50 facts about sex: what you did not know | Informative

50 facts about sex: what you did not know.

, 50 facts about sex: what you did not know | Informative

  • 1. With orgasm, a man does not necessarily have ejaculation. Therefore, even if the sperm does not appear, this does not mean that your lover did not enjoy.
  • 2. Sperm during ejaculation is “thrown out” out at a speed of up to 70 km/h.
  • 3. Clutching her pubis tightly against her lover, the girl will receive additional pleasure, t.To. The nerve endings of the clitoris reach this zone.
  • 4. When stimulating the nipples, the same areas of the brain are involved as with the caresses of the clitoris or vagina, so caressing them when making love means to strengthen a pleasant sensation.
  • 5. With a blowjob of the hips of the men, men excite it even due to the flow of blood to the genitals.
  • 6. Recent studies suggest that, having a constant sexual partner, a male representative receives more pleasure than with short random ties.
  • 7. More than 20% of guys have ever had group sex. The same applies to 12% of women.
  • 8. When a girl experiences excitement, her breasts may increase by a quarter in size.
  • 9. Although during sex people often unconsciously hold their breath, breathing is useful for orgasm, because when the tissues are saturated with oxygen, the sensations of a person become brighter.
  • 10. During the phase of quick sleep, girls can see erotic paintings, because at this time the blood flow to intimate areas increases.
  • eleven. It is enough to hug a loved one half a minute so that the amount of oxytocin increases in the blood, which is also called a hormone of tenderness. Together with him, the libido indicator will rise upward.
  • 12. The man is satisfied with the relationship when his beloved often touches him.
  • 13. To extend sexual intercourse, it is easy to squeeze the head of the penis for a couple of seconds.
  • 14. If you have sex during the period of menstruation, the spasmoding pain will come to naught from them.
  • 15. Another study showed that love making improve the immune system.

, 50 facts about sex: what you did not know | Informative

  • 16. Cum in swallowing is useful for bones and teeth – it has a lot of zinc and calcium.
  • 17. Salt helps to cope with vomiting with a blowjob, a small amount of which must be put in advance on the tongue.
  • 18. On average, between 20 and 30 years, a person occurs sex 112 times a year.
  • 19. Thanks to kisses, you can burn 5 calories per minute.
  • 20. When a man is excited, his skin exudes pheromones that attract girls.
  • 21. During exercises for the press, you can get an orgasm. The same thing, although with a lesser probability, happens when lifting weights and yoga classes.
  • 22. When a man touches the girl, her body temperature rises. There is almost no such reaction to women.
  • 23. The guys have the same as girls, there are multi -ores. To do this, continue to caress the penis after the man has been pleasure, but with caution: at that moment his penis is very sensitive.
  • 24. Men on average reflect on love making 19 times a day. Women – less, only 10.
  • 25. The male gender in erotic dreams likes to imagine how their partners receive an orgasm thanks to their efforts. Girls also reflect on this: they most like dreams when they are enjoyed.
  • 26. Most often in sexual fantasies there are a blowjob and cunnilingus.
  • 27. Most often, girls get an orgasm during masturbation.
  • 28. 8% of people in the world constantly practice anal penetration.
  • 29. More than half of men and women at least once had connections for one night
  • thirty. The most popular sexual practices: immediately after masturbation there is cunnilingus, and vaginal sex takes third place.
  • 31. According to statistics, the average duration of love of love is 13 minutes.
  • 32. One of the most common reasons for parting is dissatisfaction with an intimate life.
  • 33. More than a third of all condoms are bought by girls.
  • 34. Also, a third of all existing steam has connections on the side.
  • 35. The most popular time for intimate games is late evening Saturday.
  • 36. And the most unpopular – daytime of Monday.
  • 37. More than half of men and women during love are released obscene comments.

, 50 facts about sex: what you did not know | Informative

  • 38. Only one of the hundred male representatives has a member of 22 cm or more.
  • 39. More than a third of men think that the undressed girl is not fully a more erotic spectacle than completely naked.
  • 40. TOP-3 of the sexual accessories for women-bra, stockings and shoes with hairpins.
  • 41. On average, male representatives reflect on sex about a couple of hours a day.
  • 42. In total, for a year, a man comes out about the day that he spent, making love.
  • 43. The most popular vaginal sex pose is missionary.
  • 44. And the most desirable-Doggi Stayl.
  • 45. More than half of the husbands admit to their wives that during making love they imagine other women.
  • 46. … and more than a third of them clarify what exactly.
  • 47. The most popular men’s classes after intimacy – eat, sleep, watch TV.
  • 48. In Europe, 37% of couples use sex toys. In the world, only 6% of spouses make such purchases and use sex products.
  • 49. Vibrators, erection rings, anal stimulants help make sex brighter. 82% of users of sex attributes feel greater satisfaction with intimacy than those who do not use such things.
  • 50. More than 20% of men think that the simulation of orgasm in a pair is a common thing.

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