How to insert it in a girl and where

How to insert a member in a girl?.

For some people, the question of how to correctly insert a member into a girl, it may seem banal. However, here some may have difficulties. It is worth recalling that it is from this that the long -awaited sexual intercourse begins, therefore, in order not to spoil the entire subsequent process, it is worth finding out a few important points. We will talk about where, how and what needs to be inserted into a woman.

, How to insert it in a girl and where

Where is the entrance to the vagina?

Of course, many can calculate that this is a stupid question, because this topic was studied in school times. However, it is because of ignorance of elementary things in pairs that awkward situations may arise. Most thinks that the vagina is called the place between the legs, when in fact – this is a vulva. This term is understood as all the external genitalia: pubis, large and small lips, clitoris.

But the vagina refers to the internal genital organs, which is represented in the form of a channel connecting the internal and external genitalia. The entrance to the vagina can only be seen if the labia is spread to the sides.

, How to insert it in a girl and where

If the girl is a virgin, then the entrance can be covered with a virgin film. It is presented in the form of a thin film with small holes, the dimensions of the holes can be different. The spit can completely or partially disappear after the first sexual contact, its elasticity will affect this.

The height of the entrance to the vagina can be different:

  • high – the entrance is close to the clitoris, on average 5 centimeters from the anus;
  • the average – the distance to the anus is from 2 to 5 centimeters;
  • low – less than 2 centimeters before the anus.

All these indicators are the norm, but can affect the quality of sexual activity, since the angle of penetration of the penis will depend on the location of the entrance, in which the girl will be comfortable.

, How to insert it in a girl and where

The entrance width may also differ:

  • narrow – in this case, the inner labia is so close to each other that the entrance to the vagina is very narrow. If a girl does not have a sexual life, then her width will be small, which is why she experiences pain during defloration. However, over time, the entrance is stretched. But it may happen that the situation will not change, in this case the guy will be more difficult to penetrate. To reduce discomfort, you need to apply a lubricant more and preferably with the addition of panthenol;
  • wide – a large distance can cause problems in sexual life, because a woman will experience less pleasure. To correct this situation, it is recommended to use Kegel exercises and try other poses;
  • bifurcated – it so happens that the entrance to the vagina can be bifurcated. This is an innate defect that can be corrected surgically. It is worth having sex carefully so as not to damage the walls.

It is very important to know about the location, because an inexperienced guy can deliver discomfort to his partner if he just starts to rub on her labia. Especially if the girl has not yet managed to get excited, because during this process lubrication is released, which improves slipping and makes the penetration of the penis more tender and light.

How to understand that you can already introduce a member?

During sex, you need to know not only how to insert a member, but also when the right moment has come to penetrate. In this matter, everything is quite simple, you need to try the fingers of the vagina with your fingers, if it is wet, and the member is already hard, then you can penetrate.

, How to insert it in a girl and where

During excitation to the internal genital organs of a woman, there is an active blood flow, which contributes to the expansion of the vessels and the release of lubrication. This is a natural lubricant who plays an important role in sexual intercourse: it facilitates the penetration of the penis and protects the walls of the vagina from friction and damage. There are also a lubricant contains many substances that protect against infections.

If the lubricants are not enough, then you can use the finished lubricant, which has a number of advantages:

  • instantly gives the necessary moisture;
  • facilitates penetration;
  • The composition of some lubricants includes components that stimulate an orgasm.

How to find where to insert?

Any man will be shy and will never ask the girl where he is more correct to insert his “tool”. However, to solve this problem, you can do without a survey, but just try two tricks:

  1. When the girl is on her back, and you are on her knees between her legs, then with one hand you need to take your excited member, and the second – to feel the eve of the vagina. With the same hand you need to spread the entrance and penetrate.
  2. You can start with caresses with your fingers. Girls love this, in addition, stimulation of their fingers will cause additional lubrication of lubrication. At this time, you can study the structure of its vulva and find the desired entrance.

If the introduction technique is wrong, then the girl will be very painful. Even if the entrance is found correctly, then a sharp entry will still cause discomfort. That is why it is necessary to move smoothly and slowly at the first time, while monitor the reaction of the second half. If you are only in search of a girl for sex, then you will definitely find a partner without obligation.

Ways to introduce a member

, How to insert it in a girl and where

Now that we have already figured out where to insert a member, we can familiarize yourself with all the effective ways of introducing the penis:

  • line is a universal and most common method. The man smoothly penetrates the vagina and after that makes rhythmic movements back and forth, with approaching orgasm the pace increases;
  • The “bull” method – friction on the inner walls is carried out alternately, first the right, then the left;
  • Pressure – when a member penetrates to the full depth, you need to move quickly and strongly for a long time;
  • The “delay” method – after complete penetration, the woman squeezes her hips, increasing the girth of the penis. Movements are delayed to ejaculation;
  • stinging – a pillow is placed under the partner’s lower back to form the desired angle. After that, the man abruptly and to the full depth introduces his genitals;
  • Vorobya method – several movements are carried out to the full depth, after which the member is a bit and make rhythmic movements in a circle. At the end, the penis completely penetrates, but movements become rhythmic, with a small interval;
  • The “stirring” method – when the penis turns out to be inside, the man makes rotational movements, stubbornly crushing against the walls of the vagina;
  • The “boar” method – in the vagina, the penis begins to rub very much against one of the walls of the vaginal channel;
  • raising – the member completely immerses inward, then completely comes out of it. Each penetration is sharp and deep;
  • striker – a man lifts the woman’s hips and instantly penetrates the entire depth.

A man can choose the method that suits his character and physical training. Only in this case it is also necessary to take into account the wishes of the woman so that she does not experience anyone discomfort.

How to introduce a soft member?

Additional difficulties may arise if you do not know how to introduce a member in a soft state. You should not try to arouse a penis in order to carry out penetration, because there is a special method.

, How to insert it in a girl and where

To do this, a man must make a ring with his fingers at the base of the penis, after which you need to squeeze your fingers and direct this ring directly to the head. As a result, it will become solid and will increase in diameter, which will be enough to penetrate. Of course, for more effective penetration, a woman should be well excited or lubricated. A man should be on top, although the option is also possible when a partner from above: in this case, she can perform this movement herself.

In this method, the main thing is that the head of the vaginal channel passes and is inside. To make a member to advance further, you need to make a ring again at the base and advance it to the head. It will be much simpler, since the upper part of the penis is already inside. Sex will be excellent.

Many girls assure that a soft penis creates a pleasant sensation inside.

Sexual contact can be longer, and sex itself is gentle and sensual.

The theory needs to be owned, but still the most knowledge can be obtained in practice. Therefore, it is worth listening to your soulmate and try to do everything together, then unforgettable sensations are guaranteed to you.

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