10 rules of sex on the beach | Practices

10 rules of sex on the beach.

, 10 rules of sex on the beach | Practices
Often couples that go to rest at sea represent passionate sex in their imagination right on the shore. Nothing is breathless like the noise of the sea, warm sand, as well as a passion that flares up between two in love. However, in real life it is necessary to be prepared that sex on the beach will differ from the fantasies of partners.

Sex on the beach can be uncomfortable, and sometimes even dangerous. In order to avoid catastrophe during this process, you need to learn about several sexual rules on the beach.

Basic rules of love on the beach

1. First you need to learn about the environment around the place where the partners would like to retire. Perhaps this area is teeming with various inhabitants of the animal world. For example, crabs or turtles can live on the shore, which will interfere with sexual intercourse. Among the inhabitants of the sea can be toxic representatives who are able to harm human health, so you need to be more accurate during sex.

2. Choose the environment and nature, otherwise sex can bring more torment than pleasure. If the shore is covered with pebbles, then it is best to take an inflatable mattress with you, it will soften the placement. Even if during intercourse, the participants in sex will rely only on the palms and knees, with a soft litter it will be much more comfortable. Much more difficult make love in the sand. It is necessary to need a bedspread or another litter. It is important to ensure that the sand does not hit the genitals, because it can cause serious gratings.

3. It is necessary to make sure that the beach is away from crowded places and hotels, otherwise you risk being secured by passers -by tourists. Of course, there are much less walking at night, but it is important to understand that sex in a crowded place can be recognized as a violation of order. And if the police are caught behind the process on a public beach, you will have to pay a fine., 10 rules of sex on the beach | Practices
4.You need to prepare for intimacy in advance if you do not want to spoil the evening. You should take a small towel with you, which must be placed under the most open places, otherwise the sand will get there and cause unpleasant sensations. You also need to take care of contraceptive means and take a bag with you For used condoms. Do not leave garbage behind, because other people will go here tomorrow. Just in case, you need to take a flashlight, but it is better to use it in emergency situations.

5.It is worth putting on the beach Comfortable clothes, in which you can easily start solitude. Perhaps, on the seashore, it will be wet or dirty, so it is better to choose clothing options that are not very dirty. For girls, the most convenient are light dresses or skirts, they give access to different parts of the body. They are not even always necessary to shoot during the intercourse.6.Partners should Avoid water, After all, sex in water is not only inconvenient, but also causes pain. In the water, people can be in wait for the danger in the form of sharp stones, small and dangerous inhabitants of the sea, as well as in the form of large waves that can injure a couple. And natural lubrication is washed off, as a result, proximity becomes less pleasant.

7. If you want to try intimacy in water, it is important to understand that this can only be done in the sea, where water disinfects. Experiments in fresh reservoirs are prohibited, so infection is possible. In the sea You can sit for proximity on a mattress, an inflatable circle. And rush can also help, you can catch on them to get more convenient., 10 rules of sex on the beach | Practices
8. You must always remember about Rules of conduct in public places. Also, the laws of different countries can regard the beach sex on the beach in different ways. If a small warning is made in one place, then in another country partners can be put in jail for several days. Therefore, it is important to observe confidentiality and anonymity during sex. Excessively loud screams and moans can draw people’s attention.

9. Use pareo or towel, to cover the genitals. For example, a girl can sit on top, facing her partner’s feet. The ass can be covered with things, while the man will seem to do her massage. This is an affordable pose even on a crowded beach, but just do not give yourself out with a large amplitude and loud moans.

10. It is forbidden to use Zagar creams like an intimate lubricant. Even if passion sows with great force, you should carefully treat the cosmetics used. If the lubricant is not enough, it is better to buy condoms with a lot of lubricant. Well, or take a tube of a specialized tool with you.

Sex on the beach is a great way to diversify the intimate life of a couple, as well as make more positive emotions in the relationship. However, you need to be prepared for various problems that may occur during intercourse in nature.

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