Fixation on the bed. How to bind, if there is nothing to secure? | Informative

Fixation on the bed. How to bind, if there is nothing to secure?.

, Fixation on the bed. How to bind, if there is nothing to secure? | Informative
How to bind, if there is nothing to secure? Binding or bondage is an exciting practice for erotic games. You can realize fixation in different ways. Interesting to tie a person to the bed. But not any furniture allows such experiments. How to embody dreams without deforming objects and without changing the interior?

Binding to furniture – what is the danger?

Handcuffs can fasten a person to different furniture. Many people dream of clicking a loved one To the head of the bed. But only this can lead to negative consequences. For example, wooden surfaces are quickly scratched with metal. Even if handcuffs are with fur, chips on the surface are possible. And if the partner has sufficient force, then it will not be difficult to break the bed.

You can fix a person To the legs of the bed. But the consequences as before – surface deformation. Such experiments are ideal if the bed is metallic. In other cases, the associated will not be able to break out in full force, the pleasure will be insufficient.

Bind To the bed can be ropes or special tape. These materials will not harm the tree. But again – it is worth jinging a little harder, and the furniture will break.

You can still tie it To the battery. But plastic pipes also do not have great strength. This option is possible during the game, but subject to the lack of real resistance.

Special bed belts

, Fixation on the bed. How to bind, if there is nothing to secure? | Informative
Binding a person on the bed is possible with the help of special belts. It is fixed by the mattress, thereby it is difficult for a person to raise himself and the mattress with shifts. The tape seems to hug a soft base, and arms or legs are already attached to it. Plus such fixation – you can do at any level, higher and below. But if the tape is close to the edge, then the connected can simply move it from the mattress and free herself.

One tape around the mattress implies two mounts: for hands or for legs. T.e. Partial riveting occurs to the sleeping place. There are options for one tape, but with four mounts. The system is convenient if the belt is located in the center of the bed.

Eat Two belts mounts. They encircle the mattress and connect to each other. In this format, to remove their bound person from the mattress can not in any way. Such belts are suitable for any mattresses. They are adjustable in length, so the width and height of the model do not play roles. With such a mount, it will be possible to tie the arms and legs. Usually 4 mounts allow you to tie a person very reliable. With double belts, you can break out in any way. It is impossible to break the tapes, raise the mattress too. As a result, the game turns out to be very realistic, but the furniture does not suffer.

There are more complex mounts consisting From many belts. Such options help to bind a person using different angles of limbs. Complex structures are highly price.

Binding without the help of furniture

What can be embodied in bed without special belts ?

Fixation of the body without furniture. Hands can be tied with each other, and then also strengthened with your feet. The position will not be too comfortable, but the tied one will not run away anywhere.

For binding, you can use ordinary ropes, but it is important to make sure that they do not pull the body. Can buy Handcuffs and breeding. They are easy to interfere with each other. But it is much more profitable to take Set for binding. The number of mounts in them can be any. Additional ribbons allow a person to bind conveniently, but tight. And such sets will be relevant even for beginners. They are safe, easy to use, but with them you can carry out many fantasies.

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