Erogenous zones of men: we are looking for and learn to influence | Informative

Erogenous zones of men: we are looking for and learn to influence.

, Erogenous zones of men: we are looking for and learn to influence | Informative
The human body as an instrument, acting on certain points, can be brought to a sexual partner to the top of bliss. Despite the fact that everyone has erogenous zones, their location is different. In men, exciting points are no less than women, including those who can not be suspected of the existence of, since they are in the most unexpected places.

Penis and inguinal region

This main erogenous zone, every man has it. The most sensitive points are located on the penis of the penis, on the bridle of the foreskin and on the scrotum. Softly stimulating these zones with oral affection, you can achieve a very vivid response.


The prostate is felt if you put two fingers on the area between the anus and the testicles. There will be a slight seal in this place. During oral caresses, rhythmically pressing on this point before ejaculation or using a vibro -stimulator, you can strengthen a man’s orgasm at a long time.

Another way of stimulating the prostate is through the anus, but only if a man is ready for experiments. A woman needs to moisturize her finger with a lubricant and, carefully introducing it inside, feel on the front wall a more rough area of the skin located a few centimeters from the entrance. Experimenting with different degrees of pressing you can find the rhythm that the partner will like. As an option, it is permissible to use prostate stimulator.


Earlobe is an erogenous zone in almost every person. Bite, sucking and languidly whispering all sorts of vulgarities, you can achieve very interesting results. Do not forget about the zone behind the auricle, it is also very sensitive.

The head and neck

Perhaps this erogenous zone has been laid down in a man as instinct from antiquity, when, having substituted a vulnerable neck, one could lose his life. Indeed, during sex and danger, adrenaline is produced in the body. A woman can stroke, massage, or even slightly carry out nails at the base of the back of the head to achieve a response, then go to her neck with biting and kisses., Erogenous zones of men: we are looking for and learn to influence | Informative


A strong erogenous zone is enough if you act correctly on it. You can bite or draw a slightly tongue, but you should not focus on for a long time, otherwise, instead of pleasure, a man will receive discomfort.


Unlike female, male nipples are not always excitement points, but you should try. Take in the mouth, bite and blow, or even pinch. If the partner likes it, you can go further and try to apply clamps for the nipples.


This zone is not erogenous in all men, some will only irritate the effect on this point. But if the partner is from those whose navel is sensitive to caresses, then the woman will excite him, leading his tongue around the hollow and introducing him into the deepening. You can play with temperature if there are glass toys for sex in the arsenal, for example, vaginal balls. Lower them in hot or cold water. Glass will take the temperature on himself, and, dripping the ball around the navel, alternating warm with cool, you can achieve interesting results.


Another sensitive zone with which you should not overdo it, otherwise instead of excitement you can achieve a giggling from tickling. Here it will be best to apply the language and light, but not too much, stroking. You should not focus on for a long time either.

The area between the shoulder blades

If you stand behind the man, snuggle up, lick and slightly bite between the shoulder blades, then you can achieve the desired reaction. In some men, the erogenous zone is located on the entire top of the back, including the shoulders. A small massage with kneading and stroking along the muscles will help here. Fans of sensations can be used more than electrical stimulation, for example, electric peppercies with a control panel. And a man can control the power of impulses himself., Erogenous zones of men: we are looking for and learn to influence | Informative


On the coccyx there are nerve endings, the impact on which will increase excitation. You can easily massage the sacrum area with circular movements, lick, or maybe a man will like a light scratching with nails. But you have to be extremely careful, because the spine is the basis of the human body.


More precisely, an erogenous point may not be on the buttocks themselves, but at the place of their transition to the thigh. If you lay a man on a stomach with elongated legs, then the fold under the buttocks is this zone. During the massage, you need to draw with your fingers in the direction from the inside to the external one in this fold, the partner will really like it. So that there is no unpleasant friction to apply better Massage oil.

Elbow and knee bends

To affect these erogenous zones, you can try to bite or slightly press your fingers. Knee cups can sometimes also become excitement points. They can be stimulated more rudely, for example, pressed with fingers, as with a “horse bite”.

Hands and fingers

In these places there are nerve endings. The man will be excited from stroking the zone at the base of the fingers, especially between the index and medium. Or a woman can take them in her mouth and suck or bite lightly, there is already a visual effect. You can apply massage on your feet, paying special attention to the skin between the fingers.

The described erogenous zones are far from all that a woman can find from her partner. You need to investigate, try, experiment. And we must remember that each man is individual, and what excites one will leave indifferent or annoy the other.

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