How to caress a member correctly: 9 ways

Member stimulation rules.

, How to caress a member correctly: 9 ways

According to statistics, before 93 % of men at least once in their lives engaged in masturbation. The process was repeated according to the same scheme: hold the penis into a fist and rhythmically move up and down with your hand. Women during manual sex make the same thing with the banana of the partner. It’s boring and ordinary. So that he remembers you for a long time, you need to caress the member correctly. Let’s talk about stimulation techniques.

Channels of perception

Nature ordered that we perceive the world through the senses. Imagine: you try your best to give the guy pleasure. But at the same time, sit in front of him in a tattered dressing gown, with greasy hair and an unpleasant odor from the mouth. Guess three times if you will assign your partner the rank of queen sex? The probability is extremely small. Rather, he will remember the sloppy appearance and thoughtful expression of the face, which reads anxiety for the quarterly report.

Feed and wrapper are no less important than the taste of the candy itself.

The task is to influence all the senses:

  • Vision. Put on erotic linen, do makeup. Beautiful manicure and pedicure will not hurt either.
  • Hearing. Speak compliments, sigh languidly and moan. You can turn on a romantic track.
  • Smell. Take a shower, change panties. Use deodorant and perfume with pheromones.
  • Taste. Before the process, feed the man with something tasty and easy. Without fanaticism.

You must literally radiate sex. Without a high level of excitement, this cannot be achieved. Forget about everything, dissolve in your own desires and fantasies. Panties are wet? So you are ready for “manual therapy”. Four channels of perception are prepared. It remains to do tactile sensory organs.


, How to caress a member correctly: 9 ways

This part of the girl’s body is often used only for stroking and hugs. In vain. With your fingers and palms you can give a man an unforgettable pleasure. In the West, such a direction is called Handjob – translated “work with hand”. Do anything just like him, starting from senior schools in the school. We will give the right direction. The main thing is do not forget about lubrication. It is better to take a lubricant on a silicone basis. It will dry quickly on the water.

If you have long nails, especially sharp styles, do everything as neatly as possible. There is a risk of scratching the thin skin of a partner.


Grab the member with two hands at the base so that the little fingers look down. Gently rub the barrel in different directions. If the left fist moves to the left, then the right should slide to the right. Slowly rise higher until you get to the head. At this place you can linger longer. Then go down. If you do this just before the end, he will feel incredible passion and appreciate your game. You can torment him until he asks to bring to orgasm.


Grasp the barrel next to the scrotum with your left hand. Press the right palm to the top of the head. In circular movements, begin to “grind” the erogenous area of the partner. First move very slowly. Then speed up the pace. He is ready for ejaculation? Strong the left fist strongly. Such a trick will not allow you to quickly finish. An additional time will appear to stimulate. The longer the process is on – the brighter the orgasm. A man will receive a powerful discharge and will remember your efforts for a long time.

Fire mining

They saw how the natives twist the wand to get fire? In the same way, children ride a “sausage” from plasticine. Press your palms to the head of the penis on both sides and start moving. At first softly and gently, then a little tougher and faster. In a minute, go down below, to the base. Usually enough 3-5 passages so that a powerful stream of sperm breaks out. If you like games in the style of BDSM, you can rub your head after ejaculation. This is comparable to the tickling.


, How to caress a member correctly: 9 ways

Before caresses, you need to brush your teeth well. An additional plus will be processing using antibacterial rinseum. Without this, no way. Even if you visit the dentist every month and take care of hygiene, dangerous microorganisms accumulate in your mouth. You should not share them with a partner. The result may not be too aesthetic. The head will turn red the day after the blowjob.

It is important to think about your own safety here. If the partner is new, it is better to ask him to put on a condom. Especially when in addition to blowjob you plan a vaginal or anal.

Let’s move on to Blowjob techniques – Rotik.

Vacuum cleaner

Many girls sin that they simply squeeze their lips and massage them the trunk. No wonder the people are called oral sex “suction”. You need to turn your mouth into a miniature vacuum cleaner. We make a vacuum inside so that the tongue and cheeks are densely “sticking” to the penis. This approach gives a much better result than jabb. At the exit, you can caress the head with your tongue, slightly penetrating the firm tip in the urethra. The main thing is to suck a hot penis thoroughly.

Deep penetration

How about putting a member on the scrotum? This technique requires training. Start gradually. First swallow the barrel half, then three quarters. Get used to the sensations. Otherwise there is a risk of squeezing the jaws involuntarily due to a lack of air. In front of the oral, practice the banana. He will be delighted when the head begins to cling to the throat. The main thing is to prevent the manifestation of a natural vomiting reflex.

Ice and fire

Pour into one glass of stake from the refrigerator. In the second – very warm coffee. Pick up in the mouth of the cola and hold a minute. Then proceed to oral caresses. Saw his cock, squeeze your lips. Then put coffee in your mouth and hold a couple of minutes. The mouth will become hot. Such a contrast shower will help to extend stimulation. The cold will reduce the degree of excitement, and the heat to strengthen. Two or three temperature changes are enough. He must finish on a hot phase.


, How to caress a member correctly: 9 ways

In Russia, in the post -Soviet space, women rarely use the Footjob technique – work using the legs. But it is worth learning from the stars of the western porn industry. Beautiful feet of girls – a real fetish for many guys. Especially if the partner skillfully plays with fingers. Here, as in the case of hands, you need to use a lubricant. Otherwise there will be no pleasure. To enhance the visual component, put on bracelets, chains and rings. This will improve the aesthetic perception of the process.

But before the act itself, it is better to remove the jewelry. A member transmitted by a confused chain is not what you need. Plus take care of your nails so as not to scratch the guy.


The usual suction pose is as follows: a man sits with slightly extended legs. You sit on the contrary, rest your palms on the bed surface, then put your feet to its scrotum. Clamp the barrel between the thumb and forefinger, gently massage. Then squeeze the penis with the internal side surfaces of the feet and begin to move from the base to the head. Accelerated to the finale.


The guy kneels. You go to the booty stomach to him, bend your knees so that the feet touch his scrotum. In this position you can play with a member and testicles of a man. Stroke it with your fingers, pinch the penis between the feet. Plus a beautiful view of your holes opens. To enhance the sensory effect, you can wider the legs wider. Massage his crotch, scrotum, head and trunk. You need to try, because you have to do everything to the touch.


The guy gets up next to the table, puts the penis on the surface. You sit down or stand on the table, press the penis with your feet and begin to stimulate it. It is possible to enhance and weaken the pressure. This scene looks especially exciting during the role -playing game “Madam and Slave”. Ask the man to get his hands behind his back or tie his wrists. So he will be completely in your power. Such a situation creates a strong emotional attachment. Just do not replay.


, How to caress a member correctly: 9 ways

Representatives of the strong half of humanity are literally in love with a naked female body. Each bend worries the imagination and excites. Why not give him a new experience, allowing you to use your excellent forms? There are a lot of options:

  • Between the breasts. Take your knees in front of him, playfully look into the eyes and click the cock with bits. Move rhythmically so that its open head rubs against delicate skin. Let him end on the nipples.
  • Between the hips. Hug his hot trunk hips. This can be done in front or back. Rotate the basin, move back and forth. After a couple of minutes, he will go crazy with strong excitement and get an orgasm.
  • Under the knee. Let the guy knelt down, and you lie sideways to his back, bend your leg at the knee. His penis will begin to rub on your erogenous zones. You can massage your clitoris with your hand.

Here’s how many options to give a man pleasure. If you have a rich fantasy, then these methods can be combined, come up with new ones on their basis. The main thing is to caress the member correctly. Without sudden movements.


, How to caress a member correctly: 9 ways

There are many interesting devices for all occasions in a sex shop. It seems that each device on the counter is created specifically for women. But this is far from the case. For example, you can “process” the crotch, scrotum and partner head with a vibrator. Additional stimulation will enhance excitement and will allow you to quickly come to the finale.

During caressing, girls often forget about a hole on a member of the guys. The use of a urethral massager can diversify sexual practices. It is better to choose a silicone option. Metal can damage the thin walls of the urethra. The device requires a lot of lubrication. Not to allow aggressive and too deep penetrations.

Artificial vagina or anus – the most obvious options. There are mobile and stationary. Choose to your taste. Look from the side of how he puts a silicone toy on his banana. Perhaps after the session you will have a desire to try threesome sex.

And you should not be afraid of competition. A liberated woman who does not condemn the man for his secret desires, he will never leave alone.

Catching a member correctly – real art. When you take possession of this skill, the partner will cease even in thoughts to allow the possibility of betrayal. His passion will only be directed at you. Isn’t that a dream of all girls?

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