Pineapple juice improves the taste of sperm – this is a myth?

Pineapple juice improves the taste of sperm – this is a myth?.

Spit out or swallow – such a question often arises when it comes to behavior after a blowjob. If you believe some polls, only about half of the women are ready to swallow ejaculate men after a blowjob.

When asked what prevents the sperm from swallowing, you can get completely different answers. One of the reasons is the taste of the fluid to which many have to get used to. If this is really the only reason, then perhaps there is even a solution to this problem.

You probably heard or read that pineapple juice affects sperm and makes it sweeter. At first it sounds a little strange and funny. Can pineapple juice really improve the taste of ejaculate? Whether foods have a fundamental effect on the taste of sperm?

Cum has an individual aroma and taste

First of all, it should be clarified what kind of sperm tastes by nature. Its aroma can be described from slightly walnut to salty and slightly milk. Cum of each man has his own taste. It consists of secretions of seed bubbles and prostate gland, and also contains fructose and zinc.

The consistency can also differ significantly depending on the time of day. Since the morning ejaculate contains a larger amount of sperm, it is more viscous. If you have sex in the evening, you will notice that it is more liquid.

Back to the topic of sperm taste. What a person eats can really influence the taste of his sperm. The taste can change both in the positive and in the negative direction, depending on what was eaten earlier.

Pineapple juice sweetens sperm taste

How good it would be for many women if the sperm was sweeter than tasted. Of course, many would prefer to make a blowjob and, perhaps, even swallow sperm. Since pineapple?

The reason for the sweetening of sperm is not the pineapple itself, but the fructose contained in it. Therefore, your partner can have other types of fruits if you want to achieve such an effect. For example, he can eat apples, strawberries, kiwi, melons, mangoes or other fruits. But there are bad news – there should be a lot of pineapple juice so that the change in the taste happens at all. Your partner will have to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of pineapple juice, otherwise you will not notice any difference.

What products change the taste of sperm?

This does not have to be flooded pineapple juice, other products can also positively affect sperm tastes. Mint, cardamom and cinnamon have the greatest probability of a positive effect. On the other hand, some products have a negative effect. Onions and garlic contain a lot of sulfur, which gives sperm a rather unpleasant smell. Ejaculate becomes bitter if you consume a lot of coffee or alcohol. The salty aroma intensifies if you like cheese.

We will summarize

Pineapple juice is good for health and can really positively affect sperm. However, in order for the effect to be noticeable, you need to drink it a lot. On the other hand, there are products with negative impact, which are better to avoid before the next blowjob.

, Pineapple juice improves the taste of sperm – this is a myth?

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