Types of orgasms in women – how many of them and what

All types of female orgasm.

Many men and even women mistakenly believe that they can only have one orgasm, differing only in strength. However, in fact, this is far from the case, there are much more types of female orgasm. Such a misconception occurs due to the fact that partners do not know their own body and are used to being satisfied only with the fact that they have. But in the body of a woman there are many erogenous zones, and there are also many of them in female genitals. The stimulation of each zone is able to make a woman feel individual and unique types of discharge in girls. The absence of this is due to the fact that they are in a sleeping state and only intimate experiments or an experienced man who will show her a wide palette of pleasure can arouse them.

, Types of orgasms in women – how many of them and what

What are orgasms in women


The most popular and common type of pleasure during intercourse. Often to stimulate the clitoris during sex, only if it is not located close to the vagina, so it is best to arouse it with cunnilingus or clitoris massage. However, some men cannot cause this type of satisfaction, since they do not know where the clitoris is located. In turn, the clitoral orgasm can be of two types: superficial – sensations occur only when the clitoris is stimulated;Deep – steps on the damage of the vagina and the girl feels the reduction in this area. Some confuse it with vaginal, but it cannot be achieved when the clitoris is stimulated. Therefore, if you are massaged in the clitoris and you get a wave of pleasure, then know – this is a deep clitoral discharge. But, contrary to existing opinion, the types of female orgasm are not limited to this.


Arises when stimulating the internal zone of the vagina and most often this Combined orgasm, since it occurs with stimulation of several erogenous zones. To, example, a man can simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and point G through the sphincter, as well as caress the nipples with his tongue. In general, there are a lot of such combinations, and each option will give a woman different pleasure. Most often, a girl cannot experience vaginal at the first stages of sexual life, since the points of orgasm are in a sleeping state. However, over time, these erogenous places are awakening. This is especially often after childbirth (and only naturally). The formed fetal head, passing through the channels, hurts them and the woman’s regeneration of nervous tissue is in this place, which is why she begins to experience new sensations. To experience deep vaginal satisfaction, a woman should have well developed internal muscles, this can be achieved when performing Kegel exercises. It will be accompanied by a strong contraction of these muscles. Another feature is that the girl will be able to experience it within 20-30 minutes, that is, throughout the sexual intercourse.

, Types of orgasms in women – how many of them and what

Orgasm of the point g

Properly occurs when point stimulation G, placed in a few cm from the exit from the vagina. In this place, special glands are placed, which are also called a female prostate, and all due to the fact that, like men, it can distinguish ejaculate (inkjet orgasm). And with a strong stimulation of the point g, a woman can experience severe discharge. However, many men are sad when they cannot find this point for a long time. This is due to the fact that she is in different places for each woman, but even if she is found, she will be in sleeping mode and will have to “awaken it” for some time. This will take some efforts and time, since someone will occur in a second, and someone can drag out up to 10 seconds. Also, at first, the girl will react weakly, but then she begins to experience a strong sensation. But to obtain an orgasm point g, the girl needs to experience a clitoral type of satisfaction first.

Orgasm of point a

Arises if stimulating the zone located behind the point g. This point is placed on the front wall of the vagina and, in order to awake it, you need to insert your finger deeper. If one or two phalanges of the finger were enough to awaken the point G, then for point A it is necessary to lead the middle finger in the vagina so that the palm looked up. With proper immersion of your finger, your upper phalanx will just touch this zone. It is important to remember that you need to enter a finger gently. Point A has no shape or texture, it is just a clot of nerve endings, so for its stimulation you just need to iron this zone. Men should not be upset if the partner does not immediately respond, because the point as if “sleeping”. The partner needs to gradually arouse it during sex. After a couple of nights, point A will become more malleable and begin to deliver ecstasy.

, Types of orgasms in women – how many of them and what

Orgasm of a deep point k

This point is located symmetrically. Often, girls react to her with anal sex, since in this position it can be easily stimulated. The orgasm of the point to all girls feel differently, and, as many say, it has a relaxing effect. The points for satisfaction, as you can see, are diverse and affect each in its own way.

Uterine orgasm

In essence, the uterus is muscles, therefore, with proper stimulation, it can cause a peak of pleasure. To excite, it is necessary that the woman falls on her back, and the man put his palm on the uterus area. He must slightly press the perineum with his hand and, as if starting to vibrate with his hand. At the same time, the girl begins to reduce her inner muscles, as in Kegel’s exercise. At a certain moment, she will experience a wave of pleasure, though it will be less bright and expressive, like a clitoral or vaginal orgasm.

Inkjet (squirt)

A very special and rare type of female satisfaction. Men often can see it in erotic films when, with severe excitation from the woman’s crotch, the liquid shoots. This is all connected with the same stimulation of the point G, or rather parauretral glands. It is they who swell with stimulation, accumulating liquid. As a result, you can observe the outstanding picture when it ends from a woman with a stream like a man. Many women and men can consider that at this moment the girl described, from here representatives can experience real shame, but this is far from the case. Fluid coming out of a girl is very similar to men’s seed, since containing similar substances. Therefore, such successful young girls should not be shy, because they are successful because only 3-4% of women throughout the planet can experience the jet orgasm. At the same time, they will not confuse him with anything, because he gives great pleasure and has healing properties. Many girls who experienced him said that they seemed to be cleansed of all the negativity and received emotional discharge.

, Types of orgasms in women – how many of them and what

Orgasm of the point u

On the other, this point can be called urethral point. From the name itself we can say that this is the channel of urination, which is located between the clitoris and the vagina. To arouse this zone, you can use a tongue or finger, though in the second case, you need to apply a lubricant on your finger. But many girls will prefer the language, because it is more gentle. The force with which you will have to stimulate this point should not be large and it is better to agree with your partner. Feelings of discharge from stimulation of point U is similar to clitoral.

Anal orgasm

There are many nerve endings in the sphincter, so this type of sex will bring a lot of pleasant sensations. In addition, through the anus you can stimulate the point G and the deep point, which is also very pleasant. The only problem is that the rectum is very sensitive to injuries and even micro-degree heal for a long time, so it is important to take care of lubrication before anal sex and choose the right pose.


Someone may not know, but the lower part of the woman’s body is connected not only with the chest, tongue or lips, but even with the throat. For this reason, with the developed sensitivity of the throat, making a blowjob, a girl can experience an oral orgasm.

Breast orgasm

Regarding breast caresses, you can see, some women do not experience fantastic sensations from them. But this is not due to the fact that they do not cause any pleasure, simply, like with a deep point, this zone must be opened. During the caressing of the nipples, the muscles in the vagina begin to contract, since these two zones are interconnected. The peak of pleasure can flow from one place to another. In addition, during an orgasm of the breast, a woman has a hormone oxytocin, which gives a woman a feeling of happiness, love and care. That is why during breastfeeding, a girl may experience a slight excitement. The benefit of a man when caressing the breast is that all the pleasant sensations that a woman experiences, she transfers them to a man.

, Types of orgasms in women – how many of them and what

Multiple orgasm

Everyone completely knows, then after reaching the peak of pleasure, the girl can continue sex, and after a while she can survive it again. This is especially manifested with vaginal discharge, when the girl’s sensations only intensify, a man can even be applied less than his work after the first waves of pleasure. Less than half of women can experience a multiple orgasm, as a lot will depend on their partner. Men, for example, after ejaculation, do not really agree to continue sexual intercourse, this is all due to the fact that all processes in the body are declining (excluding only the first period of their sex life when hypersexuality is observed). Women, on the contrary, after the first wave of satisfaction of their sensations only intensify and they begin to wish to have sex even more. They begin to want to end more and more often. That is why this type of discharge will largely depend on the partner and his abilities. Of course, a partner does not have to force your virtues to become in a “fighting” stance, you can simply get rid of preludes and caresses, then you will see how much a girl can be grateful.

Emotional orgasm

This type of satisfaction is also called mental in another way, since it occurs at the psychological level. Before that, we discussed only those types of female orgasms that occur as a result of stimulation of erogenous zones, but in addition to them there is another place – the female brain. Girls are naturally sensitive and romantic. They are more emotional and tend to follow their own feelings. It was this feature that led to the fact that even without achieving the same vaginal discharge, a girl can sharply experience a wave of bright pleasure that can bring even tears. If men witness such a moment, then they should not be scared, because your girlfriend has just experienced an emotional peak that is in no way inferior to physiological.

, Types of orgasms in women – how many of them and what

And in a separate category it is worth making, unfortunately, the most common discharge is imitated. He is due to the fact that the girl does not experience an orgasm and not to upset her man, she portrays him. But women should not blame themselves and think that they cannot achieve pleasure. It also depends on a man and if he cannot give you pleasure, then this suggests that he does not know your body and psychology. But you yourself can not only, but must also study your own body, because first of all you are the most interested person! It is clear that I do not want to upset my partner, but you can’t encourage his delusions either. It is better to discuss this moment with him and try various techniques and stimulations, because you may never find out what real euphoria is. And this can significantly negatively affect relationships with your partner. According to sad statistics, about 92% of women at least once in their lives imitated that very pleasure.

Thus, we illuminated all types of orgasm in women. Many of you probably still digest read information, because there is a common opinion that there is only a couple of species. However, we hope that our list will help you reveal new boundaries that will give a unique and unforgettable palette of bright feelings and sensations. We wish you a rich sexual life and find out in practice the whole range of what orgasms are!

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