History of prostitution: From long -forgotten days to our time | Informative

History of prostitution: From long -forgotten days to our time.

, History of prostitution: From long -forgotten days to our time | Informative
History knows many examples of prostitution in the past and keeps the most interesting facts about this. Over time, more and more piquant details become known to a wide circle. Moreover, this information is documented. How prostitutes of the past lived and something pushed people to such earnings?

Ancient courtesans

Few people know, but even the most influential women in history were often courtesans. One of the representatives of this profession is the goddess Aphrodite. That is why in the many temples that were dedicated to her, prostitutes often lived who had no other refuge. And according to legend, the goddess herself descended into the world to enjoy love joys for money.

No less interesting is that the wife of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian – Theodore was a courtesan in his youth. It is known that Justinian, seeing her for the first time, fell in love without memory. Over time, he even married her, despite all the prohibitions of his mother. So from an ordinary prostitute, the young girl Theodore became a great woman in the history of the empire. She defended those in need, dealt with education and cultural heritage, built her temples and was the first adviser to her great husband.

Moreover, one of the most powerful is the legislator Solon, which is about the 600s BC. e. wrote a new law in which he spoke about the tax on prostitution classes. It is also interesting that it was with him that the world’s first brothels were created. Beautiful girls lured visitors to their institution, pacing near the entrance to the room with naked. The Roman Empire also legalized prostitution. A girl who had a desire to master this profession and provide services to men, had to officially declare this. And get a special license that allows it to engage in such activities. Legalization allowed to collect taxes, which significantly replenished the treasury., History of prostitution: From long -forgotten days to our time | Informative

Prostitution in the world

Archives of medieval materials keep many secrets in themselves. The Russian Judicial Code of 1589 turned out to be a fairly interesting document. It says that prostitutes were equated with witches, but they were not burned, as in some countries of Europe. On the contrary, the state took them under its protection. In the case of an insult received, such girls were supposed to be material compensation. In addition, from the treasury they allocated enough funds for life.

But after a century in the Russian Empire they began to pursue girls of easy behavior. At the same time, Tsarina Anna Ioannovna recognized the word “prostitute” as obscene, and its use was forbidden among the people.

Muslims against prostitution?

Despite the fact that the Muslim people are quite a believer, and men are endowed with many rights, they say that they do not support prostitution. But it is known that even during the existence of the Ottoman Empire, the Sephevid Muslim state in countries, prostitution developed in countries. Of course, it was officially banned and even persecuted from the side of official power. But it was often possible to find small taverns in which girls of easy behavior danced and provided their services.

It is also interesting that modern Muslim countries, especially Iraq and Iran, practice quite specific relations between a man and a woman. Sexual connection between partners is allowed only after the wedding ceremony. But modern Muslims came up with how to get maximum benefit and not violate their rules.

In recent years, this phenomenon has been spreading-sex jihad. It consists in the following: young girls working prostitutes provide their services to Muslim men, becoming their wives on 1 day. A marriage is held between partners, after which they are allowed to enter into sexual relations. After that, the woman receives a fee for her services and marriage is officially terminated. Therefore, often men of these countries can have more than a dozen wives in several years, or even months., History of prostitution: From long -forgotten days to our time | Informative

TOP of the most expensive prostitutes of our time

Prostitution continues to gain momentum in the modern world. This is an easy way to earn quite a lot of money, and the ability to satisfy your needs. Often, some women find men right during the provision of their services.

The most expensive prostitutes of the modern world:

  • Zachiya Dehar. During the night spent with her, a man will have to pay about $ 1,200.
  • Jest Kandra. A fairly specific girl, but at the same time cute and miniature. Her services cost about $ 3,000.
  • Natalie Mclennen built her business in the provision of intimate services. Today you can spend the night with her for $ 16,000.
  • The most expensive prostitute is considered Michelle Brown, Her prices can vary within 50,000 dollars per evening, and the girl notes that there are more than enough people who want to use her services.

Prostitution in the past helped women survive. Having no other possibility of earnings, the girls sold their body and fed their family. Today it is a more conscious choice. But this profession has always been associated with great risks: from diseases and unplanned pregnancies to gross customer circulation.

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