5 rules for sex with two men

5 rules for sex with two men.

, 5 rules for sex with two men

To arrange and have a good time with two men at once, you must first think through everything. And also it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the experience of those who have already tried this. Just a few simple rules, who are tested by time, will help in organizing the process so that everything goes as well as possible and without problems.

Intimacy in MHM format is suitable for girls with increased sexual appetite, And two men can just quench him. Sex in this case can continue for a very long time, without a pause. If one of the partners needs a vacation, it will be replaced by the second. The excitement of a man will come faster, and he will again take his place in the process if he sees that erotic games do not stop in front of him.

, 5 rules for sex with two men

But if a girl is not very temperamental, her such action may not arrange. Men do not often show bisexuality, so all attention will be paid to the woman – This is practically guaranteed. But such a practice can take a lot of effort.

Basically, such classes can be arranged both with permanent partners and new. If there are two lovers, they can really be introduced to each other for such a pastime. But it is necessary to observe tact and adhere to simple rules.

To start discussing the idea

Threesome can have a spontaneous solution if the couple has long been together. Even with new acquaintances you need first discuss your idea. And it is very important to discuss everything in detail. Since each person has his own fantasies and personal boundaries of the permissible.

Most likely your soul mate, such an idea will be shocked. But if her interest manifests itself, let him do the plot to think through the plot. So the partner will feel more involved in action, and the manifestations of jealousy or sense of possessiveness will be less. All this will really positively affect what is happening. He also entrusts the choice of the third partner for such a joint experience.

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