Quick achievement of orgasm – the best tips for women!

Quick achievement of orgasm – the best tips for women!.

According to various studies, less than half of all women on Earth regularly experience an orgasm during sex or masturbation. And often, the path to such pleasure is so long and exhausting that even a thought skipped: " Or maybe the problem is in me? Maybe I’m some kind of wrong?"

Many women do not have time to achieve an orgasm before or simultaneously with a man, so they want to end as quickly as possible. Sometimes it turns out, sometimes not. But even if it turns out, then a lot of effort is spent on it. Of course, the reasons can be completely different, but nevertheless there are many different ways and means that not only accelerate the arrival of orgasm, but also strengthen your pleasure from it. So today we will talk about this!

Unfortunately, most girls begin to focus on obtaining a quick orgasm, thereby driving themselves to the fetters of stress. And instead of approaching this topic with certain ease and dimension, complexes, pressure and anxiety are obtained. But this is a real poison on the way to the climax.

, Quick achievement of orgasm – the best tips for women!

The best tips on how to achieve orgasm faster than usual

And we will start with poses for sex in which the girl will reach the peak faster.

For a woman to receive an orgasm faster, not only her mood and level of excitement are important, but also correctly selected poses for sex. That is, the provisions in which she will feel as comfortable and confident as possible, and her boyfriend will be able to well stimulate the G or clitoris point. An ideal pose is the one where the maximum stimulation of all erogenous zones is performed.

I would like to note that the poses that resemble exercises in gymnastics are usually a huge obstacle to the orgasm. So do not complicate everything and try to hand over the superficial physical education standard. Just relax and plunge in the arms of your man as a whole, getting pleasure to the maximum!

The first pose – we kill two hares in one fell swoop!

, Quick achievement of orgasm – the best tips for women!To provide a deeper and more steep penetration, the girl needs to lie on her back, pull up her knees to the chin and put the pillow under her lower back.

Feet at this time look at the ceiling. And the man, in turn, lines on his knees opposite his chosen one.

This position provides a deeper and more close stimulation of erogenous zones due to the penetration of a man “as if from below”.

In addition, access to your clitoris will be free and your lover can easily stimulate it using a vibrator for a clitoris or his fingers.

As an alternative, a girl can also raise her legs and put her pelvis on her partner’s hips. In this case, the angle of penetration also remains correct and optimal for stimulating point G.

The second, but no less sensual pose – the pose of the “spoon”

, Quick achievement of orgasm – the best tips for women!

In the “spoon” position, your partner will penetrate from behind, performing excellent pressure on the most erogenous point g.

The partner will also be free the second hand, which he can conduct additional caresses of your body. For example, caress your nipple or clitoris.

And in this pose it is difficult to resist, so as not to walk with kisses on your neck, collar or sweet ear.

An interesting fact: a significant part of women experience an orgasm faster when they themselves control the rhythm, pace and depth of penetration. 

The pose is three – the more power, the faster the orgasm

, Quick achievement of orgasm – the best tips for women!

The pose of a rider is not only a man lying on her back and a woman jumping from above. There are many variations, when the partner turns his back, sits sideways when both lovers are sitting, and many other ways in which it is possible to saddle your chosen one as you want you!

It is necessary to experiment and choose exactly the position that will bring you maximum pleasure.

We recommend starting with this option: lean back and transfer the center of gravity to the hands with which you will rely on the bed.

In this position, your partner will receive unhindered access to your clitoris.

Fourth pose: The fastest way to orgasm is oral affection

, Quick achievement of orgasm – the best tips for women!

Everyone loves oral affection! Well, or almost everything) so we offer to comfortably get in a lying position on your back, slightly bending your legs and just relax, allowing your loved one to lead the process himself.

And if during oral caresses to also use fingers or your favorite toy, it will become even hotter.

And to make pleasure to make a perfect cunois with oral lubricant

with your favorite taste.


Advice for bright orgasm that should not be neglected

The most effective way to achieve quick orgasm is the exercises for your pelvic floor. No wonder these muscles are also called the muscles of love. The trained and strengthened pelvic bottom guarantees that the vagina will “contract” more tightly during penetration, and this, in turn, increases friction, stimulation and probability of fast orgasm.

Regular training increase sensitivity, which will lead not only to faster, but more vivid pleasure from frictions and during orgasm.

, Quick achievement of orgasm – the best tips for women!

As a pleasant bonus to the resulting orgasm, you will be able to make your chosen one a feeling of tightness and density during love of love. Vaginal balls will help you achieve this effect, which in addition to useful training will give you a lot of pleasure! 

Wear vaginal balls for – for example, when you make purchases, take a shower or play sports. Even 10-15 minutes a day will be enough for a sustainable strengthening of your muscles of love. Simulators are in various sizes and weight categories. We advise a beginner to start with a lower weight and larger diameter balls.

Top 3 best sex toys for fast orgasms!

1. The first in the list is a contactless stimulator for the clitoris from the Womanizer collection. Your clitoris is gently drawn in a small bowl "Babnik", located on the front of the toy and is stimulated by pulsating air waves. It looks like the most fantastic cunnilingus and at the same time does not have to do anything at all – the orgasm simply and quickly comes itself.

Many women experience completely new sensations of pleasure that are married to especially piercing orgasms. Almost contactless stimulation also means that the clitoris is not overexcited and the path for the next quick orgasms remains open.

, Quick achievement of orgasm – the best tips for women!

2. Vibrator for the clitoris and dots G with three Gvibe Grabbit engines – it is not the same as everyone! This seductive bunny has 3 powerful but quiet motor, it can do perfectly with the simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and point G and is charged with 6 powerful vibration modes with custom intensity. All this makes it super -effective in the issue of pleasure and orgasm, since the stimulation of the two most sensitive zones of the female body is performed at the same time. 

, Quick achievement of orgasm – the best tips for women!

3. A universal massager for the whole body Lelo Smart Wand 2 is an improved version of the Smart Wand Large from Lelo. Even cooler, even more convenient and more powerful! Now he has 10 vibration modes, constant concentrated capacity and a long duration of the battery.

Yes, he is still considered a body massager, they can (and it is necessary!) massage the shoulders, neck, feet, but… But his main purpose is the clitoris. And if it turns out, then the vagina. The power of the vibration of this toy is really difficult to convey in words. This is a junk hammer, and it is difficult to imagine a woman who will not scream with pleasure after this toy.

, Quick achievement of orgasm – the best tips for women!

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