Squirt – 4 Rules for achieving jet orgasm

Squirt – 4 rules for achieving jet orgasm.

, Squirt – 4 Rules for achieving jet orgasm

In previous articles, we have already talked quite a lot about squirting, that is, about female jet orgasm. About its nature, the causes of the occurrence, features, as well as about the popular myths with which this topic has overgrown, you already know enough. But today I would like to get a little closer to the other side of this issue-practical, namely to find out the basic 4 rules or 4-x conditions, the implementation of which helps almost any girl to test squirting.

When we talk about squirting, we must understand that this is a very special type of female orgasm, I would even say unique in every sense. Therefore, the requirements and conditions for its achievement are also different. Many guys, having seen enough porn and seeing with what ease the actors make their partners end in jet, mistakenly begin to believe that bringing a girl to a jet orgasm is easier. To do this, you just need to enter her 2 fingers into the vagina and pull them there back and forth for a couple of minutes-and that’s all, the thing is in the hat!)) But actually it is not. Stupid copying of this hackneyed technique without knowledge of key moments, subtleties and nuances is unlikely to lead to the expected result. Therefore, now we will talk about the main key nuances that contribute to squirting.

And before we start watching a photo of Squirt, where you will see how a jet orgasm occurs in girls.

Rule No. 1 – deep breathing

The role of proper breathing in sex is generally difficult to overestimate. This is an important tool with which you can achieve a variety of results. For example, with the help of proper breathing, a girl can enhance her orgasmic sensations, and a man can extend sexual intercourse and not finish for a long time. But as for the squirting, the breath here plays one of the determining roles. And most importantly, it should be deep and leisurely. This is due to Stream that to achieve orgasm, the girl needs to sufficiently saturate her blood with oxygen. But only deep breathing can do it as much.

What do girls do most often? As the excitation increases, it unconsciously begins to briefly and often breathe. This is not right, since such breathing will not allow it to saturate her blood as oxygen as much as possible. Therefore, the girl needs to try to breathe slowly and deep, and breathing in the nose and exhaling her mouth. If the couple first tries squirting, a man should follow the breath of a partner and if you need to remind her that she would breathe right – deeply.

Rule No. 2 – development of intimate muscles

Well -developed vaginal muscles or vaginal muscles are another indispensable assistant in achieving jet orgasm. Firstly, as you remember, the girl needs to sufficiently saturate the blood with oxygen. But it still needs to be delivered to the genitals, so that they are fully saturated! For this, the developed muscles of the pelvis are needed. After all, do not forget that the muscles are the second heart. Their work makes blood actively add and circulate to where they work.

Secondly, the girl’s vagina consists of smooth muscle muscles, that is, in other words, a muscle set is a set of muscles. And an orgasm is most often accompanied by an impulsive contraction of these muscles. Although the contraction of these muscles during orgasm is not controlled by its consciousness, their contraction can be stimulated due to the contraction of the adjacent muscles, one of which is the long-copter muscle. Its intentional reduction during sex or with manual stimulation of the vagina helps orgasm to occur.

Most girls reduce these muscles during sex, but do this most often not consciously – reflexively. But if you develop these muscles and consciously reduce them during a love game, then orgasm will come faster and stronger. The same applies to squirting. Firstly, you enhance the blood flow in the pelvis and at the same time increase the flow of oxygen, and secondly, stimulate the reduction of the smooth muscle of the vagina, which is reduced by orgasm.

That is why it is very important for a squirting to develop intimate muscles – to train them. There are many different methods for the development of the muscles of the vagina, but you can get acquainted with the simplest in the article Training of the vaginal muscles for amazing sex.

Rule No. 3 – relaxation

One of the main reasons that the girl is not capable of squirt is tension in her body. We all experience all of us from time to time, we are nervous experience of various kinds of negative emotions, which as a result settled in our body in the form of tension in muscles. These stresses disrupt blood circulation in the body, and in place with the supply of oxygen. Therefore, in order for the girl to reach a jet orgasm, she must be relaxed as much as possible. There is nothing better than erotic massage for this. Find out how to do erotic massage to a girl. This will not only help save her from stresses in the body, but will also allow the girl to be well excited, which will also contribute to squirting.

Rule No. 4 – technique of stimulation of point G

The first 3 rules themselves will never force the girl to finish, but even without them, it is unlikely that something will work out. They are soon the alley of squirting, but the main key to its achievement is of course a special technique for stimulating points G. About how to bring the girl to a jet orgasm, namely what techniques should be used in detail in this course for this.

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