How to test a jet orgasm?

How to test a jet orgasm?.

As most studies show, about 70% of women know, or heard about the jet orgasm, which is also called squirt. But only 10% tested it during sex. Squirt – This is a powerful female orgasm, which is accompanied by the release of a jet of fluid from the urethra – Female ejaculator. Only we want to remove one misconception at once, ejaculate is not urine, as some are mistakenly believed.

How to achieve a jet orgasm?

To achieve such an orgasm, the proper stimulation of the point g is necessary. Recall that it is at a depth of 3-5 cm on the front wall of the female vagina. In bed, a woman should be with an experienced and confident lover who will know what to do. First, partners should be excited as much as possible. Their prelude should be passionate, filled with emotions and caresses that will warm up the body. Stimulation of other erogenous zones, including the clitoris will help to achieve the desired pleasure.

The stimulation of the point G can be carried out in one of the following methods, and even better use them together:

A man should penetrate a woman with a finger or fingers to a depth of 3-5 cm. Point G when excited can swell slightly, so it will be easier for a man to find. Slightly pressing on her, the man will force the woman to experience a slight urination for urination, this will be a signal that he did everything right. Stimulation of point G should be intense, frequent movements. A woman should help a man at this moment, caressing the clitoris, which will allow you to bring an orgasm closer.

Sex poses you have chosen should be suitable for maximum impact on the point g. At the same time, it is important not deep penetration and length, the angle of influence on the point G and the thickness of male dignity are important here is important here. The following poses are perfect: «Dogi-old», «woman on Top», At the same time, the pose is when she leaves back, holding her hands by the man’s legs, pose «dessert spoon».

And another way «to wake» Point G – use a special sex toy, which, thanks to its shape and location of the vibro element, will quickly find the most sensitive point of the female body.

What a jet orgasm looks like?

As we have already said, this is the release of a jet ejaculat. And it is accompanied by the strongest sensations for a woman. Many young ladies lose touch with reality from strong experiences. A big mistake of partners, especially women, shy of their sensations and ejaculate secretions. But this pleasure is laid down in us by nature, so what is the shame? Usually, after an inkjet orgasm, a woman is not able to have sex further. And a man needs to be prepared for his mistress «will lose his head». But everything is individual. There is only one common – This pleasure is how strong that a woman will want to experience him again and again. In addition, Squirt’s duration is much longer than an ordinary orgasm. If the average duration of the clitoral is 1-5 seconds, the vaginal is 7-10 seconds, then the jet orgasm can last several minutes.

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