12 important facts about sex

12 important facts about sex.

For many of us in childhood, sexual education was rather scarce. Perhaps you are already an adult and even a parent, but how much you really know about sex? Read further to find out 12 things that you probably have not studied in the lessons of sexual education, but which you need to know.

1. What is sex actually?

Perhaps you know that sex includes the penetration of the penis into the vagina. But this is only superficial information. There are various forms of sexual intercourse. These include oral sex, anal sex, masturbation (single or mutual), intimate stimulation with hands or fingers, using sex toys (with or without penetration), BDSM and much more!

In order to participate in other sexual acts (or not to participate), it is important to know how else you can determine sex. This is very important in order to feel comfortable or not to refuse it.

2. A little anatomy

Formal sexual education usually covers the basics of male anatomy: penis, testicles. But wait – but what about women?! While sexual education can be told about the ovaries, you will find almost nothing about the vagina, clitoris, vulva, anus, breasts and nipples or other sexual zones.

A woman may not even know the difference between the vagina and vulva. This is partly due to the fact that the main attention is paid to reproductive education, and not real sexual education. But the lack of research on female genitals until the end of the 90s is also a huge factor that contributes to this.

By the way, about female genitals. The clitoris is huge, but when most people think about the clitoris, they think about the clitoral head – "A small mound" The size of a pea.

The clitoris and penis in the fetus is one and the same thing until they differentiate to female or male genital organs. Most of the nerve endings located in a very sensitive penis head are also concentrated in the clitoris head. This tiny part of the female body has more than 8,000 nervous endings.

3. Orgasm is not always the goal of sex

It is usually believed that during sex there is a linear process, the ultimate goal of which is an orgasm. In fact, sexual development is more non -linear. There are many people of all sexes for whom sex is important due to proximity or emotional connection, and not just for orgasm.

4. Masturbation is great

Masturbation can be very pleasant, and can also be useful for your health! She help you fall asleep, relieve pain, reduce stress, etc.D. Studies show that masturbation can also benefit the health of men.

One of the largest advantages of masturbation is to find out what you like and do not like sexual terms. When you can independently examine your body, it will be much easier for you to convey to your partner information about which stimulation is most pleasant to you.

5. Porn is not realistic

First about the main thing: there is nothing wrong in watching porn. The problem is that there is nothing that could be opposed to unrealistic expectations from sex that people receive from porn. For example, an inexperienced person can assume that for anal sex, lubrication does not need, because it is not used in porn, or that sex should be painful. These ideas become dangerous and harmful to all participants in the process.

6. Pain is abnormal

There is nothing abnormal for women that sex should be painful or uncomfortable. Everywhere you can hear that the loss of virginity is painful. Again, this is not always the case.

Pain during intercourse is usually a sign that something is wrong – unless you cause it intentionally, which you both consent! This may be due to the state of health, a lack of natural lubrication, an uncomfortable position or a number of other reasons. Be sure to eliminate this problem by communicating with a partner so that you both can enjoy sexual intercourse. If this does not help, talk to your doctor.

7. Sex toys – it’s great

Sex toys can be a great addition to the bedroom. Vibrators are often a great first step in using toys. There are vibrators for steam! There is even a whole area that develops toys that respond to external stimuli (for example, porn) or capable of working in tandem with a toy of a partner at a distance! Such sex toys can be seen among KIIRO products.

Sex Mabellia industry is also ready to provide a large selection of products. From Liberator’s sex pillows to sex cacheles, you will definitely find what will help make sex accessible, convenient and incredibly pleasant.

8. Gender and sexual orientation are different things

If sex pedagogues taught something about gender identity or sexual orientation, then most likely they mistakenly said that these two concepts are interconnected.

Sexual orientation is what you usually think is sexually attractive. This is a sexual-erotic attraction to people of a certain gender.

Gender identity is how a person perceives his gender, which may differ from the biological (the one that he got at birth).

9. Not everyone is suitable for all contraceptives

There are many types of contraceptives, from plasters and tablets to condoms, diaphragms and other things. However, rarely someone knows that some types of contraceptives are not suitable for some people.

For example, a patch is not so effective if the weight of a person exceeds 200 kg. In addition, there is evidence that taking various contraceptive tablets is associated with the risk for people suffering from migraine. Even some condoms can cause irritation!

Consult a doctor before making any changes to your contraception methods, if your current methods are not suitable for you.

10. Sexual health is much more than just ZPPP and pregnancy

Incorrect washing, shaving hair on the pubis and the use of incorrect intimate means can very negatively affect your body. The vagina has a natural pH level, as well as bacteria that help maintain its health. If you wash these bacteria or harm it otherwise, this can lead to problems such as urinary tract infections (IMP), and also make you more susceptible to sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Symptoms of IPPs can be different in men and women. There are good news: the most common STIs, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV and genital herpes, are treated. The main thing is to regularly undergo an examination. You yourself can determine the regularity of the audit, depending on your sexual habits and relationships.

eleven. Consent is important

If it is not clear to you how the consent works: if you do not get a clear "Yes" without coercion, you have no consent to sex. Consent to one type of activity or time does not mean consent every time.

12. Sex and relationships require effort

We were not taught how to express pain, to settle disputes or notice the signs that our partners can be cruel. Probably it is impossible to teach love. But skills that contribute to a more effective and safe relationship – such skills as communication, empathy and healthy boundaries – you can. Try to become an expert in these matters.

, 12 important facts about sex

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