Orgasm from prostate stimulation

Orgasm from prostate stimulation.

-How can I do it for my partner?

-First of all, he should not have prejudices associated with this kind of stimulation.

The anal zone for men was and remains one of the most forbidden topics. Real sacred taboo! However, today, thanks to the growing interest in anal sex, many couples are ready for open conversation and experiments in this new and poorly studied territory.

How many men and women have anal sex?

Prostate – small gland the size of a walnut located between the base of the penis and the intestines of the man. Often it is compared with the female point G in terms of the pleasure that its active stimulation brings.

The functions of the prostate gland are the thinning of the seed fluid during ejaculation, as well as the role of the valve of the urethra during sex. Prostate stimulation is pressure on the urethra in such a way that it can actually delay ejaculation for a short period of time, during which a man will experience very powerful orgasic sensations. Simply, his orgasm will be much longer and brighter.

If your partner feels physically and psychologically quite comfortable to stimulate the prostate, then anal penetration is the best way to achieve the goal. It is possible to affect the prostate gland outside in the perineum near the very root of the penis, but in this place the stimulation of the prostate will be very weak.

To achieve the prostate, it is enough to insert a finger or anal toy into the anus of about 5-7 centimeters, depending on the individual anatomical structure of the body. The desired gland can be felt how a small tubercle on the lower part of the anal passage. The aim of the hit will also be visible according to the reaction of the partner, so the produced effect will not be able to leave it indifferent.

It should be borne in mind that the anus zone, like genitals, is a real accumulation of nerve endings and blood vessels, so its stimulation can be very pleasant for both a woman and a man.

What needs to be done to help a man experience an orgasm, stimulating the prostate? First of all, you should adhere to the general rules of anal sex, relevant for both partners.

, Orgasm from prostate stimulation

Hygiene first of all

Anal shower will help not only to achieve cleanliness and related to its possible lack of experiences, but can also become a certain preparation for the upcoming penetration.

Help your partner relax

The prelude works not only for women, and in this case it is the partner who needs long preliminary caresses more. Delicate and sensual massage is perfect. It is possible to resort to the oral caresses of the penis. However, do not overdo it, your goal is to achieve its orgasm in a different way.

Anal preparation

It’s time to focus on the anus and the area adjacent to it. For this, massage and kisses of the inside of the thighs, perineum and Rimming is a new old acquaintance.

Use grease. A lot of lubrication

Neither female nor male anus are adapted to develop their own lubrication, so the use of special intimate lubricants must be. Silicone -based lubricants are better suited for anal penetration, they provide a more smooth sliding and do not dry out much longer. However, when using intimate toys, it is better to use water lubricants all the same so as not to damage the surface of the products.

A finger or toy?

The best way to stimulate the prostate is to do it with a finger or use a special anal stimulant. If for one reason or another you are not ready to do it with your hands, then the anal plug will be the best alternative. Such products are made for the most part from the medical silicone, hypoallergenic, do not absorb the smell and are very easy to care. In addition, anal traffic jams, and even more so special prostate stimulants have an anatomically ideal shape for the effect on the prostate gland.

Start the most interesting

Anal sex does not tolerate quick and active actions. This is relevant for both women and men. Both penetration and movements inside the anus should be smooth and very careful. The main role in anal sex is played by a feeling of fullness, not a frantic pace. You have to find the prostate gland itself and develop the technique of impact on it so that it is comfortable and pleasant to your partner. A little practice and your couple will be successful in obtaining perfect new sensations from male orgasm!

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