How to flirt with a girl and a guy – tips

How to flirt with girls and men.

To continue the human race, women with men are constantly fond of each other, experiencing a sexual desire. Certain methods of rapprochement have been invented, with the help of which the couple show that they agree to sex. How to flirt with a girl to place her to yourself and configure sexual contact, consider in more detail.

3 views of 3 seconds

Visual attention to the object of the opposite sex – the fundamental factor. In scientific research, a random gaze differs from the same, but an inviter to meet. Most importantly, interest is expressed by three visual contacts – this is enough to attract attention. The duration is also important: it is worth knowing that for an indifferent examination there is enough second, but with interest, the action lasts about three times longer.

Guys – chin up, girls – down

, How to flirt with a girl and a guy – tips

Usually men are taller, so they look from above. They are more attracted to their eyes, a small chin. Ladies look from below, because of which wide cheekbones became a symbol of perfection for young men.

Scientists have completed an experiment in which reverse manipulations became the basis of flirting. The participants who presented the inverted photos determined that the depicted people are unattractive. This fact should be used in communication to learn more profitable to represent themselves: guys should raise their heads, tilting it down.

Smile and facial expressions

A cheerful face. Natural joy conveys sympathy and warm feelings. The grin more corresponds to the fateful look. Stop standing by the mirror. Express, curving facial features, neglect, joy, discontent, love or boredom.

Sensual touches

, How to flirt with a girl and a guy – tips

The main provisions of how to flirt with a man, they say about the need to touch him more often. First, try, as if inadvertently, to touch the shoulder or brush lightly, determining whether such an action is approved. If so, continue by chance to repeat attempts, reducing the distance. When communication becomes more intimate, it is allowed to fall below. As soon as the gesture does not cause approval, you need to immediately stop the attempts. You cannot think that perseverance will help – it will cause only rapid rejection.

Social dominance

According to statistics, those men who are successful in girls, as a rule, use a set of some non -verbal gestures. Among them are a shameless look directly at a person, frequent movement, the desire to occupy a maximum of space. Such guys easily communicate with outsiders, they are characterized by a game in which they are allowed to push with elbows, hug, clap his interlocutor on the shoulders.

Business card instead of a thousand words

Option, how can you flirt with a guy, suitable ladies. He works flawlessly, helping in a situation where someone liked it, but there is not enough courage to make a conversation. Try to hand your business card to the man. Then it all depends on him: if he wants contact, he will certainly contact, calling, or when he also refers to indecisive persons, he will tie a correspondence.

Ambiguous phrases

, How to flirt with a girl and a guy – tips

Communication of people of the opposite sex is an individual example of a conversation. For some, ordinary phrases become vulgar, others seem to be the norm. When flirting, ambiguous words are pronounced by themselves, they add piquancy to communication. At a certain stage of relations, the key becomes openness with sincerity. But at the stage when you only have to flirt and flirt, it is better not to pronounce everything that hit – leave some space for fantasy.


Pleasant words express the desire to attract the attention of the interlocutor. This is not flattery, because it only implies a slight exaggeration. Statements of this kind discover the path to the heart of women, although they are also pleasant for men, because they inspire. Admiration for the interlocutor emphasizes his importance specifically for you.

Often, people are very boredly using this technique. They are afraid of condemnation of outsiders. In families, it is not often customary to praise a partner. Although to speak compliments and flirting is equal concepts. Find something wonderful in the interlocutor, be sure to emphasize this. There is only one condition: it is necessary to speak sincerely, since the falsehood is quickly detected.

Find what is really admiration. This should be said with ordinary intonation, stating an obvious fact. It is undesirable to develop such a topic. Never expect that in response you will hear similar sayings at your address. Most people respond to good adequately, not forbidding you to flirt.

Exploring the topic of how it is required to flirt correctly, it is worth emphasizing that a bad option is to pronounce a knowingly false compliment, exaggerating some advantages or implying a hidden selfish target. A person will immediately feel a catch, after which the relationship will deteriorate.

Training in compliments just. For example: being behind something in line, whisper in front of a standing girl: “You have a wonderful dress”. Just state the fact without implying any continuation of the conversation. Any woman will be pleased to hear this, it will immediately raise her mood, add energy. Also try to ask the interlocutor to do something, then praise him. The path to the female heart lies through tender words, affection and care. Men compliments do more, inspire. Speak them always sincerely, never expect a response, just make people pleasant, stating their virtues. Then they will be “light up”, they will be interested to communicate with you.

Advice! React to pleasant words with a smile, a statement of gratitude.

Recognition of their own weaknesses

, How to flirt with a girl and a guy – tips

Sometimes helps to emphasize their shortcomings. Here it is important to be able to slightly draw a little over yourself, emphasizing certain aspects of character, thereby praising the interlocutor. If you do not know foreign languages, then instead of the enthusiasm that the interlocutor owns them, it is better to transfer the situation, expressing regret that you are not subject to the ability to master this quality. Such a technique is required to be used correctly, very carefully, so as not to start scouring yourself. Otherwise, a dishonest person will certainly take advantage of this situation, belittling you that he can offend a lot.

No condemnation

Whatever the statements of the interlocutor, even if you absolutely disagree with them, you cannot condemn him according to the rules of flirting. Although it is not necessary to fall into the opposite extreme, agreeing that you are not acceptable. The mismatch of worldviews is always better to bypass, leveling your personal attitude. Instead of objections, you can dull from the topic by saying the following phrase: “It is extremely curious! I didn’t even assume that it was worth looking at the problem from a similar point of view. I would like to figure out why it looks like that for you “.

The recipe for action is extremely simple: without condemning a potential partner for sex
, It is necessary to show interest in him. This approach is much more profitable, since research has long been proven: everyone really likes to talk about themselves. This is such an attractive event that it gives more pleasure than material well -being. Having shown interest in the interlocutor, you allow him to talk specifically about him.

What can be achieved?

, How to flirt with a girl and a guy – tips

It is not necessary to flirt with an outsider for a serious relationship. Many girls are familiar with this desire, they skillfully use it. But any flirting leads to certain consequences. Modern men do not want to spend precious minutes on courtship meaningless from their point of view. It is enough for them to spend the evening with a woman, after which sex is followed. When the lady is not sure that she wants to, it is advisable to stipulate all the consequences of communication in advance, especially highlighting this very moment.

Seduction methods are quite simple, it is easy to learn them. The effectiveness of techniques can always be tested by experiencing recommendations in practice. They help in communication, guaranteeing further relationships, since almost always allow you to show themselves the most attractive partner, quietly captivating your favorite person.

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