Kiss techniques, how to diversify them and kiss correctly?

Kiss techniques, how to diversify them and kiss correctly?.

, Kiss techniques, how to diversify them and kiss correctly?

It is difficult to believe, but most couples only kiss in a certain manner and do not pay this stage of serious attention to this stage. Think, touch each other’s lips – this is enough for us to excite. Unfortunately, many of us do not even realize that there is a whole world of kissing technique in the world!

Just imagine that you have the opportunity to diversify preliminary caresses so much that you will be in the seventh heaven from happiness and excitement. We have prepared a variety of kisses for you, who have proven themselves as a powerful tool to cheer up and not only!

Let’s study this unknown country of bliss and we will definitely start the practice in the near future.

, Kiss techniques, how to diversify them and kiss correctly?

Rules and techniques of kisses, proper preparation

The touch of the lips of two beloved hearts is something magical, but the moment can be spoiled if you have not prepared in advance for this exciting event. In order for the techniques of kisses to bring you exclusively positive emotions must be followed by the rules!

Prepare your lips! Agree that dry and weathered lips can cause negative emotions and even some disgust. That’s why not only women, but also men should take care of their lips. How to make them attractive? Use special scrubs, natural masks from honey, and also do not forget to moisten your lips with a balm or a special cream.

If you do not have any of the above funds at hand, you can use a soft toothbrush. Just slightly moisten the brush in milk and begin to carefully peel the skin of the lips.

Breathing and breathing again! Follow your oral cavity. If you learned kisses of kisses before a date, but forgot about hygiene, then nothing good will come of it. Even just brushing your teeth will not be enough. Stell with a special spray for freshness breathing. You can buy this miracle tool in any pharmacy and even at the box office in supermarkets.

If you went with your soulmate in a cafe and dumped, be sure to go to the restroom. Rinse your mouth and use the chewing elastic band for at least one minute. After you can apply a spray or candies to maintain freshness in your mouth.

Attention to body language! Of course, you can and will not be able to have sex on the first date, but it is quite possible to arrange a passionate marathon of kisses. To do this, you should radiate friendliness and monitor your body behavior. Facial expressions and even light, unexpected movements can lead to sad and vice versa very pleasant consequences. Therefore, before you study the techniques of kisses, you should pay a little attention to your gestures.

Try not to build barriers: do not cross your legs, arms and do not need to touch your face. It’s just enough to look passionately into the eyes and smile slightly. Be careful and try to catch the fluids of your partner. By his behavior, you can understand what your second half is tuned for.

All these small rules concern not only those who begin to study kissing techniques before the first date. Unfortunately, a sad fact has been established that the longer the pairs are found, the more neglect them relate to small details. It is this embarrassment that can mow under the root your relationship.

Kissing techniques from different countries

, Kiss techniques, how to diversify them and kiss correctly?
Now you have the opportunity to go on a unique trip to a variety of countries. You can do this by teaching kisses of kisses and putting them in practice. Who knows, maybe you like not an obsessive French kiss, but a “delicate Japanese sakura” on the lips.

  1. Inato is a smooth and delicate kiss. You should only touch your lips and you can not touch the tongue or teeth, but every millimeter of the lips should also be pushed out.
  2. Cosmic – the guy needs to take the girl’s mouth with his lips and put his lips in a light tube. Now you just need to just gently suck the girl’s lips, trying to touch her tongue.
  3. Playful – kissing techniques are not always tied to touch. . The longer you play this, the higher the amplitude of the excitation.
  4. Windy-do not think that we are talking about something unpleasant. Quite the contrary, a hurricane of passion awaits you! The guy should bite the girl’s lip slightly. At this time, she should penetrate the “his fortress” and make circular movements in his mouth.
  5. Tenderness – there are such techniques of kisses that do not require serious efforts at all. It’s just easy to touch your lips, very languidly, gentle and slowly. Enjoy every second. This kiss can become a transition so that couples can relax during such a marathon.
  6. Survival – the top of the bliss will be achieved when you touch the palate of your second half. It is there that there are nerve endings that will allow you to feel tickling and goosebumps on the skin.
  7. The fallen petal – the guy slightly pulls the girl’s lower lip, introduces his tongue, placing him behind her cheek. You will achieve the maximum effect if you tilt her head slightly back, and also go to caresses.
  8. Stinging queen – this technique of kisses is intended for girls. Here it should become the head of the situation. She should suck the young man’s lips very tenderly and slightly bashful. Then enter your tongue for a moment and slightly recoil. You need to make a light frightened look. Such tsarist playfulness and innocence will only give your kiss to the piquancy.
  9. Sari – kiss techniques include not ordinary varieties. It is not necessary to kiss “lips on the lips”. Sari is a bright example. A man must kiss the girl’s palms in the area of the elbow bend, and then move higher from the inside of the hand. Tune the most delicate and sensual places.

Now you are familiar with various kissing techniques, And you can try to realize all this to life. Just remember that the affection should be mutual and if your second half does not like any technique, then quickly move on to the next. Trust your sensations and instincts, then you will succeed!

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