First sex of a girl: 5 best tips for virgins

First sex of a girl: 5 best tips for virgins.

The first sex of the girl is always a bright and memorable event, but how not to spoil it? Young girls are always in a hurry to taste the sweet fruit of love. Dream of love adventures, ardent embrace of your beloved and hot kisses.

Usually this ends love novels and romantic films. What’s next? Then the relationship leads to a more serious step – intimacy.

It is important to study all aspects of such a crucial moment in the life of every girl, to comprehend the importance and seriousness of sexual relations, as well as choose the right moment for the first step in adult life.

The first sex of the girl: is it ready?

Take the first step into adulthood and decide on an intimacy with a man is not easy. There are many anxieties and experiences. The impression of the first intimate experience will remain for life.

Therefore, you should answer the question “Is I ready to lose virginity?”. Weigh all the pros and cons. Think, maybe the stories of experienced girlfriends push you to this step, or your boyfriend insists on this?

The main thing is not to succumb to influence, but to come to this. If there is even a share of doubt or a huge fear of expected experience, then you should not rush at all with intimacy. You need to wait for a more suitable moment.

Important! The first sexual experience should occur at a girl over 15 years old. Early intimate relationships negatively affect mental and physiological health.

In what position is better to lose virginity

In the first sexual intercourse, it is important that the pose is selected correctly. The main criteria is painless and maximum contact sufficient for rupture of the river.

You can read about poses with the best penetration here. Now we list the positions in which the least unpleasant sensations are observed.

Missionary – An unconditional leader due to simplicity and accessibility. For a girl here, a plus will be the fact that she will not have to perform practically any body movements, you can completely relax and provide a partner with the opportunity to make an act.

This pose will also like this pose, since he has the opportunity to control the girl and the penetration will be as easy as possible.

Doggi Style – In the native cancer. It seems to be an ideal position for deprivation of virginity, but there are a couple of nuances.

Girl, because of fear and possible pain, will constantly move forward, as it were, slipping from a member, which will create a lot of inconvenience.

At the same time, Doggi Style has several advantages that the couple will appreciate after defloration. If a girl trusts her boyfriend and is ready to enter an adult life, this pose can be a great option. If there is fear, it is better to dwell on a missionary.

Rider – option “Woman from above” in which the role of a man is reduced to zero. Relevant in the case when a girl is afraid and wants to control everything. It should be decisive, because nothing depends on a man here.

The first sex of the girl – who is a partner?

The first sexual experience of a girl should occur only from “big” and “pure” love. The girl should be in love with her chosen one, dream of him, want his touch, kisses.

It’s easier for a girl to relax with a loved one, to have fun, and also, it’s not at all scary to give the most expensive – your innocence.

Important! In no case do not enter into an intimate connection with strangers! This can lead to negative consequences.

What awaits me?

The main thing is that the young girl is concerned about the first experience is the unknown. What is sex? Surely many girls who decide on intimacy have at least some idea of sex. The most important thing is that the girl should know: losing virginity is painful.

Yes Yes! And unfortunately, many do not know about this, and after the first experience they are disappointed without receiving the promised pleasure and experiencing a sense of pain. Why hurts?

Everything is very simple. Deprivation of virginity involves a breakthrough of the virgin film inside the vagina, which brings pain. Do not be afraid, the pain goes after the breakthrough.

A little blood can also appear that you should not be afraid either. All the girls went through this. Then there will be no pain.

Do not be afraid to tell your partner about pain, offer him to be softer, more carefully, which will reduce the pain and allow you to relax.

So do not believe your friends who have enjoyed the first sex. Knowing this important detail about the first sex, the girl will be ready and will be able to get the maximum pleasure from what is happening.

Do not forget about hygiene

In intimate relationships, personal hygiene is important. If this is the first sex of a girl, then you need to prepare.  Of course, hygiene should be observed constantly, but with intimacy, the intimate area requires a thorough approach:

– be sure to produce hygiene before sexual intercourse;

– during intercourse, it is worth being protected (read below this), which will avoid bacteria entering the vagina and the wound that appeared after the deprivation of virginity;

– after intercourse, you should also immediately rinse the genitals with warm water without soap;

– within a week you should refrain from having sex. The wound should heal and return to normal. Carefully follow the hygiene of the genitals. In case of any discomfort, you should visit a gynecologist.

Think about condoms

There are many ways to protect during sex. It is worth studying them all and remember their use. It is very easy to get pregnant after the first sexual intercourse, which often occurs. In order to avoid an unnecessary pregnancy, take care of this issue.

The most ideal way to protect for the first time is a condom. In no case do not agree to intimacy without protection.

Injection of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy can bring unsafe sex.

Losing virginity is not difficult, it is difficult to fight the consequences. To avoid them, adhere to these tips. May the first sex of the girl become unforgettable and magical, as in the best film about love.

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