Errors during the prelude. They will spoil any proximity | Psychology of relations

Errors during the prelude. They will spoil any proximity.

, Errors during the prelude. They will spoil any proximity | Psychology of relations
For a passionate and stormy love act, what is happening in front of him, that is, the prelude. It allows you to excite a partner, to cause an unbridled desire to have sex in it. Sometimes lovers neglect the prelude or make mistakes that can ruin intimacy. What can not be done before sex so that proximity is a success?

What are the oversights of a man or woman allow during the prelude, what causes them hostility or can completely push away, spoil the mood? Some of them are obvious, not many know about others. We have collected the most popular mistakes for our readers.

We are doing a favor

Sometimes a partner behaves in such a way that there is a feeling that he does not care if his caresses like his affection or not. This can be understood by the missing facial expression or mechanical movements, that is, he seems to work out the program, but in his actions not sincerity, passion. The response is very important for people, so it is important to “join” the game or refuse immediately. It is necessary to show the partner that what is happening is exciting and there is a desire to continue (but if you really want it).

Too short or long prelude

The prelude should not be too fast or stretch for a long time. It is necessary to focus on the feeling of a partner, feel him, understand when he is ready and passionately wants sex. In a few minutes, it will not be easy to start a lover, but it is not worth caressing him for too long, otherwise all desire will disappear. Preliminary games can be long, in the morning you can begin to tease a loved one with exciting SMS or intimate photos, by evening he will burn with impatience. But it is precisely preliminary affection, when the partners already hug each other, should not be too long., Errors during the prelude. They will spoil any proximity | Psychology of relations

Silence during the prelude

Not always lover to get to caress each other in complete silence. Many people like to hear how their partner feels during the prelude, his voice, gentle moans. This applies not only to women, but also to men. Passionate groans not only excite, but also talk about readiness for intimacy. You can still speak compliments, breathe loudly and even ask a partner about his desires. As an unusual version of the prelude, you can use curses, and you can shout them even in other languages.

Conversation during the prelude

This applies to women. Some young ladies do not find a more suitable moment than the prelude to intimacy, to talk with their loved ones about some matters, extraneous matters, and girls also give recommendations on how and what to do, commenting on every movement of a man. It can distract it or annoy him. Tender and affectionate words excite, but when they are essentially, and not about the watchmaker or new blouse in the store.

Unknown linen

Girls often attract the attention of men with beautiful linen, but it should be comfortable, and if you purchase cheap low -quality synthetics, irritation may appear on the body or just the skin will begin to itch. Here the prelude will only deliver disappointment, because the sexual outfit will want to take a faster.

Inappropriate linen is also a problem, because it can be shy, losing contentment from what is happening. Therefore, if something is wrong with the clothes, it is worth going to the shower, take everything off at once, and just wrap yourself in a towel., Errors during the prelude. They will spoil any proximity | Psychology of relations

No aggression is needed

Some ardent and passionate lovers are convinced that during the preludes you need to bite, it hurts to slap. Some partners like this, but basically the force only repels. It is advisable to start a prelude with delicate caresses and touch, massage, kisses. If you want something “harder”, discuss this with a partner in advance, discuss the details and stop words.

Lack of useful accessories

You can quickly excite a partner using goods from an intimate store. Find out what your beloved prefers, and caress it with piquant toys. Do not forget about lubricants, candles and other items intended for the couple. Mask can be useful to the eyes, handcuffs, a small vibrator, a delicious lubricant or an exciting cream for both. Preparation for proximity with sex toys is much more exciting than without them. And the longer a couple at the same time, the more useful it is to buy something for new sensations.

Light during the prelude

Quite often, men like to have sex in the light, and it constrains the girls, confuses, distracts from the mood for sex. In bright light, the young ladies think about how they look, so the prelude does not always allow you to relax, tune in to sex. To make it more convenient, reduce light intensity. And for many years a great way to improve sex is to light candles. This helps to tune in in a romantic way.

Lack of romance

Sincere feelings, real passion will help to excite a lover. Therefore, so that the prelude to be stormy and incendiary, do everything from a pure heart. Only in this case, the couple will receive a real pleasure from intimacy. And please him with pleasant surprises. Small presentations, affectionate words or even a prepared place for sex is always nice.We begin the prelude with biting, delicate kisses of the neck, abdomen, slowly warming up a loved one. Flirt, then kiss passionately, then slightly tickle the tongue. The main thing is to do everything an reverently, carefully, slowly incurring the hurricane of passion. This is an integral part of delightful sex, which is important in intimate relationships.

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