Orgasm of the point G Utzhenshchin: Instructions for use

How to find a point g: about the orgasm of the ji point and its features.

The most common type of female orgasm is vaginal, and the erogenous point G is inside the vagina. Absolutely any man who has knowledge and skills in this area can find this point. Causing the orgasm of the point g, the woman will receive tremendous pleasure from stimulation. About what the point G is, where it is located and in what way can lead to orgasm will be discussed further.

, Orgasm of the point G Utzhenshchin: Instructions for use

A little about the point g

Point G (ji) For the first time opened to the whole world, women and their partners, a high -class sexologist and gynecologist Dr. Ernst Graffenberg. It was he who first proposed to society tests to determine pregnancy, which was his first breakthrough and a significant discovery. Further, the specialist came up with the first effective contraceptive to prevent unwanted pregnancy – Graffenberg Ring.

Being at the age of 60, the doctor began to tightly explore the specifics of female orgasm. During the study of this topic, the specialist found a supersensitive area of the skin in the vagina with a large number of nerve endings, responsible for the orgasm. Officially in 1982, the term “point g” appeared, named after Professor Graffenberg.

The professor found that not every woman reacts to stimulating the point G violently, experiencing an orgasm in the future. And not every woman has this point at all. On the basis of these studies, a special stage of the sexual revolution began, which came in the 1970s-1980s-the revolution under the slogan “Find the point G”.

, Orgasm of the point G Utzhenshchin: Instructions for useAnatomy of the female genital organs

Point g and jet orgasm

Many women and men heard about the jet orgasm, but only units manage to know this form of orgasm. The reason for such disappointing statistics is the banal ignorance of erogenous points that cause squirt and the rules for their stimulation. Just Point G is the trigger of the squirting mechanism.

What is an inkjet orgasm and squirt?

The very highest degree of female orgasm is a squirt, when, due to the powerful orgasmic contractions of the vaginal muscles, the paraunstral fluid is released, which resembles male ejaculation. To achieve such an orgasm, it is important to excite and simulate exactly the point g.

Squirt is a powerful, intensive orgasm that can overshadow any other sensations and feelings. Due to the excitation of the point G and its swelling, pressure occurs at the female prostate (iron of the skin), as a result of which there is an release of accumulated fluid from it. In the process of intercourse, it is difficult for a man to manage his member in such a way that he constantly affects the point G, so fingers and sex toys are often used to achieve squirt.

Sensuality at point G is a necessary condition for obtaining an orgasm

To achieve an orgasm of the point g and squirting, a woman needs to learn to listen to her body and sensitivity of erogenous points. During sex, getting a member in the desired area is not so accurate, so it is difficult for women to recognize the point g. To feel the feeling of stimulating this point, you can use 3 methods of exposure:

  • stimulation of the point G to the fingers;
  • use of vibrators;
  • vaginal muscle training and the choice of optimal pose To stimulate the point g.

Many couples practice 3 ways at once to easier and faster to achieve orgasm and squirting. As they say, one another does not interfere, on the contrary, different practices and methods awaken erogenous areas and teach a woman to understand her body.

How to find a ging point in a woman?

Find where the gurey dot is located in girls, any man who has the right knowledge will be able to. This point is a small area of the skin with a huge amount of nerve endings on the front vaginal arch immediately under the pubic bone at a depth of 3-5 cm from the entrance. A man will need to enter a finger to the second phalanx.

, Orgasm of the point G Utzhenshchin: Instructions for useLocation of the point “” g
Having conducted many research, sexologists called the point G of an analogue of the male prostate. Only subject to proper stimulation and sexual excitement, the point G can deliver pleasure to a woman.

Stimulation of the Gp with fingers and vibrators

Two main guns that can stimulate the point G to orgasm and squirt – fingers and vibrator. In the first case, a man needs to enter his fingers into the vagina, feel a small tubercle, and then make circular massaging movements with a gradually increasing intensity.

The vibrator will bring the woman faster to orgasm, as it will provide an accurate hit on the point And the correct stimulation. The best options for vibrators are:

  • Fun Factory Tiger G5 – a powerful tool with different speeds and modes;
  • Nexus femme bisous – the vibrator not only stimulates the point, but also has a rotational head for additional simulation;
  • We-Vibe Rave-Vibrator can be used from different sides to stimulate the entire vagina.

First, the vibrator is introduced to the desired level and the minimum speed is set. As a woman is excited, an increase in intensity and the speed of vibration may occur. After the first orgasm it is better to continue, the second will not be far off and much stronger.

Correct poses for point g

Choosing poses to stimulate the point G is an important condition for achieving orgasm, so it is worth watching several proposed options:

  1. Doggi – A woman rests on the floor with her hands and stands on her knees, and the man gets behind her.
  2. Rider – The man lies on his back, and the woman sits on top of him, while controlling the angle of inclination, speed and depth of friction.
  3. Face to face – The man sits on the edge of the bed, lowering his legs on the floor, and the woman sits on his legs face to face. Further, the woman holds out her legs behind men and throws back the body.
  4. Doggi standing – Both partners are on the floor, but the woman tilts the torso parallel to the floor, and the man is attached from behind.
  5. Return rider – A woman sits on top of a man, but at the same time with her back to his face.

A missionary position is also suitable, which is familiar to all men and women. But so that the penis gets to the point G, under the buttocks of the partner you need to put the pillow.

Vagina muscle training

The low sensitivity of point G can be associated with a low tone of the muscles of the vagina and uterus. Therefore, for that, In order for a woman to experience an orgasm of point G, she needs to train the muscles. How can I do that:

  • muscles that hold urination should be regularly compressed and relaxed with short and long exercises (10 and 30 seconds);
  • use vaginal balls for training, they are introduced into the vagina and make muscle contractions, as in the previous version.

Exercises must be performed as often as possible, and most importantly, regularly. Each time you need to reduce and relax muscles with different speeds, duration and intensity.


Clearly all information about the search and stimulation of the point G can be studied from the videos.

Tutorial on the technique of Massage Point G

Video with information about the point G from Elena Malysheva

How to bring a girl (woman) to Squirt: Tips for Men

Bring a girl to squirt is a difficult but real task for a man. To achieve such a result of stimulation of a point G, men need to adhere to several recommendations:

  • to relax and liberate a woman, She needs a comfortable and disposal atmosphere;
  • The prelude should be mandatory And no shorter than 15-30 minutes, so that the woman is excited as much as possible;
  • A prerequisite for stimulation – The right choice of lubrication Without cooling or warming effects, it is better to prefer means, which additionally enhance the sensitivity of erogenous points;
  • A man needs stimulate and point g, and clitoris;
  • The best way to arouse a woman and her erogenous zones – cunnilingus;
  • As soon as a woman begins to approach orgasm, Enter a member and intensively affect the point g.

The first time a squirt manages to achieve a units, most often for such a result you will need experience. The main thing is not to give up and improve attempts, about 10-15 times it will definitely work out.

How to learn how to make a squirt for yourself: advice to women

A woman can independently experiment with her body, achieving squirt through masturbation. To come to such an orgasm, you need to adhere to several tips:

  • You need to love yourself and your body, and adjust any shortcomings of the figure by working over self -improvement;
  • Masturbation will help to find all erogenous points on the body;
  • To achieve a squirt, you need to stimulate the clitoris with your fingers and point G at the same time;
  • A vibrator can help to achieve a powerful orgasm;
  • Particular attention should be paid to breathing, it must be deep to increase blood circulation.

As mentioned earlier, the possibility of achieving orgasm also depends on the state of muscles. Therefore, it is important to devote time to training of the vaginal muscles.

Point G – the path to new sensations

The female orgasm was previously considered a reward of chosen ladies who have a predisposition to squirt and other forms of orgasm. In fact, any girl and woman can get an orgasm of point G, it is only important to make efforts and know all the necessary information about all erogenous body zones.

Partners should know the location of the point G, the rules for its stimulation, possible exposure options, the best positions in sex and short ways to achieve squirt. All these issues were discussed above, it remains only to practice and bring his partner to a powerful unforgettable orgasm.

If you are interested in the theme of the inkjet orgasm, go to our next article and replenish your knowledge with really useful information.


Point G is a kind of female prostate, which is important to properly stimulate only in a state of strong sexual arousal. There is a point inside the vagina under the pubic bone at a distance of 3-5 cm, and subject to proper stimulation of the partner, a woman can achieve not just an orgasm, but a squirt.

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