“I want your legs” or what is a foot-physha? Technique and the rules of the fetish of the legs.

“I want your legs” or what is a foot-physha?.

, “I want your legs” or what is a foot-physha? Technique and the rules of the fetish of the legs.

For some it will be a surprise, but the legs, and specifically the feet are the object of lust No. 1 among the fetishists. It excites everything: the shape of the foot, touch, licking, smell, decoration of the feet and fingers on the legs, temperature and even moisture of the legs. Already interesting? Then welcome to foot-physha.

Foot-physha (Foot – leg)

This sexual excitement from manipulations with the feet and their examination, it manifests itself mainly to the female legs, but recently, with the spread of open shoes and the culture of foot care among men, it has been growing «demand» and on male feet. There are several theories about why people are excited by other people’s legs: experiences in childhood and the request of the mother to make a massage of the legs or wash them;The inaccessibility of women and the availability of legs – Nowadays, women cover everything, but proudly demonstrate their legs, taking care of the elegance of shoes and experimenting with tights and stockings. In any case, if the child is destined to become a foot-physhyroidist, then he will manifest himself in childhood.

Foot-pheny technique

Despite the harmlessness, foot-physha is very often combined with other BDSM practices, and then the legs of the dominant partner become a full-fledged means of humiliation, for example, coercion of a liability to caresses of the legs or trampling of the body and face (trampling). In addition, in the classification of the BDSM itself there are types of interaction with the feet as Bastinado or Puning the feet, tickling, touching with warm, cold or sharp objects. Among the foot-pheny technician, licking and sniffing the feet, sucking and licking the legs of a partner or their own, erotic massage with the feet, masturbation with the feet (foot-job), the introduction of a finger or foot in the vagina (foot-fisting) are also distinguished.

, “I want your legs” or what is a foot-physha? Technique and the rules of the fetish of the legs.

Fut-Fetish Rules:

  • The mistress of the legs becomes mistress, acts assertively, sometimes rude, which even more plumps foot-physist.
  • Before starting, the legs are not washed, because the aroma and taste of dirty legs are very strongly exciting a fetishist.
  • The legs should be well -groomed: the skin is velvety, feet without cracks and corns, and also decorated: bracelets, rings, manicure.
  • Foot-physha welcomes both bare feet and legs in tights, stockings and various shoes.
  • Especially exciting when female legs are stomping, concern and strok erogenous places.
  • A real foot-physist manifests great interest in his own legs, their appearance, care and demonstration. Some fetishists try to attract attention to their feet, experiencing excitement, others hide, fearing the imperfection of the legs or considering them something too intimate.

Foot-physha in history

In China, miniature female feet were in particular demand, so girls from an early age pulled their legs with tapes of silk, which stopped growth and deformed the foot. Girls wore special small shoes, no more than packs of cigarettes. Chinese miniature legs were considered like Lotus Button. For a very long time, the legs were considered an extremely intimate subject and carefully hid under a long skirt.

Of course, the legs, especially female, attract men of any sexual «denominations», But not everyone is capable of wish from the legs of something more, but, you see, a neat well-groomed female foot is very beautiful. We think that foot-physha refers to the same harmless caresses that everyone should try.

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