Sluggish member: causes of poor erection and impotence

Sluggish member: causes of poor erection and impotence.

, Sluggish member: causes of poor erection and impotence

A sluggish penis or poor erection is a big problem for every man. Sexual life worsens, complexes are developing. Exacting with the treatment of erectile dysfunction leads to impotence.

In the article, we consider the possible reasons for reducing potency to choose adequate methods of treatment and prevention.


The most common reason is psychological disorders. They can be caused by chronic fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, frequent quarrels and poor relations with a partner.

If there is no understanding and warm, frank relationships in the couple, a man has uncertainty.  Self -esteem of their sexual abilities decreases.

This group of factors includes traumatic sexual experience, for example, failures in bed that were ridiculed by the partner, create a powerful block. Even a physically healthy man at the subconscious level will begin to be afraid that the erection will not come at the right time. And often it really does not come. The member becomes sluggish at the time of administration, or falls in the process of friction. A man is afraid to repeat the error, so a conditioned reflex is formed.

A common cause is the physical unattractiveness of the partner. A member has a member, there is no sense in continuing sexual intercourse.

If the partner is rude and aggressive, humiliates and mocks a partner – he can develop impotence in general.

Psychological factors of reducing erection have a particularly great influence on young people. In this case, it is advisable to visit a psychologist.

Drug therapy

Many drugs that are prescribed for diseases of the cardiovascular system contain substances that disrupt blood circulation in the pelvic organs. If a man is a core, it is necessary to coordinate therapy with a doctor and replace an analogue that does not affect potency.


Long abstinence, or irregular sex reduce potency. If the sex life is unstable, premature ejaculation occurs during sexual contact, the man’s psychological complex is applied and the sluggish member syndrome is fixed.

It is necessary to have a stable relationship – then the erection will restore quickly enough. If there is no permanent partner, it is necessary to masturbate. See a variety of methods and methods of masturbation with sex toys and improvised means.

Symptom of another disease

Some chronic systemic diseases are accompanied by erectile dysfunkia. These include diabetes, renal failure, and genitourinary system disease. In this case, it is necessary to eliminate the underlying disease and the erection will be restored after.

In addition, in this case, a special complex of physical exercises will help that contribute to the blood flow to the small basin. See a separate article on this topic.

Poor nutrition

Unbalanced fatty foods, a large number of carbonated drinks, the lack of diet contribute to a decrease in potency. Beer is the main enemy of the erection, t.To.  reduces testosterone.

If a man begins to eat right (fish, lean meat, seafood, sour cream, herbs and fruits) – an erection will recover in a short period of time.

Bad habits

Alcohol and smoking in excess quantities have an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system and the brain. Reducing an erection is the first consequence of a violation of the functioning of the vessels of the brain. A man loses male power until the impossibility of entering into sexual contact.

If you abandon the use of a large amount of alcohol, reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked daily, erectile dysfunction will be completely restored.

, Sluggish member: causes of poor erection and impotence

, Sluggish member: causes of poor erection and impotence

, Sluggish member: causes of poor erection and impotence

You can maintain your male health for a long time if you protect your body from the effects of the listed negative elements and exclude the causes of poor erection!

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