How to understand that the girl finished: all the signs of female orgasm

How to understand that the girl finished and not be mistaken?.

Women masterfully simulate many feelings and emotions, including orgasm, hence the question from men, as you can understand that the girl finished. In fact, simulation and true pleasure from sexual intercourse are two different processes that have objective signs. All the signs of a real female orgasm will be discussed next.

, How to understand that the girl finished: all the signs of female orgasm

The easiest option is to ask a girl

Orgasm is the most powerful and pleasant stress for any organism, after which the phase of pleasure, relaxation and happiness come. It is actually important for men to give such sensations to their partner, so they do not tolerate orgasm. Communication and outright conversation is always the most reliable source of true information.

In order not to guess after another proximity, whether the man managed to bring the woman to the peak of pleasure and pleasure, you can directly ask her about it. Trust relationships and frank conversations will help not only to learn about the veracity of feelings, but also to find ways to solve possible problems. A woman will be able to directly say in what ways and actions a man will be able to bring her to orgasm, but what should not be done.

Signs of orgasm in women

Sometimes to understand that the girl experienced an orgasm, a man should be just a little more attentive. In sexology, there is a whole section of the theory that studies the reliable signs of female orgasm, the stages of its manifestation, varieties and methods of achievement. Despite the individuality of each female orgasm, we can still name several objective signs of an orgasm on.

, How to understand that the girl finished: all the signs of female orgasmSigns of female orgasm

Reducing the muscles of the vagina

The very first sign that the female orgasm is coming – the vaginal muscles begin to contract, tightly wrapping around the ring penis of the partner. Moreover, such a grip for a partner should be tangible, since sex in the future will become much more pleasant. Nature is arranged in such a way that during an orgasm one partner is pleasant to be another so that a concomitant orgasm comes.

Muscle contraction can also be understood by the fact that the vagina will be pushed out or vice versa to suck the penis, this should not be scared. The first sign of orgasm can also be considered shocks in the lower abdomen, which can be felt by applying a palm to the stomach. In temperamental women with a high indicator of sexuality, convulsions and cramps of muscles can run throughout the body with a wave.

Crosses and cramps in the body many women have trained plausiblely to simulate, but it will be very difficult to adjust the contractions of the muscles of the vagina, which means this is the most reliable indicator of orgasm.

The erection of the nipples

Some women, due to weak sexuality and temperament, can end quite quietly without pronounced external manifestations (convulsions, screams). But it will still be possible to visually determine an orgasm if you pay attention to the female breast. With genuine orgasm, the nipples will definitely react.

In medicine, there is even such a term “erection of the nipples”, when the nipples react to sexual stimulation, excitement and orgasm, swelling and rising up. But in many temperamental and passionate persons, nipples can stand not only during orgasm, but even with the slightest excitement. Therefore, it is important to take into account the type and sexuality of the partner in order to evaluate the objectivity of the sign.

High humidity

Sexual excitement is always accompanied by a secretion, in a simple language, lubrication, which makes frictions more pleasant and sliding. Female Physiology provides for an increase in the production of secretions as excitement increases. This is due to the fact that during intercourse all the glands in the genital area swell.

When a woman reaches the peak of her excitement and pleasure from sex, her vagina is literally overwhelmed. The partner will definitely feel increased lubrication, as this will affect his sensations during frictions. .

After an orgasm, the body “limits”, relaxes

, How to understand that the girl finished: all the signs of female orgasmThe sexual system of a woman after orgasm returns to normal

A girl’s orgasm is always big, but pleasant stress for the whole organism and body. Therefore, after the end of the orgasm, which led not only to strong muscle spasms, but also to the release of a large number of hormones into the blood, A woman will experience complete relaxation and powerlessness of the body.

It is also known that during orgasm in the body the concentration of endorphins, the hormone of happiness, joy and love increases in the body. During orgasm, this hormone acts 200 times more on a woman than morphine. Hence such an analogy that sex is a kind of drug.

After this effect of true orgasm, even the most angry Migher will stop sawing his man, enjoying relaxation.

The girl freezes in a moment before ..

Before all the above signs of orgasm in a girl appear, the harbinger is considered The special condition of the partner is the plateau. This is the period when a woman reaches the peak of sexual excitement, after which many men confuse the state of the plateau with orgasm. In fact, during intercourse and frictions, a woman will writhe, scream and wriggle.

But during the plateau, on the contrary, it will calm down, it may even be motionless and slow. Such a lull “in front of the storm” that the body needs to accelerate and make the last jerk. And as soon as a woman begins to accelerate, scream, increase the intensity of frictions, which means that the same true orgasm occurs.

Grimace “lack of intelligence” on the face

Female orgasm is a compassionate process that involves not only the nerve endings, muscles and sex glands, but also some areas of the brain. The myth that during true pleasure after sex, a woman depicts pleasure and joy on her face is nothing more than fiction and another simulation.

The easiest way to identify that a woman simulates an orgasm is a blissful smile on her face during orgasm, demonstration of pleasure, crouching any words. A real orgasm looks radically opposite.

In fact, during an orgasm, the brain department responding to social skills and behavior of a woman is disconnected. As a result, orgasm is often accompanied by very strange behavior and grimaces on the face. A partner can portray a distortion of a face, grimac, writhe from pleasure, make strange sounds, laugh and cry.

Uncontrolled screams, moans, ahi and ohi

As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, important parts of the brain are disconnected during orgasm, so most girls at this moment begin to make strange sounds, uncontrolled screams, moan, crying hysterically, laugh, and incoherent speech can also be manifested. And as soon as the orgasm ends, women usually subside, and for some time they try to recover.

Strong sweating

In the rating of indirect and strange signs of a real orgasm, a woman immediately after screams, grimac, tears and laughter occupies increased sweating the next place. If the body really shook from convulsions and convulsions of a powerful orgasm, you can find evaporates in several places:

  • above the upper lip;
  • on the forehead;
  • in the area of axillary depressions;
  • hips;
  • small of the back.

This sign not only indicates the presence of orgasm, but also proves that the orgasm was strong and intense, as a result of which the release of hormones and the enhanced work of the sweat glands led to the appearance of evaporates.

Female orgasm is a thin thing

If for men an orgasm is a simple physiological process that is easy to get during frictions, then for a woman an orgasm is a complex process affecting the brain, emotional and mental state, and after physiology. To achieve the peak of excitement and sexual discharge, harmony in relationships is important.

A woman can also determine an orgasm by an emotional state and behavior after all. First of all, the changes will be observed in the mood, it should be raised. Usually, after sex with a violent orgasm, a woman is in a pacified and vigorous state. No concerns, troubles and difficulties will be able to get it out of equilibrium.

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In order to regularly bring his woman to orgasms, it is primarily important for a man to establish harmony and trust in relationships, since the female orgasm is closely connected with the emotional component and feelings. For the rest, you can distinguish an orgasm from the simulation by all the above signs and objective manifestations.

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