The smell of sex toys. Why does it arise? | Informative

The smell of sex toys. Why does it arise?.

, The smell of sex toys. Why does it arise? | Informative
Some sex-tovars have a certain aroma. This can be distracted in the process of application. Separate things begin to smell after several months of use. What are the smells of intimate goods are related to and are they dangerous for health?

The smell of a new product

Sex toys are made from different materials. Most often used PVC, silicone, TPR and TPE. All these are polymers safe for health. But the manufacturing process is different. And 10 years ago, any sex toy had the smell of rubber. There were few exceptions.

Today, manufacturers seek to reduce aromas. And they succeed, but not 100%. After all, after making a sex toy, it is immediately packaged, and then for some time lies in a very small space. Transportation, delivery sometimes takes weeks and months. And the smell accumulates in a tiny box.

No need to be afraid if you remove the sex toy from the package, you will smell. He is not dangerous. AND After washing the goods will disappear. Sometimes, to disappear, it takes several days. To speed up the process, leave the device in a well -ventilated room, do not hide in the cover for some time.

The smell of dubious goods

If you buy sex toys on dubious sites, you can stumble upon things with a bright aroma. In this case, the smell does not disappear, does not decrease over time. Most often this Poor materials or violation of production technology. And the problem is no longer in the smell, but in the fact that this can be dangerous to health.

You need to choose sex-tovars in trusted stores that work with famous brands. This guarantees the absence of fakes. Therefore, it is worth choosing in – This is a proven store with a wide range and pleasant prices., The smell of sex toys. Why does it arise? | Informative

The smell after use

If the sex toy is not cleansed, an unpleasant aroma may appear. For example, if you use the masturbator in the evening and not wash it, leaving it until the morning, then there will be a smell. He may not be very clear at first. But if you often leave the device not washed, the aroma will become terrible.

After applying any sex-tovar, it remains the discharge of the body and lubrication. This is a wonderful environment for the propagation of bacteria. And they are the source of the smell. Moreover, sometimes all this is washed off, and sometimes it is no longer possible to get out.

If there is an unpleasant aroma, use a special toy cliner. But if it does not help, the device will have to be thrown away. Using a device with a smell is not recommended.

Do you need to remove the smell

If you are sure as a toy, if you know that this is not a fake and it is safe, you can try to eliminate an unpleasant effect. Disinfection in this case can help. Perform it with the help of a miramistin or chlorhexidine. These funds are in any pharmacy. With their help, all surfaces are cleaned.

It is important that the disinfectant process the toy completely. Each ledge, each fold is washed with solutions. And in an hour you can understand whether it helped or not. If the contamination is superficial, then the smell will disappear. If the problem is in the material, then the source cannot be deleted.

Boil sex toys For disinfection is prohibited. They will not bear the effects of high temperatures, they will be spoiled.

Do not mask the aroma with lubricants or perfumes. The effect will be strange, since the smells are mixed, they will become unpleasant in the process of use.

The smell may be present when unpacking goods. But it quickly disappears if the thing is of high quality. Therefore, it is better to choose items in which I am 100% sure. And it is precisely these are represented in

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