What is a female orgasm: how does the girl feel

Female orgasm: what is it, how it happens and what the girl feels at this time?.

Every man dreams of bringing his partner to a strong orgasm from time to time, and only units really know what female orgasm is, and what can he be. The theory considers several dozen types of female orgasm, in practice only units are possible. About all the intricacies of female orgasm, types, acute sensations of each and ways of achieving it will be discussed further.

, What is a female orgasm: how does the girl feel

What is a female orgasm?

In fact, an orgasm in girls is a complex process consisting of psychological and physiological factors, but the most important basis of orgasm is still in the brain. Orgasm is achieved on the basis of irritation (excitement) of specific zones of the pleasure of the brain, As a result, the body is shaken by convulsions and convulsions of pleasure.

Initially, only four physiological forms of female orgasm were considered in theory:

  • clitorular;
  • vaginal;
  • perineal;
  • The uterine form of orgasm.

After some time, other forms of female orgasm began to be practiced-anal, oral and nipple form of orgasm. Each woman, due to the characteristics of the structure of the genital organs, temperament and sexuality, has a predisposition to some types of orgasm. For the onset of orgasm, erogenous points on the body are responsible:

  • Point G – The most famous male half of the population is an orgasmic point located in the vagina under the pubic bone about 5 cm from the exit;
  • point a – This zone is a little deeper, but at the same level as the previous point, and it can be achieved with deep frictions by the penis during a high degree of excitement;
  • Point K – This zone is responsible for an orgasm during anal sex, since it is located on the back wall of the vagina, and during orgasmic sensations a woman experiences other feelings;
  • Point U – erectile soft tissue, containing a huge number of nerve endings, it is located on the eve of the urethra and can lead the girl to multi -ore or squirt.

In order to get a woman as a maximum powerful and bright orgasm, you can try to stimulate several points at once or all at once. Separately, each erogenous zone guarantees orgasmic sensations different in intensity and sensitivity.

Table: The severity of sensations depending on the type of orgasm

To understand what types of orgasm are practiced today in relationships, what a range of emotions and sensations each of them carries, how intense and pleasant, it is worth looking into a comparative table.

Types of orgasms Sensation acuity on a 10 -point scale Description of sensations How often it meets
Vaginal 7 out of 10 Strong orgasm that reduces the muscles of the vagina for 30-60 seconds. Often
Cliter 8 out of 10 Subtle, sensitive and emotionally shocking orgasm, which lasts less vaginal. Often
Orgasm of the point g 7 out of 10 Orgasm causes cramps in the body and muscle cramps for 30-60 seconds. Often
Inkjet (squirting) 9 out of 10 Orgasm of the highest degree of intensity, accompanied. Its duration can reach several minutes. Rarely
Orgasm of point a 7 out of 10 Rolls on a woman with waves of pleasure, accompanied by an emotional surge. Rarely
Orgasm of the point y 8 out of 10 Urethra orgasm, which with force and sensuality resembles a clitoral orgasm. Rarely
An orgasm of a deep point (on the contrary of point a) 5 out of 10 The degree of intensity of such an orgasm is slightly lower than the vaginal orgasm of other types. After such a discharge, a woman feels complete relaxation and peace. Fine
Orgasm from stimulation of breasts and nipples 6 out of 10 Such an orgasm causes contraction of the muscles of the uterus, and also increases the level of oxytocin, as a result of which the woman experiences affection and love. Rarely
Oral orgasm (from blowjob) 4 out of 10 Eastern practice says that an orgasm of this nature is lower in intensity than a vaginal and clitoral orgasm, but there is a feeling of sexual discharge. Rarely
Anal orgasm 5 out of 10 The intensity depends on the sexuality and temperament of a woman. Fine
Cervical orgasm (cervical orgasm) 5 out of 10 A delicate and barely noticeable orgasm that gives a woman a pleasant sensation and an increase in tone. Fine
Mixed orgasm (from stimulating several zones) 9 out of 10 Each time, such an orgasm will give a woman different sensations, but in general it is one of the most intense and relaxing orgasms. Often
Tactile orgasm (or orgasm of the whole body) 10 of 10 Tantric orgasm is available only to units, for several minutes (and sometimes hours), a woman will shake with strong convulsions throughout the body, flowing from one form of orgasm to another. Very rarely
Mental orgasm (emotional) 4 out of 10 Orgasm manifests itself more emotionally than physically. A woman can laugh on a vaginal orgasm, cry, and sometimes all at the same time. Rarely
Corgasm (orgasm from exercises, training) 4 out of 10 Weak orgasm that resembles a clitoral orgasm against the background of friction and vibrating movements. After such a discharge, a woman feels relaxation and calm. Very rarely
Sleepy orgasm (female pollations) 3 out of 10 This form of orgasm occurs in an uncontrolled way at night in the midst of sleep, which means that physiologically and emotionally a woman feels little and remembers a little. Very rarely
Multiple orgasm 10 of 10 A woman receives an orgasm one by one, enjoying the rolling waves of discharge. Orgasm every time it becomes stronger and more saturated. Very rarely

The stronger in a woman sexuality and temperament, the more types of orgasm she can experience. An equally role in this matter is played by the dexterity and efforts of the sexual partner. If desired, sufficient knowledge and practice can be awakened in a woman all erogenous zones.

What happens when a girl gets an orgasm?

No less informative and interesting for a man will be knowledge of how the orgasm occurs in girls and what signs are manifested. The female orgasm is the following stages:

  1. , What is a female orgasm: how does the girl feelDuring the onset of orgasm, the clitoris thickens and becomes longer to the maximum size due to the anatomical structure, and before the onset of orgasm the clitoris is covered with a hood.
  2. The vagina is filled with a large volume of blood, becomes wider and thicker, and the walls become purple and especially wet.
  3. Large labia is fully revealed, acquiring a flat shape, and the small opposite thickens and go a little forward.
  4. Under a rush of blood and excitement, the uterus doubles the size, slightly lifted into the vagina, reducing the length of the neck.
  5. If usually the heart rhythm is 60-80 beats per minute, during orgasm it increases to 100-150 beats.
  6. The breathing frequency increases three times, the girl during orgasm begins to breathe superficially and faster than the usual.
  7. During orgasm, there is an intense contraction of muscles in the back, hips and buttocks, a small pelvis and vagina.
  8. There is also a reflex compression of the hands in the hands and feet of the legs, the woman’s face distorts the grimace, the mouth is slightly opened.
  9. The body of a woman can be covered with a pink rash, first on her neck and stomach, and then on her chest, sometimes because of stagnation of blood, a woman can sneeze.
  10. Orgasm is often accompanied by sweating in the area of armpits, hips, lower back, on the forehead and above the upper lip.

And only in some women, orgasm is accompanied by ejaculation when fluid is released from the paraunsetral glands. Such an orgasm is usually called squirt.

How to understand what it is? How not to confuse with simple pleasure from sex?

There are several objective signs by which you can determine when the girl receives the real orgasm, and not just simulates or enjoys frictions. There are actually many of them, but the primary symptoms of true orgasm include:

  • rhythmic muscle contractions;
  • sharp energetic body movements;
  • erection of the nipples and redness of the skin;
  • closed eyes and grimace on the face;
  • abundant discharge from the vagina and sweating.

During an orgasm, a woman is unable to control even her own speech, so if she shouts something, it will be incoherent speech. For a long time after discharge, it will be in high mood and tone.

How long can an orgasm last a girl?

On average, the duration of one female orgasm is 4-6 seconds, like men. However, these are only generally accepted norms, in practice everything is completely different. The duration of orgasm is affected by the sexuality of the woman and her temperament, age, hormonal background, relations with the partner and the quality of sex, as well as the type of orgasm.

Most women experience a pico -shaped orgasm that lasts a few seconds. Some were lucky to enjoy a protracted orgasm that lasts for several minutes, and only units manage to test the wave -shaped orgasm stretching for the clock.

How to strengthen an orgasm?

Every second girl dreams of strengthening an orgasm, since according to statistics a full and long orgasm is subject to only 25-30% of the female population. Today, many exercises are practiced that can increase the functionality of erogenous points, in addition, some tips are provided for men, on which the outcome of sexual intercourse largely depends.

Exercises for ladies

To be active in bed, and every time enjoy a stormy orgasm, it is enough to perform 6 exercises to strengthen orgasm:

  1. Strengthening the hips -standing with their feet shoulder widths make rotational movements of the hips of 10-20 turns in different directions.
  2. Strengthening the whole body -A woman takes a position, as if going to push up from the floor, and then fixes the position for 10-30 seconds.
  3. Flexibility – In a standing position with even legs, you need to reach the socks with your fingers. In the knee-elbow pose, you can bend the spine, lifting it up and bending down.
  4. Tone of the buttocks and legs -Standing on all fours, a woman needs to throw her legs back, bending the spine of 10-30 repetitions on each leg.
  5. Strengthening hands – Sitting on a chair, a woman needs to rest his hands, and then put the buttocks forward and hold her body, and then squat, bending her arms in the elbows.
  6. Strengthening the buttocks – A woman needs to rest on the wall, and then sit on an imaginary chair, forming a right angle. Such an exercise is done 1 minutes several times.

In order for the exercises to be effective, they need to be performed with clear periodicity and regularity (at the same time of day and days of the week).

Tips for men

To strengthen an orgasm for a woman can do any experienced lover if you follow simple tips:

  • The prelude should last an average of 10-20 minutes to allow the body to warm up and get excited to a woman;
  • Throughout all sex, you do not need to focus only on the area of the partner genitals, the breasts, neck, earlobes, the area on the back between the shoulder blades, the buttocks and the legs are considered erogenous points;
  • The genitals should be as moisturized as possible, good cunnilingus can help in this;
  • To strengthen the orgasm for a woman, she needs to be liberated as much as possible in bed, eliminated constraint, tension and constraint;
  • You can wait with an orgasm, stretching caresses and frictions, and the later it will come, the stronger and brighter it will proceed;
  • You can increase the excitement and sensitivity of a woman if the prostate and the clitoris are stimulated.

Also, special attention should be paid to circumstances and the premises, all conditions should have sex. You can strengthen feelings by playing a partner’s imagination. To do this, you can use sex toys, role-playing games, as well as whisper to her ear for vulgar exciting words.


Female orgasm is a compounded psychophysical process that depends directly on the emotional background of a woman, the excitation of erogenous points, including her brain. Most of the success of sexual intercourse and the quality of orgasm depends on the efforts and knowledge of the partner, so the article tells everything about the specifics of the female orgasm.

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