Metal sex toys-new trend 2017 | Informative

Metal sex toys-new trend 2017.

, Metal sex toys-new trend 2017 | Informative
In our catalog there is always a huge assortment of all kinds of products for sex, among them, popular sex toys made of metal. This is a special material that our customers are increasingly choosing. Let’s talk about the advantages of metal sex toys, highlight the main advantages of their acquisition.

Advantages of metal toys from metal

, Metal sex toys-new trend 2017 | Informative
The modern world is developing tirelessly, new materials are created, but classic compositions do not go out of fashion. Metal products for adults are very widespread. Our store has in its assortment There are many metal toys that our customers can appreciate.

Any product has a number of positive and negative characteristics, because everything is individual and preferences are different for everyone. Our toys are becoming more popular, so we will focus on their undeniable advantages., Metal sex toys-new trend 2017 | Informative

  • The most of the toy uses the most High -quality hardened medical steel Or aluminum alloys. All components that make up are absolutely harmless and do not cause an allergic reaction.
  • All products are checked manually, so that there are no ledges, sharp corners and other defects on the material. All alloys in metal sex toys pass Special certification.
  • Products are durability, service life of more than 5 years. Metal devices cannot be broken, it is very difficult to break.
  • The metal from which toys are made has a unique feature. It quickly adapts to the ambient temperature. Therefore, it is they who take an active part in temperature entertainment. It can easily be heated or cooled.
  • Metal toys can be treated any lubricant. Even with butter they contact perfectly. There is no expiration date. That is why the price of such goods is slightly higher. This can be called a disadvantage, but the toy will always work and at the same time have a great appearance.
  • Toys absolutely not whimsical in care. They are allowed to wash under water, with soap, in a dishwasher, and various disinfectants can also be used to them. This will not affect appearance or functionality.
  • In some models there is Electrical stimulation function, which makes it possible to get a lot of pleasant sensations, indescribable feelings. Appearance. Such toys always look representative, they are nice to hold them in their hands.

Disadvantages of metallic sex toys

, Metal sex toys-new trend 2017 | Informative
It is worth saying about one drawback, although this applies more to the technical characteristics. Toys have a solid surface, they have no flexibility and elasticity. But for those who prefer a thrill, this is rather a plus than a minus. For example, for vaginal balls you do not need flexibility, here, on the contrary, the harder the better.

What is the minus of metal metal devices? In a decent mass. The phalloimitator can weigh up to 500 g, and when using it can really get tired of the hands. But the additional weight is very useful for vaginal simulators, anal traffic jams for wearing.

Types of metal toys from metal

, Metal sex toys-new trend 2017 | Informative
Metal toys are wonderful things that make it possible to diversify the relationship, give new impressions. From this material they make:

  • Anal traffic jams different sizes.
  • Falloimitators for vaginal and anal caresses.
  • Anal balls for sensory experiments.
  • Erective rings on the penis.
  • Vaginal balls with a large weight.
  • Nozzles for strapons.
  • Belts of fidelity.
  • Nipples clamps
  • Bondage tools.

, Metal sex toys-new trend 2017 | Informative
All this and many others can be found in our store. We have a huge selection of products for sexual pleasures. Be sure to visit and replenish a collection of adult toys from a variety of materials.

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