Sex on the floor: 7 tips

Sex on the floor: 7 tips.

, Sex on the floor: 7 tips
If you recently invested a tidy sum in a new, expensive and extremely convenient mattress, then the idea of sex outside the bed is unlikely to arouse particular interest. However, professionals in the field of sexual relations are sure that sex on the floor can really be one of the hottest experiments that you tried.

Of course, your bed is magnificent, but there is a chance that the last time you had sex, it was in your bed…And the same applies to the previous time…And most others too. The change of location will help to get out of the routine, inspire you to new poses, sexual conversation and, possibly, even for a new pleasure that you did not know about!

So that both partners can enjoy such sex in full, you should adhere to certain rules.


If, before ordinary sex, lovers are enough to go to the shower – and the cleanliness of the process is guaranteed, in the case of sex games on the floor, the situation is somewhat different. Before intercourse, it is advisable to thoroughly wash the surface, and if the steam plans to frolic on the carpet, then it is good to clean it or sink. If this is not done, there will be problems: dirt from the floor will be on the genitals, and this is the risk of inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system.


Watching the heroes of romantic films transmitting passion on the floor, it seems that this is an extremely simple matter. In reality, this is not very convenient, so partners should take care of comfort in advance. If the room does not have a gentle to the touch of the carpet, lay something soft on the floor: fluffy blanket, large pillows or clothes.

It is wonderful if there are no drafts in the room, because to drag a blanket on the floor is already a kind. It is not necessary to refuse sex, just do not undress completely. The main thing is to protect the lower back. A great option for such an intimacy is a long tunic of the girl and an elongated jumper in a man.


If seed fluid and natural lubricant accidentally fall on a carpet or clothes, you need to eliminate all this faster. In order not to run to the bathroom immediately after an orgasm and not take up the washing, put wet or paper napkins in advance, towel, towel. So you will have time to enjoy your arms, and not go to the shower.


In spontaneous sex, partners often miss preliminary caresses or minimize them. Do not refuse them. Without a high -quality prelude, a partner will be difficult to get excited, which means that she may not get orgasm. Start frictions after the excitement reaches, if not maximum, then at least a high degree.

If you caress each other lying on the floor uncomfortable, do it standing or sitting. Another good option is to sit in a comfortable chair. There is no time for long affection? Then use any sex toy with vibration-for example, Vibropulu or Mini-vibrator. And you can also apply to the intimate area lubricant with an exciting effect or Liquid vibrator – Then a sexual desire increases very quickly.


In fact, sex on the floor is not much different from intimacy in bed. In order not to slide into monotony, do not forget about the experiments – do different types of sex (anal, oral), add intimate accessories, change roles. All this will not allow the passion to disappear.

Sex positions

The easiest option is a missionary pose: the girl lies on her back, and the partner enters her in front. For some couples, this position is loved, as it contributes to the easy achievement of female orgasm due to the tight contact of the clitoris with a male pubis. To add more brightness and saturated sensations to intimate, try other interesting positions.


If the girl loves to control the sex process, and the partner prefers to obey, it will perfectly choose the position of a rider. The man fits comfortably on his back, and the girl saddles him and moves at her discretion – chooses the pace and speed of frictions, as well as the depth of immersion of the penis in the vagina.

Another version of the position of bodies for partners is about the same as in the previous one, only this time a man sits on the floor, leaning against a sofa, chair or wall. And you can do this – the girl lies with her back on the floor and bends her lower back so that it is convenient for her lover to hold her buttocks and make tremors.

The rider is on the contrary

The man still sits (or lies) on his back. The girl is located on it, but now with her back to his face. In this position, the rear wall of the vagina is well stimulated, on which a very sensitive point to. For a partner to reach a vivid climax faster, a man can caress her nipples with his fingers or gently massage the clitoris.


Having sex in this exciting pose, the man feels like a dominant – the Lord, who conquered his beloved woman. The partner is on his knees, and with his hands rests on the floor in front of him. The lover enters her vagina or anus, holding his hands by the buttocks. Penetration is deep, and frictions are powerful.


Oral sex in pose 69 is a great way to revive sex life. It is better that a man lay down on his back, and the girl is located on top. If you do otherwise, then she will not be able to control the movements of the lover, namely: the depth of the introduction of the penis into the mouth. Partners click their lips to each other’s intimate organs and carry out oral affection.


Sex on the floor is still not a classic. If the partner categorically refuses this venture, you cannot force. The plan is possible to carry out if you initially excite the second half as much as possible, and when the desire to finish becomes insurmountable, offer to complete the ongoing on the floor.

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