Pros and cons of the orgasm transfer technique

Pros and cons of orgasm transfer techniques "bridge".

, Pros and cons of the orgasm transfer technique

Many women have problems with obtaining orgasm, but the technique «bridge», developed Helen Kaplan, allows you to solve them in many cases. It is created in order to teach a woman to experience a vaginal orgasm, not just clitoral. And this technique has its disadvantages and pluses.

If the absence of orgasm is observed during penetrating sex, however, when stimulating the clitoris, a woman may well bring herself to ecstasy, then this is a situation that can be corrected. It is in these cases that the technique is applicable «bridge». When using it manage to wake the zone g And «teach» it is fully working, providing a woman with a full range of sexual sensations.

, Pros and cons of the orgasm transfer technique

How is the orgasm perenon performed

In general terms, technology is implemented in practice in this way. It is necessary to stimulate the clitoris in the process of a sexual act until a feeling of proximity of orgasm appears. As soon as the orgasm is close, and at first — It will already begin to be taken away, you need to leave the clitoris at rest and let everything happen due to the movements of the partner inside the vagina, acting more actively and wrapping the member of the genital muscles denser.

You can train with both your husband or lover, as well as with a vibrator or dildo. Sex toys are clearly underestimated in such a role, but it is they who allow you to practice if the partner has not yet developed a trusting relationship, or if a woman is afraid for some reason to say about her problem.

Repeating the technique over and over again, it is necessary to stop clitoris stimulation before. Over time, you can completely abandon it, getting increasingly vivid sensations from sex. The developed sensitivity of the erogenous zones of the lower third of the vagina allows you to get an orgasm even due to the contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor — However, this is possible if they are sufficiently developed and developed points in points.

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