Sex in the pose of a rider: all the reasons why women like or do not like to be from above

Sex in the pose of a rider: all the reasons why women like or do not like to be from above.

, Sex in the pose of a rider: all the reasons why women like or do not like to be from above

The pose where a woman rides on a man from above and takes the initiative in her hands is in the top three of the leaders on preferences among partners of both sexes along with Doggy and Missionary “. Moreover, there are a lot of variations of the so -called “rider”, but not all women manage to extract pleasure from them and get an orgasm. The ladies’ camp was divided clearly in half: 50% of girls love to have sex from above, the other half does not experience any pleasant sensations. Those who do not like a “rider” pose sometimes agree to such conditions solely for the sake of a variety and relaxation of a man.

It is clear that men love a “woman from above”, because there are numerous advantages for them. For example, it’s no secret that men for a full erection need to see female forms. The lady can arrange a real erotic show in this position. Thanks to her, everything will be available to the guy: face, chest, genitals, buttocks. Especially men like to observe how their dignity is included in the partner. let’s discuss, how to have sex in the pose “Rogue“, And why women like or do not like to be in bed.

, Sex in the pose of a rider: all the reasons why women like or do not like to be from above

Why do women love sex in the pose “rider”

Women prefer a leading position from above for several reasons that are associated with the features of physiology, endurance and psychological personality warehouse. Such ladies most often reach orgasm precisely in it both independently and with the help of male hands stimulating the clitoris. If you have all the techniques of movements, then it is not at all difficult to finish in the pose. But what exactly excites girls in her?

The possibility of managing your own pleasure

No man knows better than yourself, dear girls, how to achieve an orgasm, and the leading role makes it possible to correctly stimulate erogenous zones, choose the desired angle of inclination for this, control the pace, rhythm, technique of movements – all the components of high -quality intimacy leading the Virgin to the climax.

Feeling of dominance over a partner

Most women like male dominance in bed, but there is a category of ladies who is excited from their own power over the male. Control over the approach of male orgasm and enjoyment (which all the guys have been striving for all their lives) – this is the real manifestation of female dominance.

Some girls do not want to take power over a man in household and financial issues, but they will not refuse to disdain with physical proximity. There is a certain category of beauties who in this way realize their psychological need for manipulations that they like in life so much.

The rider gives similar sensations as in masturbation

The sensations that the girl receives, being “at the helm”, are very similar to those that she receives during masturbation. The reason lies in the active stimulation of the clitoris that occurs both during the act of masturbation and when leaps on top of the man.

Consider the fact that sex in the pose of the “rider” gives more sensations to those girls who have labia and clitoris are located closer to the forehead, that is, the incision is visible when standing with their legs and their legs reduced together.

Man stimulates other erogenous zones

The undoubted plus of sex in the “Woman from above” – male caresses, clitoris, tummy, hips, buttocks, anus and other sensitive zones of a woman. The girl’s body is in full access for this. If, for example, a partner wants double penetration, then in this location it is very convenient to carry out it.

And what we have to simulate double penetration? Look into the section of our sex shop with rubber phalluses and vibrators – Artificial member of any size, for all “holes”! You can choose a member for anal or vaginal penetration, and if you wish, supplement any proximity to breast stimulation using a vibrator for nipples. Your partner is not against mutual penetration? Then buy a vibrator for a couple and enjoy common pleasure!

, Sex in the pose of a rider: all the reasons why women like or do not like to be from above

Convenient with full men

If your partner has a large weight or an impressive tummy, then you are unlikely to like it when he falls on you with all the “power”, so in such cases sex with a girl in the pose of the rider becomes an exit. You definitely will not suffocate under the onslaught of his mass!

Visual contact

For those who like to watch the partner’s movements and hold their eyes “eyes in the eyes”, “woman from above” will come up with the way. You can track a man’s reactions to a particular movement, see pleasure and a whole gamut of emotions on his face.

Suitable for quick sex

Suppose you decided to make love in the car or in the chief office. It is not very convenient to barely bare, but in the pose where the lady steers, it is enough to unfasten the fly and tap the skirt. Everything, the “cupcake” is ready.

If a girl wears heeled shoes, then you can experiment: we squat down and sit on a member, moving vertically. Legs get tired less, and friction of the hips and body is absent, which is as relevant as possible in hot weather.

How to have sex in the pose “rider”

Each young lady who prefers to take the initiative in their own hands can learn. Be sure to pay attention to the technique of movements in this angle. Do not focus only on a pornographic example, where women jump, making vertical frictions (we will talk about them too), because with this technical performance, anyone will get tired.

Types of movements

Moving to give pleasure to ourselves and man. And let’s start with the simplest movements in which the girl receives an orgasm very quickly.

Horizontal friction

You are on the pubis of a partner backward and forth, making sliding movements with a crotch and buttocks. Tilt with the whole body to a man will help to additionally stimulate the clitoris. Just keep in mind that the penetration of the penis should be maximum. To do this, rest your hands into the bed.

Circular movements

Diversify driving back and forth in circular movements. They excite men during sex, because from the outside it looks really spectacular. Circular frictions, which a woman should also make a basin allow the guy from all sides to feel the warmth of the vaginal walls. This not only excites, but also perfectly stimulates the head of the penis. At the same time, you feel the maximum content.

Vertical movements

Here a member is stimulated throughout the barrel due to the glide of the female vagina up and down. In fact, you imitate the jerking movements of the man that he makes with other poses. It is better to firmly rest your knees into bed and hold your hands behind the head of the bed or the hands of a partner.

Frictions performed on the principle of vertical also determine the zones of maximum stimulation of the head. Performing even insignificant tilts forward or backward, the woman shifts the center of friction. In order to bring a man to orgasm during sex in the pose of the “rider”, you need to lean forward to him. If the goal is the exact opposite – to delay the onset of the ejaculation as much as possible – it is better to deviate back and, for convenience, lean on straight arms behind your back.

Mixed techniques

You can combine and alternate different movements techniques, just consider the angle of the member entry, the degree of inclination and speed. Do not break the penis to the partner in a fit of passion!

Head – the most sensitive zone of penis. But it is erogenic in absolutely different. For example, a bridle and the greatest bulge – the most sensual areas. The impact on a particular area of the penis with certain movements, tilts of the body are very individual.

Wave -like movements

They also use wave -shaped movements, the essence of which is to introduce the penis into the vagina at one angle, in the excretion – under another. So several sensitive places on the head are stimulated at once.

A man can always help his beloved, moving his hips up and down and planting her on the penis! At the same time, we hold a lady by the hips. By the way, in this case, even lazy girls will not refuse the “Woman from above”!

How to work with muscles

For the greater pleasure of both partners, we recommend that women work a little with vaginal muscles: when the member entrance, we squeeze them slightly and draw them into ourselves, on the reverse friction – relax – relax. This technique is most suitable for vertical movements. Men really like it when the head enters the vagina with resistance – this gives the effect of a narrow slit and tight stimulation. Adjust the frequency of abbreviations in a convenient rhythm. If you want, you can do the opposite: we relax the muscles at the entrance, strain when the partner’s penis is already deep inside.

Why do women don’t like sex from above

Lazy, passive women who prefer the activity and dominance of men do not like the position where the woman is on top. They do not enjoy in the process and cannot finish. Why? Are not able to relax physically or there are obstacles of a psychological nature? Both!

Feet flowing, the body gets tired

The classic “rider” requires flexion of the legs, from which they flow and get tired. In addition, the active movements of the woman, when she is on top, is strikingly different from the movements of male. The guys have a member with whom they make pushing frictions forward, girls have to lift up and lower the whole body to plant on erect dignity. Agree, energy costs are clearly not in favor of men. For many women, this is hard physical labor and difficult to perform a ritual from the point of view of technology, unless, of course, you are a yoga professional or ballerina.

Girls are shy

During sex in the pose of the “rider”, the man sees her whole body. Many ladies suffer from a dozen complexes that prevent them from relaxing. A thick stomach, sagging chest, second chin, wide hips, prickly legs, asymmetric face – all these moments do not allow her to focus on sensations.

, Sex in the pose of a rider: all the reasons why women like or do not like to be from above

An unsuccessful view of the review

Girls believe that a man from below sees them in an unsuccessful perspective in which a thick face, oblique eyes, huge shoulders, etc.D. And your partner can see that it is high time in the nose to put things in order and get a goat from the right nostril. The genre of hyperrealism or fear has great eyes ..

It is difficult to catch the rhythm

To get an orgasm, you have to constantly keep the rhythm, speed and control a bunch of nuances. Uniform jumps are bored, and you have to rack your head, how else to sit on a member, so that the two is pleasant. In general, boredom.

Annoying the passivity of a man

Many men sex with a girl in the pose of the “rider” imagine exclusively in a horizontal plane: lay down, spread his arms and legs and enjoy it-she will take care of everything. This offends and annoys the representatives of the weak half. I want at least a minimum response from a partner, and goals in some gates do not bring joy.

Galloping chest

When the breasts are large, the position of a woman on top of a man can strain due to her jumps with different amplitude. It hurts, uncomfortable, and some ladies seem ugly and funny. Although the male part of the population does not think so.

Constant visual contact

Someone likes to constantly look into the eyes of the partner, while others, on the contrary, are unpleasant. The fleeting passionate shootout is excited by eyes, and not closely monitoring the rotation of proteins in orbit.

Lack of pushing frictions

Women do not withstand long jumps up and down, so they switch to circular and horizontal movements. Men rarely end in this situation. They need precisely pushing frictions.

No tight contact of bodies

Many couples are excited from the tight contact of bodies during intercourse than the “rider” cannot boast. Only friction of genitals and hips is present here.

Poses for sex “Woman from above”, pictures, gifs, options

You think sex in the “Woman from above” can be exclusively in one option? No! Ways to diversify this position – a car and a small cart!

A man can sit down, which gives a denser bodily contact and the active stimulation of the clitoris.

Of course, “reverse rider cannot be ignored!

, Sex in the pose of a rider: all the reasons why women like or do not like to be from above

We wrap the partner’s leg and three clitoris.

, Sex in the pose of a rider: all the reasons why women like or do not like to be from above

On the edge of the bed, in an armchair or on a chair – a great variety for gentle sex in the pose “rider”.

, Sex in the pose of a rider: all the reasons why women like or do not like to be from above

Modification of “reverse rider” on the edge of the bed.

, Sex in the pose of a rider: all the reasons why women like or do not like to be from above

Do not forget about oral caresses for delicate nymphs. Just do not strangle your partner!

, Sex in the pose of a rider: all the reasons why women like or do not like to be from above

Fireworks of emotions and sensations with crossed legs.

, Sex in the pose of a rider: all the reasons why women like or do not like to be from above

You can sprinkle with a bean X, only the movements will be slow and smooth. And for a long time you can’t hold out.

, Sex in the pose of a rider: all the reasons why women like or do not like to be from above

Horseman can squat. Do not forget about tall heels – so more convenient and sexy!

, Sex in the pose of a rider: all the reasons why women like or do not like to be from above

Is it possible to have anal sex in the pose of “rider”

Anal sex in the pose of rider girls most often perceive as something impossible and unrealistic. Indeed, in order to practice this non -traditional type of intimacy, you need to gain experience in safer positions (“spoons”, “man behind”). And only when the introduction of a member to the anus ceases to bring the usual expressed discomfort, you can try a “rider”. But you to have anal sex in this pose is desirable only when moving up and down. To minimize the likelihood of anus injuries, when raising the pelvis, you do not need to completely withdraw a member, t.e. He must be constantly inside.

Each lady can learn to have sex in a pose of a horseman. The main thing is to throw the complexes to the sides and liberate. Movements can be alternated and combined – in a word, do everything the way both partners will like the most.

And you like sex in the rider’s pose, why? What options do you practice and what do you feel at the same time? Tell us how often you manage to get an orgasm when a woman on top. We are waiting for comments!

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