Cut. Which is better in sex? | Informative

Cut. Which is better in sex?.

, Cut. Which is better in sex? | Informative
Is there a difference in sex – a member of a man is cut or not? What parameters does the presence and absence of the foreskin affect? We decided to figure out whether women should pay attention to this feature of the male body.

Circumcia – circumcision of the foreskin in men. In some cases, circumcision is considered forced and performs for religious reasons, for example, in countries where Muslims or Judaism preach, in this case, the operation to remove the flesh is done in childhood, and parents are made by parents. In other cases – circumcia is necessary for medical reasons, when a man develops a disease – phimosis that can lead to serious consequences. However, some men dare to surgery for purely aesthetic considerations, believing that a member without foreskin looks much more attractive.

What is the difference between a cropped and uncircumcised member?

In an unexpected state, the penis is hidden under a thin, skin fold, which at the moment of excitement is pulled and retreats to the base of the head. In a state of erection, the difference between cut and uncircumcised penis is obvious, in the first case there is no bridle – a thin strip of skin, passing from the head by 1-2 cm.

How is it with hygiene?

In men with uncircumcised foreskin, discharge may accumulate, in which bacteria actively multiply, which as a result leads to an unpleasant repulsive smell that prevents oral caresses. But this is not a reason for contacting a surgeon, the problem is easily solved subject to hygienic measures.

How to change the size of the penis after circumcision?

Many cropping men believe that the size of their organ has increased. In fact, circumcisia does not add centimeters in the length or in the girth of the penis – all this is an illusory deception. Also, those who are afraid to reduce size after intervention are not right, this is possible only in one case, if you independently truncate the foreskin., Cut. Which is better in sex? | Informative

With whom is better sex?

Today, many myths are wandering about sex with a cropped man, and hot controversy do not subside between doctors and representatives of both sexes: sex with which man is better, with a trimmed surgeon, who did not touch the surgeon’s scalpel. According to doctors, the absence of the foreskin reduces the sensitivity of the penis, the nerve endings on which as a result of wearing linen, walking, etc. constantly annoyed, which ultimately leads to a decrease in sensitivity. Sex with such a man is longer, but this is not the only difference.

Many girls admit that a member without foreskin looks more attractive, and this, in turn, enhances excitement and, as a rule, faster leads to orgestic discharge.

Those women who were engaged in love with cropped men, and with those who are not touched, say that sexual intercourse is really longer with those who have no flesh, but circumcision in itself does not add some special sexualskills and does not make a man-lover out of a man. In most cases, the main role is played by the temperament of partners and the desire of a man to give his beloved pleasure.

Some ladies admit that frictions for a long time lead to discomfort or pain during intercourse, and then you can forget about pleasure.

What conclusions can be drawn?

Cutting guarantees longer sexual intercourse, but its quality is in no way dependent on the presence or absence of the foreskin, in most cases moral attitude, tenderness and reverent attitude to the partner easily replace a half -hour marathon.

Cutting for the sake of improving sexual capabilities is not necessary. Whether to choose an operation for the sake of aesthetic appearance – the man himself should decide. And if you want to prolong sex, then instead of a scalpel it is better to choose prolonging creams or erection rings. The former reduce sensitivity, as a result, the act lengthened. Rings prevent the outflow of blood, which also prolongs the process.

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