Top 10 reasons why women scream during sex. How men relate to female moans

Top 10 reasons why women scream during sex. How men relate to female moans.

, Top 10 reasons why women scream during sex. How men relate to female moans

Women always show emotions brighter and more openly in comparison with men. In a fit of passion, many moral prohibitions fly, and the function of self -control is disconnected. The question arises: loud moans during sex that girls love so, real? Or modern stereotypes (films, porn, books, television programs) make you match the wishes of the owners of life (read men)?

Let’s figure it out, Why women scream during sex, And is there any sacred meaning in their moans. Let us take into account that we are endowed with different temperaments, therefore, the reaction can also be very different. This is unequivocally to say whether a woman should scream and wriggle during intercourse, even if a powerful orgasm covers her. Specialists in the field of psychology and sexology have repeatedly tried to get the key to unraveling, and now what conclusions they came: all people, regardless of gender, change dramatically in the moments of the onset of orgasm.

, Top 10 reasons why women scream during sex. How men relate to female moans

Groups of girls during sex, why do they do it

At the time of passionate intercourse, women can make different sounds. Someone groans, screams, others cry, growl or hiss. Do not believe pornographic rollers, where everything, like a carriage, open their mouths wide, roll their eyes and publish lingering monotonous “OOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, “AAAAAAAAAAAA”. These are actresses specially trained to show emotions on camera. In life, everything happens differently: a woman at the time of true pleasure loses control of behavior and becomes like an uncontrollable animal. Reproducible sounds, of course, have nothing to do with cinema.

There are girls who are silent, and you won’t get moans from them – this is also the normal behavior of an excited lady. There is no common standard by which you can judge how wild the moans and screams should be.

And yet we will return to the question of why women scream during sex, for what reasons, we will discuss in detail.

Make stereotypes

According to experts in the field of sexology and psychology, in the vast majority of cases female moans are a tribute to fashion and blindly following stereotypes that are pushed into female heads through the media and broadcasting. Even without an emphasis on porn films, this happens because the most ordinary melodramas with quite decent erotica necessarily contain scenes of love relationships, where the girl gives a characteristic voice acting to the whole action.

Moans and screams help to show emotions

When there are no words, only emotions, girls begin to moan, sometimes I do not notice this. As we have already found out, women express their experiences to the partner in this way. And this, as a rule, ladies do not come immediately. Most often, the representative of the weaker sex is open for a man, having passed certain stages of growing up and developing.

Often the beginning of such manifestations coincides with age -related changes. Indeed, in the life of every woman sooner or later comes the moment when the need to have sex “quietly” disappears by itself, when you can not be afraid to be “caught”.

Spurges and excites the partner with loud moans

Screams during sex, like excited groans, are sometimes a vivid motivation for active action by a man. The girl in this way encourages his affection and wants to continue. Or, on the contrary, is trying to complete sexual intercourse rather, because he does not enjoy, but is afraid to offend a partner.

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Natural reason

During active love of love, breathing quickens, increased ventilation of the lungs occurs, from this loud sounds can occur on exhalation. Sound accompaniment is enhanced in some sexual positions, where a man marks noticeably, especially if he has excess body weight. In fact, these are natural moans that are caused by air output from the lungs – just with a whistle and a breath. At the same time, the vocal cords are not tense, but relaxed.

Sometimes loud moans during sex mean that the overall rhythm has lost. The guy and the girl are moving at different speeds and amplitude, which is why the respiratory system is strained. “Music” comes from the lady for the reason that pushing and conjunctioning movements are made into her, and it is her body depends on the activity of the partner.

She hurts

You knew that the moans of girls during sex do not always indicate enchanting sensations, especially for screams during anal penetration. A woman suffers pain to please her male. Wild moans help to distract from pain. Yes, there are stupid creatures that are ready to please their “master” even at the cost of a torn fifth point. Victims of stereotypical propaganda. It is so difficult for them to open their mouths and say that the excitement has not yet come (it is from this and pain) that they prefer to whine, like chain mongrels.

Deaf and too active moans, associated with the general tension of the muscles of the body, suggest that your girlfriend is painful and unpleasant.

, Top 10 reasons why women scream during sex. How men relate to female moans

Emotions prevail

This happens when the chosen one actually enjoys and falls into a trance. Sexual ecstasy covers with the head, and it loses control of the whole body. Sighs-stones break out involuntarily. Especially emotional can cry, transmitting the entire degree of excitement.

The approach of orgasm

Some ladies give sound color to sexual contact not during the peak of pleasure, but at sweet moments of the approximation of orgasm, when the whole body is simultaneously tense and relaxed, and the muscles grasp cramps.

Increasing the self -esteem of the partner or his own

Screams during sex can be given out by a bonus to a beloved man to raise his self -esteem. In the same way, the ladies who revised porn and lacrimal melodramas raise their own, in order to be “like everyone else”.

Actress in life or habit

There is a special type of women – actresses in life. Their entire path on this sinful earth is pretense and putting on masks. They like to play roles and show imitation. You will never distinguish such, where sincere emotions, and where – the highest aerobatics of acting skills.

The girl once tried it and realized that the sound of a vow effect on men has soundtrack during sex. Further, Ahi-strokes become a habit and are used as a seed for all males without exception.

A kind of dialogue

Just partners by means of moans lead a kind of dialogue that is clear without words. This excites them. He tickles his nerves, forcing to fall asleep stronger and stronger.

In fact, ladies kill three “hares”, being as liberated as possible during the intercourse:

  • When screaming, the muscles of the press occurs, which contributes to the occurrence of dynamic waves and light vibration.
  • This helps to give the process the severity of emotional coloring, the strengthening of the production of hormones of “joy” – endorphins.
  • Crowing and moans is a way to communicate with a partner that helps girls convey their feelings.

Sexologists believe that it is not necessary to restrain screams if no one hears a couple.

Why are some girls silent during sex

Not always restraining screams and groans is an indicator of frigidity and phlegmatic. Restraining inappropriate sounds under certain circumstances, the ladies include the mind. After all, this is absolutely normal that a woman does not want to be heard by strangers, and she has to control herself, not allowing emotions to go free. In addition, there are still some reasons why your chosen one does not give out fortels in bed.

  • She does not enjoy, but does not know how to pretend or does not consider it necessary.
  • Cannot overcome the psychological barrier: it seems to her that biting lips, rolling eyes and opening the mouth accompanying voice acting, look too much ashamed.
  • She is afraid to look stupid and ridiculous in the eyes of her partner, does not want to be ridiculed.
  • Just inexperienced, because he does not know how to behave in bed. She is not familiar with sexy etiquette.

Suppressing the desires and expression of his sensations, the partner is not completely open to the man. Here, girls should remember that sex is exactly the lesson where any concealment of emotions comes down to the lack of trust between partners. The limit of emotionality for everyone has their own, however, in any case, upon receipt of the mechanisms of “silence” at a subconscious level, women are disconnected.

If you are one of those who do not have both a psychological and physiological need to survive in bed after violent sex, do not break the habits. Your right is to behave as it is comfortable for you.

, Top 10 reasons why women scream during sex. How men relate to female moans

Do men like that girls scream during sex

Most men are still on the moans of girls during intercourse, because at the time of voice voice acting they are more busy with their own feelings. But there are those who pay attention to screams and growl. Of course, men are satisfied when intimacy is accompanied by such an accompaniment. Why?

  • First of all, loud female cries are associated with praise. Since she is so pleased, then the man tried to glory. Demonstration of sensations confirms its suitability as a male. The guys always expect languid sounds from girls: not one of them has yet refused to demonstrate the sensations of a partner.
  • Screams in bed spur and excite, therefore, the pleasure of sex is greater, and the orgasm is more intense and more abundant.
  • Genefits serve as a kind of beacon signaling that the girl is close to orgasm. The man reads information about the correctness of his actions and continues to move in the same rhythm.

The guys do not like moans when they are played. Only now it is almost impossible to distinguish the deception “by ear”. And, as we know, in born actresses, which are many women, the talent of imitation appears from the diaper.

There are unique ones to whom sound accompaniment is vital, otherwise sexual intercourse seems inferior to such a comrade. He is oppressed by the idea that the girl lacks passion and desire in his hands, so she does not enjoy, and, therefore, is silent for the same reason. Template-stereotypical thinking drives its owner into a corner, and the second half develops complexes. But take him out and give him wild moans with obscene abuse – then he will feel like a full -fledged ladies’ sain!

Dear readers, do not focus on trifles. Groups of a girl during sex are such an abstract and amorphous concept that there is not even a time spent on thinking about it! He wants – groaning (and a million reasons), I do not like it – quietly has sex and ends without enchanting aspirations (no less reasons). Calm down!

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