The cause of squelching sounds during sex | Informative

The cause of squelching sounds during sex.

, The cause of squelching sounds during sex | Informative
The joys of sex often overshadow the clumsiness of strange sounds. In the first place of uncomfortable sound “oddities” (especially for women) are squelching sounds from the vagina similar to sounds made by flatulence. Few, having given out such a “serenade” an intimate place, remains unperturbed. But why is this happening, where such uncomfortable moments come from?

Nature awarded us with bodies far from perfect. The body sometimes “throws” us surprises. Dreaming of passionate rampant sex, as in good porn: without awkwardness, embarrassment, such a sound during the act often becomes the reason for the development of complexes in women. Men with innate stroke pretend that they don’t notice, but after sex on the Internet forums they ask the question: “Why so, with my girlfriend, is it ill and is it infectious and is it contagious?”.

Representatives of the stronger sex with completely absent delicacy will not only take an interest in the partner about the cause of the “vaginal bunch”, and directly during the intercourse, but they can also make this a reason for ridicule.

If sounds arise only during intercourse, they do not bother you or a partner, you should not think about it, since the causes of squelching sounds during sex have nothing to do with irreversible pathologies.

Why sounds arise?

With a relaxed circular vaginal muscle, along with the genitals of the partner, air also enters the vagina, and then – “portionedly” pushes out with the same muscle out. It is impossible to control this process, so it makes no sense to try to hold back the sound, like a sneeze.

What to do directly during the act, if there are sounds:

  • Women: do not panic.
  • Men: try to ignore and calmly continue the process.
  • Pare: Change the pose.

, The cause of squelching sounds during sex | Informative

Myths about the causes of muscle weakening

There are many fables on this occasion, the brightest image of a relaxed muscle: “Pencil in a glass”. Accordingly, myth is the first:

Many men The number of sexual partners does not affect the tone of the vaginal muscle. As a result of a frequent change in men to acquire a sexually transmitted disease – a weak muscle of the vagina, and as a result – “squelch” during intercourse – does not.
Excess weight Excess weight affects the state of health in general, it can be the cause of tachycardia, hypertension, but not vaginal “serenads”.
Lack of weight Even clinical thinness with a general healthy state does not affect the germ muscles.

Real causes of muscles and strange sounds

The reasons can be very different. Most Popular:

  • Long -term sexual intercourse. Especially when a member is introduced many times and removed from the hole, allowing air to get inside.
  • Constipation. Sounds can be not only from the vagina. They can cause gases in the intestines. This is also a natural process. It is important to monitor food or consult a doctor if it confuses.
  • Childbirth. After the birth of the child, the vaginal muscles can lose tone. Everything is restored over time, but not immediately.
  • Abortion. Can affect the general condition of the urine system. And disorders can cause muscle weakening and sounds.
  • Chronic colds. And although it seems that the mouth and nose are not connected with the vagina, doctors claim that weakened immunity can also affect sex.

What to do so that there are no strange sounds?

If the average intercourse time is more than 15 minutes, it is necessary to reduce it. During this period of vibrations, the muscle relaxes, if sexual intercourse becomes shorter, the muscle will remain in good shape and there will be no squishy sounds.

In the case of chronic colds and constipation, it is necessary to treat the underlying disease and in parallel – work to strengthen the muscle.

If relaxation as a result of abortion, childbirth, frequent sex, it is necessary to strengthen the muscles with the help of special Kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises to restore vaginal tone

Special exercises for the female bosom are very useful for girls of any age. They interfere with the lowering of the pelvic organs, help to prevent urinary incontinence, and also strengthen the sensitivity.

Classes are in rhythmic tension and contraction of the sexual muscles, the muscles of the anus. In order for exercises to give an effect, you need to engage in them systematically, daily, at least half an hour per day. Special vaginal balls will help training, make them more effective.After you begin to feel and control the muscle, during intercourse you can check the effectiveness of your classes: strain the muscles to compress the penis, and then push it out. If this was succeeded, then your classes did not go in vain. The man, by the way, will also appreciate such a moment, perhaps premature (according to his calculations) ejaculation with a violent orgasm.

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