How to return a spark in a relationship and light a new fire of passion – 12 tips

How to return a spark and light a new fire in a relationship.

In your relationship there is no longer a place of passion and irresistible attraction to each other? Everything became ordinary and predictable? But you really want to return that fire to the relationship that has been giving you two for so long and gently. Let’s look at 12 tips that will help you return a spark in relations with your loved one and light a new fire of passion.

1. Do not complicate your life! Try to avoid the work and those actions that irritate you and inhibit you. Try to invest more energy in a relationship.

2. Use time travel – go to childhood! Watch amateur films or children’s photos. Although maybe you did this before, you may be surprised how to feel understanding from your partner. You can also play board or computer games together or start battles with pillows.

3. Apply your ingenuity and creativity! Try to do what you did not do before. Check your feelings, let Adrenalin wake up romantic feelings. Jump with a parachute, go on a hike or go to karaoke bar and t.D.

4. Let the music get into the soul! Go to concerts or jazz clubs. Music has special targeting properties – it will allow you to create a special mood.

5. Make one day a week without “offensive words and complaints”! Take two jars or cup. Stick your names for each glass. Every time one of you is offended or uses non-normative vocabulary, you must throw it in a “piggy bank” on the ruble.

6. Come up with a joint business! Make efforts to do something together. It can be a long -starting repair, buying a refrigerator or receiving driving rights.

7. Plant a tree! Plant a tree, take care of it and watch how it grows. This is a great way to understand that love needs constant care. The tree will become your friend over time, will remind of your feelings and relationships, strengthening them.

8. Learn together! Attend the courses or lectures on the topic that interests both of you, for example, it will be useful to attend massage courses – this is how you can deliver pleasant sensations to each other.

9. Come up with Friday Fantasy! Each in order should come up with how to spend the evening of Friday. It can be like a joint trip to the cinema, concert or to the store or just watching TV with hot chocolate at home.

10. Plan “Day of Silence”! Spent all day without talking to each other. If you feel that you need to say something, write it on a paper leaflet. Thus, one of the partners at the end of the day can understand how there was not enough communication or, on the contrary, that there is no need to talk to each other so much.

eleven. Go to dancing! Go to the club dance. When hug each other, your hearts melt and wake up passion and fire in a relationship.

12. Do something unusual! Do something that you usually didn’t do. You can just jump into dry cleaning on the way home instead of your partner or plan a meeting place in a place that would please a partner.

It is practically not possible to return a spark in a relationship and light a new fire of passion if only one strives for this. Only joint efforts can you ennoble your common love.

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