If all efforts were unsuccessful, it is worth checked in the clinic for the presence or absence of frigidity or anorgazmia. And perhaps the competent stimulation of all erogenous points on her body will be able to help.

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