What are orgasms, how many types of women and men are

What are orgasms, how many types of women and men are.

, What are orgasms, how many types of women and men are

For which we have sex – just for the sake of continuing the family? No, a person is a conscious creature and loves to receive carnal pleasures, because sexual intercourse only in 1 out of 10 cases are performed in the name of conception of a child. We all strive to enjoy, moreover, a strong hormonal surge occurs in the process of culmination, and substances necessary for health are released into the blood. So to finish during intercourse is also important for normal life and mental state.

For more than a decade, scientists and inhabitants argue, How many types of orgasms are in women exist. Everything is clear with men – they ejaculate the same way, regardless of the method of stimulation of the penis. Things are more complicated with girls: many claim that there are several types of orgasms, others assure that there is only clitoral, and the rest is a myth and error. We will tell you today about all known types of female discharge, and how they are achieved, but whether they are actually – no one still knows 100%!

All types of female orgasm that can be felt

Sex is what people constantly lack in everyday life, so they always made love with periodic repetitions. About what orgasms are there really something to say. During one sexual intercourse, women can have several, moreover, each of them can have a different nature of origin.

, What are orgasms, how many types of women and men are

It happens that sex ends when a man receives his portion of pleasure. From ancient times there was a tendency in which the male orgasm is put in first place. Female pleasure is secondary or generally not taking into account, although many modern ladies in connection with the emancipation of morals and views on the female chastity of libido are in no way inferior to male lust. We advise all the males reading this article to work hard on the discharge of their partners, because there are a lot of options for how a woman finishes. Only a lazy uglyen is not able to find the most sensitive point in his beloved to bring her to the peak of pleasure.

Clitoral orgasm and how to achieve it

A small organ, 1-3 cm in size, hidden between the labia in their upper connection, is responsible for the bright sensations received by women at the time of discharge. It consists of hundreds of thousands of nerve endings. Meet, this is the clitoris. Different women require different stimulations and directions of movements. But in one, all ladies are similar – they need stimulation of this point in order to finish.

By the way, clitoral orgasm is the most affordable. Almost all the girls experience it, because it is on the surface. You can knead the clitoris with your hands (fingers) during masturbation or during the prelude with a man. A good stimulation can be a dense contact with the pubic partner when performing sexual intercourse. Girls cum from sex toys, especially from special vibrators with process for clitoral stimulation. There are vibrators with antennae and even on the control panel – the flight of fantasy is not limited, the main thing is to want to give pleasure to your partner. Of course, cunnilingus is a special treat for the female part of the population.

With the right caresses of the clitoris, you will achieve orgasm quickly enough, but if incorrect stimulations, cause severe pain. The girl should handle this erogenous area very carefully. Strong friction, suction, rude licking lead to a similar effect.

It is believed that a sign of a good lover is the ability to bring the girl with her hands or tongue at least to the clitoral orgasm.

Myocompression (myotonic) orgasm

It is distinguished in a separate group, but in essence it belongs to a variety of clitoral orgasm. It is achieved by compressing the hips, crossing the legs or tension of the brutally, for example, during training. Discharge occurs quickly and brightly, sometimes a few seconds enough for the girl to cover an ecstasy.

If the lady is used to ending only in this way during masturbation, and the habit is from childhood, then it will be difficult to rebuild to other types of orgasm obtained in the process of intercourse with a man. The fact is that with this type of climax, special areas of pleasure are awakened, often bordering the zones that are responsible for reactions during stressful situations. The girl gets used to getting a “wrong” splash. Even at school during physical education (squats, rope, pressing the press, bicycle skating), many girls experience it, which is facilitated by additional stimulation of an outsider in the crotch area.


A variety of myotonic orgasm is corgasm – discharge that occurs exclusively from fitness classes. Raises of the legs, torso, deadlift and other exercises affect the lower peritoneal muscles, the blood flow in the organs of the pelvis is noticeably intensifying – the woman enjoys. This species is considered an unintentional orgasm. Girls in most cases do not control him, but there are a lot of prone to him.

Scientists consider corgasm and myotonic orgasm are harmful due to the fact that they interfere with the future to enjoy the sexual life with a man. The unfortunate owners of this feature are forced to simulate a discharge all their lives or are allowed into all in search of the one who can give her the necessary sensations.

Some scientists call any type of orgasm obtained not from genital contact with penitetration, maladapted. We don’t think so. In modern society, so many ways to achieve pleasure are practiced that it is even funny-do women really deprive themselves of happiness for the sake of men and some scientists? A competent and understanding lover will always support his partner in her orgasm, regardless of the method of obtaining them. Will someone forbid the lady to cross his legs and finish after the man reaches his peak of pleasure? Why retrain her if she feels good?

Vaginal orgasm and how to achieve it

It is also called internal. Someone believes that it arises from stimulating the internal walls of the vagina, others assure that it is the result of active stimulation of point G on its front wall. Even grandfather Freud reported on infantilism of ladies who could not end vaginally. This type of climax, in his opinion, is considered “mature”. Only now, the existence of all these erogenous points in the vagina has not yet been proved by 100%.

It is believed that the vaginal orgasm is actually clitoral, it is simply achieved by stimulating the clitoris legs, which are conveniently located in the place where the ji point is supposedly located.

, What are orgasms, how many types of women and men are

We know only one thing, the internal orgasm exists – the sensations from it are completely different. He is deep, stretched, with gradual approximation makes him reach the gate of paradise, at least. The whole stomach and crotch seemed to be covered by a wave of pleasure. Many parameters, of course, depend on the subjective features of perception, but it is much more powerful than the clitoral. You can achieve vaginal orgasm with the help of prolonged stimulation of vaginal walls with penis, fingers or vibrator (phallimitator).

Unfortunately, the percentage of girls who can plunge into powerful flows of vaginal climax is much less. The fact is that it can feel the owners of a shortened distance between the clitoris and the vaginal hole. It is believed that those who gave birth to the ladies can catch this type of orgasm, especially closer to the age of 30 – it is at this age that they open sexually and understand the whole taste of sex with a man.

Orgasm of the point g

We thought for a long time whether it was worth writing about this type of orgasm separately, because vaginal in some sources is associated specifically with it. But still, a larger number of scientists tend to think that an orgasm from point G is somewhat different, and it is he who sometimes brings to squirt.

A feature of this orgasic manifestation is the so -called female ejaculation associated with the abundant release of fluid from the vagina. The problem of a pleasure based on stimulating the JI point, in most cases, can be called the reluctance of men to devote enough time to its searches, although if you know that there is an erogenous zone 2-5 cm from the entrance to the vagina on its upper wall, no difficultiesIn obtaining amazing orgasm, a woman will not have.

Ideal stimulation of point G occurs using special devices from a sex shop. We advise you to purchase a curved vibrator, which with anatomical accuracy repeats the contours of the vagina. He effectively works out the necessary zone of exposure, and models with pulsation will add special sensations!

, What are orgasms, how many types of women and men are

Cervical orgasm (uterine) and how to achieve it

This is actually an orgasm of the cervix that separates the uterus from the vaginal channel. Scientists distinguish it as a subspecies of vaginal orgasm, which occurs under direct effects from the penis or artificial phallus. At the time of orgasm, the neck is compressed, cramps occur, and they are not always felt pleasant, since very powerful and intense. In fact, it looks like an orgasm of the whole body, so to speak, all -encompassing and piercing to the fingertips. Sexual revelation of this nature can only be achieved by those women who are ready to trust the partner.

You can achieve cervical orgasm in poses for deep sex, where the penis penetrates to the stop. Girls who have experienced a uterine orgasm at least once in a life, they say that they have risen to a new level of consciousness. After such sensations, you will no longer concentrate on your doubts and complexes. You will stop perceiving sexual intercourse as an ordinary genital contact. A strong spiritual connection, bodily unity and openness to granting love will come to the fore.

Orgasm from nipple stimulation

Female breasts, especially the nipples, is very sensitive to caresses, stroking and delicate kisses. The impact on this area affects the same areas of pleasure in the brain as with clitoral-vaginal practices. The “papillary” climax differs in that the pleasure rolls quite unexpectedly and runs through the whole body is a breathtaking wave.

Just do not think that you can bring a woman to orgasm through breast affection at any convenient time. There are always a lot of troubles with ladies. Your chosen one should like the situation, psychologically better to be relaxed, otherwise the touch will be perceived aggressively. The sensations should accumulate gradually – do not immediately twist the nipples, as if get a cow on a farm. Be sure to change the types of stimulations, the intensity of exposure, do not forget to use “assistants” (vibrators and clips for the chest from a sex shop, cream, lotions, massage oils, etc.D.).

Breast sensitivity depends directly on the female cycle. The closer the onset of the next menstruation, the greater the chance that you will get hand! During this period, sensations from touch are directly opposite, that is, very unpleasant! Do not caress your chest before menstruation!

As you can see, you can use the stimulation of the nipples, as a way of achieving orgasm, but carefully. Combine breast caresses with impact on the clitoris and get a lot of multiple ecstasy.

, What are orgasms, how many types of women and men are


It is differently called the multiple. The bottom line is that some girls can finish over and over again, almost no breaks to rest. And why it is it if the nature of a woman does not provide for the replenishment of seed fluid in the body? The recovery period, when the erogenous zones are insensitive after discharge, such individuals have a minimum. Literally after a minute your partner can finish again, and sometimes much stronger than in the first attempt.

Multi -rhistic can manifest itself with clitoral influences and vaginal. Many men mistakenly believe that they grabbed a big jackpot, dragging multi -armed Madame to bed. You are tormented to bring it to 4-5 orgasms! But in another way it remains unsatisfied. As a rule, an ordinary man is enough for 5-10 minutes to get pleasure, and a similar female individual will torment you for more than one hour.

For those who have already been spent, and a member on a well -deserved break, we will advise you to remember that women end not only from the penis in vagina. Try to bring your partner a tongue, fingers or toys for adults. In any case, a man with a strong sexual constitution will cope with such a thing, who was sunk, at least moral, enough for a long period.

Orgasm in a dream

Rather, it is an involuntary female orgasm that arises, like pollations in men, during a period of forced long abstinence. The body thus throws up sexual stress. This is facilitated by erotic dreams, against the background of which there is a surge of blood to the genitals and organs of the pelvis. You relax and end spontaneously. In fact, sensations are one of the most pleasant, because in a dream, as we know, everything is doubly aggravated and perceived hypertrophied.

Anal orgasm

Judging by the reviews of lovers of anal sex, anal orgasm is very similar to vaginal. This is not surprising, because the stimulation of the walls of the vagina occurs even in this type of sexual contact – only through a thin wall separating the intestine with the vagina. Nervous endings in a certain amount are also present here. In addition, the anal ring is also a fairly sensitive zone, and with the neatly introduction of the penis inward, its stimulation adds a “pepper”.

, What are orgasms, how many types of women and men are

Oral orgasm

There are unique ones, sensitive points in which are located in the oral cavity. And with their stimulation, people experience sensations akin to orgasm discharge. You probably guess that the blow to your beloved, especially supplemented by its violent inciting on the penis, will be better. Why is this happening? Science explains this process by the fact that the powerful emission of adrenaline makes such individuals be as excited as possible, and then the climax follows.

Tactile orgasm

Each person has special points on the body, the impact on which leads to orgasm. And it can be achieved using special massage techniques. Many women are able to end from the massage of the feet, where the bending zone is carefully worked out by a series of pressing and kneading movements. The inner thigh, buttocks, lower back, back side of the knee, area between the shoulder blades and the neck will be the same sensitive points on the woman’s body.

Sensations can supplement the sensations such as temperature change, for example, applying hot stones and cold ice cubes, delicate strokes and rough tingling, dry rubbing with a towel and massage with butter.

In the moments of sexual discharge in the body of any person, cardinal changes occur, but these sensations are simply impossible to describe, the words cannot be characterized by the internal glee experienced by partners.

Features of male orgasm

Male orgasm is much easier in its mechanism of occurrence than female. He is preceded by a phase called “plateau”, in which the excitement of the psychological and physical increases and retains for some time at the same level, and then reaches the peak. The Plato is preceded by the very first phase – erotic experiences and an increase in attraction, lust towards a certain individual. At this moment, the penis is poured with blood and increases in size, and the testicles are noticeably lifted.

When a man feels that he has almost reached the highest peak of pleasure, that is, orgasm, he involuntarily performs deeper frictions. The muscles of the anus and buttocks are very compressed at this moment, and sperm approaches the urethra. By the way, this process gives no less pleasure than ejaculation itself. Next follows the ejection of the seed and the decline in excitement.

Interesting Facts

  • The more sperm the man throws away, the brighter the orgasm is perceived.
  • After a decrease in excitement, the standard male wants to eat and sleep.
  • None of the male tribe is able to continue the coatus.
  • A man can start a second act in 20-40 minutes. Some comrades can end qualitatively only once a day.
  • Most often, men experience an orgasm from vaginal contact.
  • They receive the most unforgettable emotions and sensations from female spontaneous initiative.
  • The longer the guy had no sex, the faster he will end, and the brighter the climax will be.
  • Prostate stimulation will complement any orgasm with special impressions.
  • Want to delay the ejaculation a bit, use a condom or pull the testicles slightly down (back).
  • The clamping of the head will help to avoid premature sperm emission immediately before the upcoming ejection of the seed.
  • They say that men with a high level of testosterone do not really like to hug after coatus.
  • The desire to turn away to the wall and sleep immediately after the act of love is affected by the active production of oxytocin, so it is stupid to be offended by men who behave the same.

There is still a theory that a man can finish several times. We are talking about “dry” orgasms in which an experienced practitioner easily delays sperm emission, but at the same time experiences a peak of pleasure no less than with classical discharge. However, doctors do not consider this a normal tactics of conducting sex battles, since artificial delay in the seed does not affect health in general and an erection in particular.

, What are orgasms, how many types of women and men are

Psychological orgasm in women and men

We specially allocated this part into a separate block, because both men and women can finish psychologically, although at first glance it seems to be a myth. Conventionally, this type of orgasm can be called a vivid climax caused by the direct reaction of the brain and psyche to non -standard stimuli (visual, tactile, audio). The reaction itself is based on projecting the consciousness and subconscious of real and fictional plots, which are irritating factors.

Such people have excessively active imagination, an unstable psyche and increased excitability. They are so easily provoked by elementary stimuli that it is no more difficult for them to end psychologically than in any other way. Considers a couple of pictures where five men are tearing a girl, and here you have an orgasm for some of them (or both). And without genital contact or manipulations. Sometimes a psychological orgasm can cover with ordinary contact, when a partner does something like that, which is why all zones of pleasure explode at the same time, and the peak of pleasure goes off scale.

Such a powerful recharge coming from the brain helps to receive orgasms in a variety of variations, but it can play an angry joke when a person is simply not able to end with classic sooty without additional incentives that will excite his brain.

We will not reduce the description of such an excellent phenomenon as an orgasm to a mechanical list of facts, but simply advise you to make love as often as possible to experience the whole range of emotions in practice!

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