What is Feyissitting, how to do it correctly, varieties

What is Feyissitting, how to diversify sexual life.

, What is Feyissitting, how to do it correctly, varieties

The article will talk about an unusual BDSM practitioner called Feyissitting. It will be explained how to do it correctly. It will be disassembled as an element of BDSM, attention will be paid to the features and restrictions.

Many people want to know what Feyssitting is. This is especially true for those who have just begun to plunge into the culture of BDSM. It should be noted right away that this practice refers to it.

Feyissitting is a sitting of one partner on the face of another. According to the classic canons of this practice, the pose of the upper “sitting” person is occupied by a woman, and the pose of the Nizhny is a man. However, there are options, in particular, for same -sex steam. In most cases, people are naked.

How practice has several messages. Firstly, this is a pose for cunnilingus, if you want to make Cooney in an unusual pose for myself and a partner, to add something new, piquant in a relationship. Secondly, it is a humiliating practice. And here we smoothly approach the topic of BDSM to tell in more detail what Feyissitting is.

Feyissitting as an element of culture of BDSM

, What is Feyissitting, how to do it correctly, varieties

The basic pillars of BDSM are pain and humiliation, trust and security. Therefore, faceship is a practice aimed just to humiliate the lower partner. Moreover, the whole process should be as safe for it as possible.

How to do it correctly

, What is Feyissitting, how to do it correctly, varieties

The first thing you need to remember is oral affection in any form during facialing are not at all required. They are possible if they are the main goal, but often the lower one simply enjoys the dominance of the upper partner and the humiliation delivered to him. For the same reason, the couple during practice is not always exposed.

Despite this, they are engaged in facial sexy sex. Most often for cunnilingus, less often for rimming.  Depending on the purpose, the position of the bodies also changes.  If this is a BDSM practitioner aimed at control and humiliation, then you should sit tight in order to slightly strangle your lover.  If this is an original pose for oral caresses, then there should be a gap between the face of the lower and the genitals of the upper.

If people are engaged in facial sex, then the upper partner freezes the lower face of the lower, can lean towards the genitals, take a pose 69. If desired, people can touch freely and caress each other’s hands.

With BDSM practices, everything is somewhat different. The upper partner sits on the lower face of almost all weight, periodically changing the pressure and fidgeting. Possesses are possible on the cheeks, humiliating words, strangling. Details and boundaries are originally discussed depending on the tastes of both. Feyissitting is often combined with other BDSM practices, for example, binding.

Despite the fact that the hard format is aimed at humiliating and delivering discomfort to the lower partner, it is important to remember that they are still engaged in pleasure. Moreover, both should receive it, and not just one alone. For these reasons, it is important to choose such a pose that you can relax and have fun.

The upper partner does not have to sit on the hips. He can also sit down opposite the face of the lower back or knees. In any case, if practice provides for oral contact. The position of the bodies depends on the individual characteristics and preferences of people. In this case, the main thing is not to dwell on one thing, and not be afraid to experiment.

Safety regulations

, What is Feyissitting, how to do it correctly, varieties

In the BDSM, the most important thing is the consent of both participants. Therefore, it is without fail to discuss with a partner, are you ready for new practice, do you have any fears, wishes or questions. Only after that can you directly move on to faceiting.

It is important that the lower partner has enough air for normal communication. To avoid emergency situations, you need to come up with a “stop-word”-a special word or gesture, which Nizhny will be able to ask for that everything got out of control.  Stop word is necessary for any BDSM practices.


If the partners are tired of classical faceing or decided to try something new, then this practice has varieties. In particular, these are this type of fetishism as Fornifilia. At the same time, a person depicts furniture and receives pleasure when they sit on him.

, What is Feyissitting, how to do it correctly, varieties

When asked what facials are, you can briefly answer that this is a common sexual practice for people who are not afraid to experiment and try something new. It is only important to observe the basic safety standards so that everything goes smoothly.

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