How long can not end during sex: male secrets and advice on extending sexual intercourse

How long can not end – instructions for real men.

Sexual intercourse, which simultaneously brings both partners to orgasm is an extremely rare phenomenon. More often men finish the first to upset women. There are many techniques and ways how to end long, not only to stretch pleasure, but also satisfy the needs of the lady. A lot also depends on the woman, so practical tips for ladies will be offered.

, How long can not end during sex: male secrets and advice on extending sexual intercourse

The reasons for the quick ejaculation

The duration of sexual intercourse depends on many factors, starting the state of health and the functions of the genitourinary system, ending with the degree of excitation, the level of sexual arousal, etc. There are also many reasons why a man is faced with the problem of premature ejaculation:

  • long abstinence without the possibility of discharge;
  • fatigue, emotional and physical overwork;
  • meager sexual experience;
  • fixation on the receipt of orgasm, haste;
  • increased sensitivity of a member, excitability;
  • abuse of masturbation;
  • inflammation of the prostate gland;
  • other pathologies of the genitourinary system;
  • hormonal disbalance;
  • chronic, systemic diseases;
  • irritability, stress, depression, neurosis, panic attacks;
  • weak muscle system in the groin;
  • uncomfortable conditions for intercourse;
  • short fragment of the penis;
  • unfavorable climate in relations with a woman.

The most common causes of sexual weakness are insufficient muscle tone, improper breathing during sex, excess caresses during the prelude. Special sexy toys, watching porn and other cargo factors lead to quick discharge.

How to extend sexual intercourse on your own

First of all, a man can help with premature ejaculation. Thanks to the development of experts in this field of knowledge, several dozen techniques are proposed, prolonging sex. To choose one thing, you should familiarize yourself with all the most popular methods. Until alternative methods have been tried, you should not resort to the help of drugs, improvised means.

, How long can not end during sex: male secrets and advice on extending sexual intercourse


The first thing that affects the duration of sex is breathing technique. The faster it will be, the faster the orgasm will come. The same result should be expected with holding breathing during sexual overexcitation. Therefore, the first technique is learning abdominal breathing. The following requirements are fulfilled for this:

  • The man to go right on his back, relaxes, puts his hands on his stomach;
  • The same exercise can be practiced in a sitting position;
  • A deep breath is made through the nose, expanding only the lower abdomen, this will lead to the omission of the diaphragm;
  • Further, with a slight voltage, an exhalation is slowly made so that the navel, as it were, presses to the spine, rises to the genitals.

That’s all, it remains only to repeat the breath-loud 30 times, increasing the number of repetitions daily. In this way, one should breathe during intercourse with a woman – at the same pace, without delay or rush.

Suitable poses and sex technique

Few people know that the selection of poses during sex directly affects its duration. The less the lower part of the body is strained during frictions, the more the man can withstand before the discharge occurs. The following options are considered the best poses:

  1. Rider. The man lies on his back completely relaxed, all the reins of government are in the hands of a partner. She sits on top, he inserts a member into the vagina, moves hips back and forth, up and down. A man can only hold her hips, controlling the speed and intensity of frictions.
  2. Sideways. Girl and guy lie sideways, she is with her back to him. Having attached buttocks in the area of his groin, the girl allows her partner to enter her. He holds her hips with his hands, controlling the speed, the depth of penetration. In this case, the legs can remain relaxed.
  3. Slippery guy. A woman lies on the bed with a stomach down, spreading a little leg to the sides. A man lies on top of her in the same way, introducing his cock into her. For convenience, he rests his hands on the bed, and at the most dangerous moments can suspend frictions.
  4. On knees. The partner stands on all fours, spreading his legs to the sides, after which the guy, kneeling, is attached from behind. Then he takes her by the hips, enters, completely controlling the speed, rhythm, intensity and depth. In order not to finish ahead of time, do not stare at her buttocks.
  5. Standing. Such a pose guarantees a strong strong erection, since the blood in the standing position will flow to the lower part of the body. The girl stands with her back to the partner, he slightly bends her, spreads her legs to enter the vagina.

, How long can not end during sex: male secrets and advice on extending sexual intercourse

Do not focus on one pose, all five can be practiced in one sexual intercourse. The main thing is to feel the moment of approaching the discharge, reducing the degree of excitement.

Healthy nutrition and sport

To make sexual life brighter and more interesting, you need to think through not only the poses and techniques of sex, but in general your lifestyle and nutrition. Experts recommend consuming as many fresh products as possible. The following of them are suitable for increasing potency:

  • all types of nuts;
  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • honey;
  • seafood;
  • Olive oil of the first squeezing;
  • greens, especially celery, parsley;
  • garlic, onion;
  • Protein food – lean meat, offal, eggs.

To get rid of any factors of negative impact on sexual functions, it is important to lead an active lifestyle. This is a complete rejection of bad habits, classes of various sports, frequent walking on foot. The first enemy of potency is the time of seating, leading to stagnant processes, impaired blood circulation.

, How long can not end during sex: male secrets and advice on extending sexual intercourse


The easiest way to prevent premature ejaculation is to distract from the partner and the action himself. No matter how seductive a woman is, different poses of her body, it is important for a man to be distracted in every way from this. It is better to direct all your attention to the breathing technique, make sure that you do not rush, think about something completely not attractive. The main thing is not to overdo it with such thoughts as not to lose an erection.

How long can not end the guy during sex

It is quite possible to learn how to control the erection if you practice all the proposed techniques. A quick solution to the problem will provide special drugs, pills of prolongants, temporary assistance will provide special lubricants and lubricants, condoms. You can fix the results with folk remedies, Kegel exercises. Only an integrated approach and long efforts will lead to radical changes.

Tablets and drugs to not finish for a long time

What to do if it is not only about premature ejaculation, but also other sexual disorders? In this case, a medical specialist consultation will be required to clarify the causes, and then special drugs will be prescribed. The prolonging effect is guaranteed by several groups of medication:

  • Synthetic stimulants – improve blood circulation, guarantee a stable erection for several hours, prevents the rapid outflow of blood from the penis, thereby prolonging sex;
  • Homeopathic preparations and dietary supplements – stimulants with a soft gentle action, characterized by a cumulative effect without contraindications, risks of developing side effects, comprehensive effects on the entire organism;
  • Sedatives – are used for increased excitability, excessive sensitivity of erogenous zones, gently calm, dull sensations without harm to potency;
  • Transquilizers – are rarely used and only according to the doctor’s prescription in extreme cases, if previous groups of funds are ineffective, reduce the sensitivity of the head, block nerve impulses, which slows down the process of excitement and discharge;
  • Hormonal drugs – are rarely used to correct the hormonal background, if it is in this that sexual disorders lie.

It is better to start work with plant natural remedies, vitamin and dietary supplements, taking them courses. If their help was not enough, in this case a specialized doctor and his appointment come to the rescue.

Lubrication and lubricants

Special lubricants and lubricants of prolongants containing special components to reduce sensitivity will provide quick assistance. They differ in 3 types of composition:

  • Water – the safest without chemical components, but such lubricants are quickly absorbed and are not as well moistened as other species;
  • oily – well moisturize, nourish the skin, but can provoke irritation and the appearance of fungi;
  • Silicone – the best in the sliding indicator, thick and economical in consumption, but are not always combined with latex means of contraception.

The main component in the composition of the lubricants of prolongants is lidocaine or benzocaine with a freezing effect. It allows you to reduce the degree of sensitivity of the head, which is why it will be more difficult for a man to achieve orgasm. Among the best lubricants for long sex, Durex Pla Tingle, Contex Long Love, Forsman, Sico Eroticgel, Vizit, Kanpo and others are marked.

, How long can not end during sex: male secrets and advice on extending sexual intercourse


Special condoms developed by famous companies will help to have long and high -quality sex. On the shelves of pharmacies you can see the following varieties:

  1. Condoms with a thickened latex wall – Such contraceptives significantly reduce the degree of sensations from frictions. A woman will still enjoy the process, while a man will have to try to finish.
  2. Condoms with anesthetic – ordinary condoms, but on their inner wall, freezing components of lidocaine, benzocaine, additionally antiseptic substances are applied to their inner wall. They also reduce the degree of sensitivity of the head and bridle.

The best condoms of this plan is CONTEX marked “Longlove”, Durex Longplay, Durex DualeXtase, Ganzo Longlove, Contex Gossary prolongating, Sico “Marathon”, Innotex Infinity. It is impossible to solve the problem in this way, so they are used as temporary help. In addition to condoms, it is advisable to resort to different other practices in order to achieve the desired results.

, How long can not end during sex: male secrets and advice on extending sexual intercourse

Folk remedies

Home alternative methods include recipes for traditional medicine, proven by many years of experience. They imply the use of healing herbs, tinctures, extracts, decoctions for integrated exposure to all organs and genitourinary system in particular. The best results demonstrate the following funds:

  • Pharmacy tincture of ginseng to increase vital tone and endurance;
  • Tincture based on flowering stimulates, stimulating potency;
  • A decoction of oak bark, reducing sensitivity and degree of excitability;
  • seeds for raw -form use;
  • raw leaves of raspberries and currants added to different salads;
  • freshly squeezed juice from mint leaves in the form of lubricant lubricant;
  • a decoction of roots of a lovard with a soft, but severe sedative effect;
  • honey duffed with walnuts and dried fruits to give strength;
  • wheat oil from embryos to enhance sex drive;
  • garlic infusion on water or alcohol to stimulate all sexual functions.

Most funds can be combined, accepting in parallel. The main rule of folk treatment is a course approach, that is, the selected remedy must be taken several times a day for 1-3 months for a funded effect.

Kegel exercises for men

Muscles are responsible for control over the erection, including muscles, it will be especially useful to train the pubic and kopachis muscle. How to find it? To do this, during urination, delay the stream of urine by compressing it. What are the advantages of such a technique:

  • improving blood circulation in the pelvic area;
  • prevention of stagnant processes in the field of prostate;
  • prevention of urinary incontinence in old age;
  • Extension of sexual intercourse several times provided long training.

Kegel’s exercises have proven their effectiveness for several decades of this, being considered a worthy alternative to drug treatment. They provide only a few simple actions:

  • tension and relaxation of the muscle alternately within 5 seconds;
  • muscle tension within 20 seconds, after which a half -minute rest;
  • A series of short compression with long, between them the corresponding interval.

First you perform 40 repetitions for each exercise several times a day. Gradually, their number is increased to the maximum limit – 200 times. You can perform the complex anywhere, as it is done completely imperceptibly from others.

, How long can not end during sex: male secrets and advice on extending sexual intercourse

Other physical exercises

There are many exercises useful for the genitourinary system and sexual functions. To establish work in this area, doctors recommend regularly performing the following complex:

  • pushups;
  • bar with pulling the legs to the hips;
  • Squats are standard and deep;
  • Exercise boat in a lying position on the back;
  • press exercises;
  • lunges, swings.

Before this, it is advisable to knead the body, and at the end of the training, perform gymnastics to consolidate the results. In a couple of weeks, changes in the work of the genitals against the background of improved blood circulation and stabilization of the hormonal background will be noticeable.

Surgical intervention

An extreme measure, when none of the above techniques turned out to be effective, surgery is considered. If the situation is running, doctors practice two types of operations:

  1. A cut of the skin in the area of the head of the head to move it closer to the base of the penis. The surgeon sews the nerve endings, which reduces the degree of head sensitivity.
  2. 60% of the nerve endings located around the head are intersect. This reduces its sensitivity, but only in its certain areas.
  3. Circumcision. Minoperation to reduce the foreskin leads to exposure of the head. This over time reduces the degree of its sensitivity.

Why porn actors don’t end for a long time

The desire for hours to have sex in men appears after watching porn films, where porn actors sweat over partners almost until frenzy. Hence the stereotypes that real men should stay in bed as long as possible. In fact, all this is a production and scenarios, before starting the shooting, the actors are given out special stimulants of libido, use the drugs prolongers.

Then they take off several takes and scenes, which then mount, connect into one plot. This is how it is possible to recreate a protracted sex marathon. Therefore, it is naive to believe that everything that happens is the norm. On the contrary, sexual intercourse with the inability to finish within an hour and may be more a reason for anxiety in need of consulting a sexologist or urologist.

, How long can not end during sex: male secrets and advice on extending sexual intercourse

Why I can’t finish for a long time and what to do

While some men can’t hold out in bed for at least 10-20 minutes, others suffer from the inability to end for several hours. The delay in ejaculation is also a sexual disorder, the reasons for this may be the following factors:

  1. Psychogenic causes – Everything related to a psychoemotional background causes temporary disorders, often they do not require drug treatment. It will be enough to consult a psychologist or psychotherapist, the adjustment of the lifestyle. What could it be:
  • depression, neurosis, stress;
  • violation of the recreation and labor regime;
  • adverse relations with a woman;
  • emotional and physical overwork;
  • complexes, fears, self -doubt;
  • lack of sympathy;
  • unfavorable sexual experience in the past.
  1. Physiological causes – lead to protracted disorders that cannot be corrected alternative ways. Only an examination in the clinic can be identified, for example:
  • trauma of the spinal cord;
  • damage to the nerve endings;
  • hormonal, endocrine pathologies;
  • pathologies of the heart, blood vessels;
  • congenital vices;
  • inflammatory process in the genitourinary system;
  • sexually transmitted infections;
  • diabetes;
  • vitamin deficiency, exhaustion.

The first group of factors requires a change in lifestyle, the help of a psychologist. Any physiological causes should be eliminated by a narrow medical specialist. Among all men suffering from a delay in ejaculation, only units recognize the problem in this, going to the doctor. The rest consider this a dignity, which is why violations acquire a neglected, chronic character.

, How long can not end during sex: male secrets and advice on extending sexual intercourse

Women’s tricks, how to make a man not finish for a long time

His partner can help a man, on whom the duration of sex also depends on a lot. There is no secret or life hack, you just need to do the following:

  • not to bring a partner to the overexcitation of a protracted prelude;
  • jerk off to the first orgasm, and then proceed to sexual intercourse;
  • drink the pathogen to enhance the sensitivity and finish faster;
  • In moments when the partner shakes his breath, and his member swells as much as possible, stop any stimulation;
  • Always act, as one team, to listen to his wishes, not rush him;
  • With unsuccessful attempts not to make a problem out of this.

All given methods will be effective with the right mood and faith in oneself. A man must understand that this is not a serious problem, unless the pathologies of internal organs are preceded by this. Having tried all the proposed techniques, it will be clear to whom and which is better. But the correction of nutrition and lifestyle is in any case a prerequisite.

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