We develop a vaginal orgasm. Technique ‘bridge’

We develop a vaginal orgasm. Technique ‘bridge’.

Technique "Bridge" It will be incredibly curious for girls who are used to getting an orgasm from the stimulation of the clitoris and want to learn how to enjoy and achieve orgasm through vaginal stimulation.

This recommendation will help to receive more pleasure in cases where an orgasm "Closures" with vaginal penetration during clitoris stimulation.

The technique is incredibly simple. This technique was developed by the sex pedologist Helen Kaplan and she recommends that her partner put it into practice at once – you can stimulate the clitoris without hesitation when the penis is in the vagina. Start stimulating the clitoris, simultaneously with penetration (you can do it yourself, masturbating) or let it do this to a partner.

The clitoris should stimulate the frictions before the first signs of orgasm. At the pre -corgorate moment, clitoral stimulation should be stopped, bringing only penetration to orgasm.

Thus, being in a pre-burial state, when you need just a little bit to get pleasure, shocks or vaginal massage will be able to bring the matter to the end. Thanks to this technique, you "Bind the bridge" its sensations: the body gets used to obtaining an orgasm from the methods unusual to this. Your task is to reduce the time to stimulate the clitoris and increase the duration of vaginal stimulation.

You can train the bridge technique yourself, using vibrators with a flexible clitoral process (this is important). With the help of such toys, you can continue vaginal stimulation by interrupting the clitoral (thanks to flexible process).

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